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VegasEats: Gordon Ramsay Steak At Paris

The VegasTripping Review

Posted by Chuckmonster

Gordon Ramsay Steak Setting

Somehow lost amidst the staccato critiques, tense interplay and donkey howls omnipresent during the 20% of Fox prime time schedule occupied by Gordon Ramsay is the fact that Chef Ramsay is, indeed, a multiple Michelin star winning chef. From his earliest days conquering the London dining scene with his eponymous restaurant, Chef Ramsay has been followed by Michelin inspectors and a gaggle of food writers and documentarians eager to slag him off or catch an expletive filled tirade directed at staff, customers and even family members. With a usually tender demeanor attached to a colorful vocabulary by an incredibly short fuse, Ramsay was the perfect candidate to creating the mold of Chef as reality star and head of global dining empire. It didn't hurt that he can cook his ass off.

With that being said, I ask that you now forget what you can about "TV's Gordon Ramsay." Ease away from your mind the flailing blonde hair, intensity wrinkled face, deep piercing eyes, food flinging tantrums and the trail of aspiring chef tears that inevitably follow in his wake. Relax. Deep breaths. Shiny. Happy. People. Yeah.

Gordon Ramsay Steak Entry

The other day, me and my always delightful life companion Miss Monkay headed over to Paris Las Vegas to check out a new restaurant by a new chef to Las Vegas, a Michelin star winner from Great Britain named Gordon Ramsay. A few years ago, we had dined at Gordon Ramsay at London inside of the London hotel on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. We were both incredibly challenged by the cuisine offered - avant French cooking using locally sourced seasonal ingredients prepared in unexpected and delicious ways. I remember squid tentacles, Jidori chicken, an amazing poached pork belly, an exquisite selection of cheeses and a fabulous birthday cake. The food was different. Classical, yet weird. Gordon Ramsay at London was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a typical dining experience, and nothing even remotely identifiable to any craft that has prior or since approached a food planet that might be classified as comfort food. (See photos of that meal here)

Based on this experience at Gordon Ramsay at London, we were eager to try Gordon Ramsay Steak inside of the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino. Knowing full well that we were going to try Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris, I purposefully avoided reading any other reviews of the restaurant and kept as much of the opening hype at arms length. We arrived at precisely 5pm, the moment they opened, to find that they were already booked with reservations for the evening. The hostess still welcomed us into the restaurant and led us to a table inside the bar where we could order food off of the full menu. Fabulous.

Comments & Discussion:

Posted by vespajet on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 1:30pm:

I guess we can add yet another great review for Gordon Ramsay Steak. It's at the top of my 'to-do" list for October. As much as I hate the television version of him, this place may make me a fan of his restaurants.

Good call on the Innis & Gunn. How extensive is the beer menu there? I'm guessing it's pretty good based on the fact they have Innis & Gunn on it.

Posted by Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 1:46pm:

@vespa - i don't recall the particulars of the beer selection, but there were a lot of good ones on there. the innis "spoke to me" ... i loved it, twice. full bodied, rich, fruity notes yet deliciously sour and meaty.

Posted by BigHoss on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 1:53pm:

Thank you, Mr. Monster, for forcing me to rethink my restaurant planning for later this month. I really wasn't considering trying Gordon Ramsay Steak yet -- only because I have so many other places on my list. It looked incredible, though. Nice job as usual.

Posted by BigHoss on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 1:56pm:

^^ By that, I mean places like Scarpetta, which called out to me this morning after Blackjacker's Instagram food porn expose of the place last evening. I also spent my lunch break reading Wynn menus on VegasMate. Ahh, Vegas!

Posted by JakeZ on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 2:00pm:

Best meal of my life was at his restaurant at the London in West Hollywood. This place sounds just as amazing, and it's right in my backyard!

Posted by WRXDreamer on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 2:07pm:

Nice review.
I was there in May, and Brianna was my server as well.
Had the tasting menu with the wine pairing, plus the french press. The most expensive meal I have ever had, but well worth it.
Try the asparagus soup, it was so good I went back again for seconds!

Posted by rbg81601 on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 2:40pm:

Excellent review! Definitely got me and the wife excited for our dinner there - sadly it isn't until November, unless we manage to make it out there sooner. Thanks Dr. Monster!

Posted by rowEn on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 3:06pm:

Wonderful write-up! Certainly makes our dinner selection decision a bit harder. Noticed that she didn't charge you for the coffee service, so nice score!

Posted by blackjacker1979 on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 3:44pm:

Having gone there this weekend myself under Chuckmonster and Miss Monkay's explicit direction that I must have the Sticky Toffee Pudding,I must say I'm impressed by Gordon Ramsay in an entirely new way. The mac and cheese is insanely good, and the Caesar salad, a twist on the traditional with a citrusy sweet dressing and Scotch egg is amazing as well. My only advice is to avoid the Kobe filet, it's too large for one person at near 10 oz I believe. Oh and that pudding may be the most amazing desert I've had in Vegas in years.

Posted by weatherman2111 on Tuesday, 10th July 2012 11:10pm:

If I'm ever there I'll be sure to ask for Brianna. That's some....smile she has.....O_O

Looks like the prices are about the same as every other major city. Not bad.

Posted by brt374 on Thursday, 12th July 2012 5:01am:

Smashing review. Out the window go my assumptions that this place is nothing more than a tourist trap. The food and presentation (esp. the coffee service...wow) look divine.

Posted by jinx73 on Thursday, 12th July 2012 8:17am:

As always, a very solid review, and very much appreciated. I was going to hold off until October to visit, but your review is making me consider changing those plans and stopping there next week.

Posted by getatake on Thursday, 12th July 2012 5:14pm:

Looks like you got your coffee for free?

Posted by missmonkay on Friday, 13th July 2012 7:53am:

Funny, we didn't notice the free coffee until you folks started mentioning it.

Posted by donnymac66 on Saturday, 14th July 2012 7:37pm:

We ate there in May and had a great experience as well. The scotch egg garnish on the Caesar salad was great. We had the Wellington and the short rib, both were excellent

Posted by wpsteel66 on Monday, 16th July 2012 3:01pm:

Thanks for this review.

I had no interest in this place based upon his 'TV show'. Watching someone scream, yell, and through a fit just does not appear to be an excellant cook or offer a memorable dining experience for his clients.

After reading this review, this place is on my 'to-do-list"

Posted by thebig747 on Tuesday, 17th July 2012 5:34am:

Dined there in May and we didn't get that lovely bread course.

We did really enjoy the foie gras though.

Posted by JohnD on Monday, 6th August 2012 5:12pm:

Read this review four times now. Great job!

Posted by vegasvics on Wednesday, 22nd August 2012 12:09pm:

Dined there a few days after its opening earlier this summer. Our experience was not good. Horrible acoustics and loud music made it impossible to hear the server, let alone have a conversation. Wife got sick from the food mid-meal. From this review it sounds like they got their shit together since

Posted by EasternSpice on Tuesday, 4th September 2012 2:45pm:

This trip to Las Vegas, I had one mission in mind, try out Gordon Ramsay's Steak restaurant @ the Paris. This was a Saturday night around 7pm, we had no reservation, the place was completely booked. Oops. No worries, there is seating at the bar, so my buddy and I pulled up to the bar and were promptly handed menus and was asked what we wanted to drink. We asked for a reccomendation, suggestion was South Side, awesome drink if Mojito is to your liking b/c it's very similar. We love it. They brought out the bread plate, very exquisite choice, we even asked for seconds.

Next up, appetizer, we decided to try the Pork Belly, I wasn't impressed, too fatty and the skin wasn't crisp, it just tasted like smooth pork fat. Though my buddy was ok with it.

For the main course, I reccomended my buddy to get the Beef Willington, since that is Gordon's signature dish. He wasn't disappointed, melts in the mouth as it was cooked to perfection (medium rare). I had a small piece, not bad. I think it can compete with the best of them. Well done there.

Next up my entre, the Seafood Grill which consist of Salmon, 1 mussel, scalops, halibut, and lobster tail. Here is the break down:

Salmon: bland and tastless, about the worse salmon I ever had.
1 mussel: dried and overcook with little or no flavor.
halibut: very bland and just as tastless as the salmon.
lobster tail: very mediocre, should expect more you think out of fine dinning.
scalops: nicely season, the only piece worth eating out of the whole plate

So my entre was a huge dissappointment, I informed our waiter, he appologizes and does nothing. I was ready to make a scene. My buddy asked if he could take the rest back and just swapped it for scallops. He did so. 20 minutes later, produce some over salter scallops. I could hear the sound of the sea salt grinding on my teeth, but I was hungry, so I scraped off the salt with my knife and continue to finish off the 3 scallops.

After the horrific experience I went by the kitchen, I was not impress. I also asked a guess next to me who was having the New York bone in steak, he ordered it medium rare and got medium, but he said it was still good. So I guess stick to the steaks and forget the seafood at this over priced place.

If Gordan himself tasted that seafood grill, he might have agreed with me, kicked those jokers out of the kitchen and do it himself.