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Delano Las Vegas Panoramic Suite

The VegasTripping Review 2015

Posted by Chuckmonster

After grabbing brunchfast at Della's Kitchen during a recent trip, I left convinced that I had to stay at Delano. The rebranded former THEhotel caught my fancy some time ago with their daringly delicious design and decor. Now, with desire and opportunity firmly in hand, I jumped at the chance, booked one night at Delano and put the pedal to the desert metal.

I arrived at Delano, left my car with valet and headed inside, walking between a giant boulder sliced in half...

Delano Rock

...past the Asian-inspired, bamboo bar...

Delano Bar

...into the serene, comfortable vestibule fitted with drippy candle-like curtain pillars, low slung furniture, and warm cozy vibes...

Delano Lobby Couches

...towards a majestic, drapery framed, gravity defying port hole mobile made of rocks...

Delano Rock Mobile

...where I stopped and stared at this for a long time.

Delano Rock Mobile Detail

Earth, wood, metal... elements of serenity and simplicity. Instantly I'm bathed in a soothing comfort, a calm in the center of the casino storm. I can sorta sense the hustle and bustle, but it isn't at Delano.

In the time it took to walk from the valet to the front desk, the stress of a four-hour high-speed desert derby has left my body. I'm chill, like really chill. Three Delano employees have greeted me and asked if they could be of assistance at every juncture of this 50 yard stroll.

Delano Reception

I arrive at reception to find three employees manning the front desk. There is also another free standing desk on the right side of the lobby and a VIP check in office on the left side. After a very short wait, I'm called to the reception desk. The employee asks the usual questions along with the icebreaker "what brings you to town?" We do business and she slides a packet holding two sky blue plastic key fobs with DELANO written on them in Helvetica Neue Ultra Light, all caps. She points me towards the guest elevators, back the way I came.

The check in process at Delano makes the Wynn Las Vegas resort lobby feel like a sweaty mosh pit. Check them cray bitches armed with the Louis Vuitton luggage.


Comments & Discussion:

Posted by nodeuces on Wednesday, 9th September 2015 2:10pm:

I'm sad. I'm sad because this confirms that there is no THEtp http://www.vegastripping.com/images/features_thehotel_THEtp.jpg

Posted by Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 9th September 2015 3:16pm:

@nodeuces that made me sad too.

Posted by pkluvsvegas on Wednesday, 9th September 2015 4:19pm:

Nice review and great photos. Still, I miss THEHotel. After Wynn it was my second favorite in Vegas.
I just can't get behind the white, sparse decor. I also think what amounts to a to-go box for room service at night is pathetic. Perhaps I would like it better in person.

Posted by anawas on Wednesday, 9th September 2015 5:01pm:

I love the Danish chair, the fancy ice bucket, and space in the mini-fridge for personal effects. I hate the sparseness of everything else.

Of course, it’s still a corner suite with a killer view. And that’s worth its weight in gold-plated coffee-table legs, no matter how much the designers otherwise try to bore me.

The thing you liked the least — the original aspects of the master bath — is what I like the most, since it brings some color and contrast to the room. That said, I’m not a fan of all the wear and tear you discovered in those original fixtures.

Posted by ihatesnow on Wednesday, 9th September 2015 6:00pm:

I was going to ask why Malin+Goetz toiletries garnered a "Wow," but thank you for elaborating later on. For whatever reason, I didn't particularly care about Delano before, but I would consider staying after this review.

Posted by mnvegasguy on Wednesday, 9th September 2015 7:32pm:

Great review! I loved TheHotel when it opened. MGM let it run down and this rename/refurb comes up short for me. Rooms are too minimalist and the bathrooms needed a refresh. Sad, because it is a great property.

Posted by Toro66 on Wednesday, 9th September 2015 7:51pm:

I loved THEHotel, this isn't doing it for me either. Thanks for the great review

Posted by jinx73 on Thursday, 10th September 2015 9:45am:

Very nice review as always

Posted by wpsteel66 on Thursday, 10th September 2015 11:25am:

As usual, Chuck provides a very thorough and informative review…thanks!

The wife and I stayed in a panoramic suite back in March (our room number also ended in 815 as did Chuck’s)…I agree with all what Chuck said and will add in a few additional comments.

The hotel lobby is ‘calm’ … no crowds of people just visiting, looking around, and taking pictures plus no casino hustle/bustle and noise …you do not have to walk thru the casino to get to the parking garage, in fact a short walk to the car from the hotel room elevators…also the proximity to the I-15 entrance/exit using Frank Sinatra Blvd was a positive.

Wife said Delano spa was really nice and received exceptional and friendly service...neither of us had any issues or problems with the hotel room wifi…we never had to wait for a Delano elevator, one big problem with MB is the slow and insufficient number of elevators.

The only negatives of this hotel that we noticed were…poor shower water pressure; small closet, which was difficult to hang items in the closet due to the safe in the way; and only two small dresser drawers. During our visit, you had to hike clear across campus and use the MB fitness center since you had to pay extra to use Delano’s. Today you can use Delano’s. But we did use Delano’s one day when MB had an hour wait to use their center…Delano fitness center small and not that impressive for how nice everything else is in the hotel.

Before this trip, wife was a Vdara fan…after our March trip, she has no hesitation to stay at Delano again.

Posted by RockChickX51 on Tuesday, 15th September 2015 1:41pm:

Dear god they love rocks there. The rooms like nice, but a little plain. I kind of like the way THEHotel was decorated, but then again their rooms were a little darker and I'm a sucker for dark room schemes.

Posted by powerwiz on Wednesday, 30th September 2015 12:47am:

I will miss theHotel! I stayed there twice once on a invite when it first opened. It was the oddest, coolest, strangest hotel I have stayed in. The long hallway connecting it to Mandalay Bay was like a rushing wind, and it felt like you were in Gotham City or in a hotel out of Bladerunner.

I had a great time with the best memory strangely being a good friend looking out the window and of all the sights was the In and Out burger he commented on lol.

Posted by jerrydice on Thursday, 29th October 2015 6:02pm:

Love sleeping with the curtains open in Vegas too...why not, why wouldn't ya?