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Caesars Palace Julius Tower

The VegasTripping Review 2016

Posted by Chuckmonster

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Hotel Room Review Check In Front Desk

The gentleman who checked me in was prompt, thoughtful, courteous and thoroughly professional. Not only did he get the job done quickly, he imparted that feeling that a guest staying in this hotel is important, not a chore. I believed him when he said "if you have any problems or questions, call down to the front desk and I'll take care of it for you."

Some things are better in the analog world.

I wandered through the casino to the elevator core over by the noodle shop, hopped in the elevator and pressed lucky number 8.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Hotel Room Review Elevator

I hopped off the elevator to find a sharply and tastefully decorated triangular landing.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Hotel Room Review Landing Alt

Often times, deciphering which way your room is can be a trying experience, even for a hotel expert. Fortunately, way finding at the Caesars Palace Juilus Tower was easy.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Hotel Room Review Hallway Bend

Make a right at the Rothko-ish photograph.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Hotel Room Review Hallway

The hallway was decorated in grayscale laurel leaf damask wallpaper on the right, geometric patterned carpeting and wall covering that combined the two on the left. Clever, subtle, brilliant.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Hotel Room Review 853

I arrived at my room... #853, a jackpot of luck and fortune in Chinese numerology. Look at the sharp lines, detail and perfection of the craftsmanship that went into this. You wouldn't know this by looking at it, but Caesars Palace is 50 years old.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Hotel Room Review Rfid

I waved my card at the RFID reader above the doorknob and *click* the door unlocked.

Before we go in, I'd like to mention to those reading this that this review is rather long and contains about 80 high resolution photos of every corner of this room plus room service. It is also full of descriptions, analysis and corny jokes. On the last page of this review you will find our often imitated but never duplicated Room Rundown video walkthrough on the last page. Subscribe VegasTripping updates on whichever social media channels you prefer: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and never miss another one of our in depth hotel reviews.

Let's go!

Comments & Discussion:

Posted by whinchley on Tuesday, 7th June 2016 3:30pm:

Is it me or is this room as big as a motel 6 room and almost as nice as a holiday inn express room for a mere 240:00 dollars a night ....... And yes this is sarcasm

Posted by whinchley on Tuesday, 7th June 2016 3:43pm:

Also I was just at the Wynn and from what I remember it's a 5 star hotel we paid 140:00 a night it just doesn't make sense to stay at the total rewards hotels everyone should boycott them and remind them that they need the regular people to be a successful chain as far as I'm concerned Steve Wynn stills knows how to treat people and has great hotels with awesome gaming and restaurants and pools and customer appreciation

Posted by hobgoblin7777 on Tuesday, 7th June 2016 5:45pm:

The pics are amazing - crisp and colorful. What camera did you happen to use to take them?

Posted by Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 7th June 2016 5:53pm:

Hobgoblin- Thanks! I'm using the same Canon XSI Rebel I've been using for the last 7 years or so. I just got some new lenses just last week for the pending trip to Macau. I'd love to upgrade to a full frame camera but I don't have the loot right now. Maybe in a year or so.

Posted by rsauve on Tuesday, 7th June 2016 6:57pm:

Great review, Chuck!

Posted by mnvegasguy on Tuesday, 7th June 2016 7:37pm:

Outstanding review Chuck. Would love to see the breakdown for that breakfast. What the hell?

Posted by anawas on Tuesday, 7th June 2016 9:44pm:

Cromwell. Harrah's. This. Big C (and its siblings) continue to impress with initial room designs, fusing modern style with clever color schemes and a few unique touches. But how well will the company keep up with routine maintenance to preserve this quality? Those check-in kiosks aren't a good sign.

I'm glad you found service to be at a high level. While I expect that at all flagship resorts, it's good you can confirm it.

The statue/showgirl art is the surprise of this review. Everything else looks nice, too, though overall I would love to see more flair like that art in a room that cost hundreds of dollars per night.

My major beef, however is pricing. I've already mentioned the room cost. The ~15% resort fee hurts, too, but I guess we're "used" to that now. Then you have overpriced booze and food, even by minibar standards, and the absurd room service costs.

Posted by Drake on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 2:13am:

Great review! I guess this means there are no more crappy old rooms at Caesars. That's a plus. But as others have mentioned, the rates at Caesars always seem over-the-top high. Still, I'd love to stay there at some point.

Posted by parchedearth on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 9:18am:

They did a good job with the bathrooms. Note the walls are very thin in this tower and noisy neighbors can be an issue. They are currently pricing these rooms above the Augustus/Octavius rooms, which I believe are quite a bit nicer.

I used the self-check kiosk at Linq and they can be tricky to get the license positioned to be read properly. It needs to be face down and pushed to the back left of the scanner. Also, it takes about a minute for the room keys to be programmed, during which you don't know what is happening.

Posted by bd9902 on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 9:27am:

I like the wall art in the room. That's a nice touch!

But $78.90 for coffee, an omelette, fruit and two pieces of toast? That's over a day and a half of my company's per diem!

Posted by RockChickX51 on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 1:24pm:

Eeek! That room service price is ridiculous! I know when we stayed there back in 2009 (in the snazzy Augustus tower) breakfast for two was $68 after all the taxes and whatnot. Waffles, a carafe of OJ, and my husband got an All American style breakfast.
I love Caesars to no end. It's one of, if not my, favorite hotel in Vegas. This room is definitely a huge step up from the old worn décor it used to have.

Did you catch whether or not the automated things let you pick a room? They had those at Excalibur years ago and you didn't get to pick anything. You just scanned your ID and room confirmation # and it gave you two key cards. You just kinda hoped for the best with what the machine picked for you. It gave no options for upgrades or anything. I personally like checking in with a person for the very reason you mentioned, they make you feel like you're a guest.

Posted by RockChickX51 on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 1:27pm:

It's one of, if not my favorite, hotel in Vegas* (stupid speed typing)
I also do like the artwork a lot! Very creative and Vegas-y!

Posted by Diablo on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 2:12pm:

If it was $200 on a weeknight, thats too much (rather go to Aria for cheaper). For a weekend i guess its ok.

While the decor and furnishings are very nice, it cant hide the fact that the bones (room size, bathroom layout, ceiling height, windows) of these old places are outdated.

Posted by toastcmu on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 2:55pm:

Between the PGP crap and the new CET products, this room motivates me to want to try and stay here - especially with the art work and thought that obviously went into the room design. I just wish they wouldn't try and charge Cosmo prices for their room products! Kudos to you again Chuck!

Posted by Toro66 on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 6:04pm:

It looks nice! For long stays I prefer the option of a bathtub too tho

Posted by Dorian on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 6:45pm:

Chuck, great review as always, thanks for all you do. I stayed in this tower right after the renovation. I agree with everything you said, but I would also add in that there is just way too much unneeded furniture in this smallish room. The bathroom was the biggest welcomed surprise but I also loved being so close to the casino and sportsbook. The Octavious tower rooms are larger and a tad nicer but they are a haul to get to. I never noticed that the showgirls in the art were statues. Thanks for being so keenly aware Chuckmonster!

Posted by ihatesnow on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 10:55pm:

I can't get over that breakfast charge. Holy shit.

Posted by andybflo on Thursday, 9th June 2016 7:38am:

After highly disappointing stays at Wynn, Caesars Palace became my go-to resort on the strip. It's a resort that knows it's place in history, knows it's role on the strip, and doesn't *have* to create a fake lake to draw visitors.

I've ventured out to Bellagio and Aria. Loved both, but maybe it's just the feeling like being "home", I just keep coming back to CP. Every. Time. That smell means Vegas to me, more than the funky Pikachu on a streetcorner posing for $1 pictures in the hot August sun.

Glad to see the last dingy tower was redone; I never pulled that straw at check-in, but a friend had a "refreshed" Roman tower room; it was OK, but overpriced. I usually end up in Palace, or the Laurels; close to the pool, but a six mile hike from the strip.

Still love the old girl. She's proof that themes still work and if it's done right, it's worth keeping. There's still something magical about gambling in Sarno's original rotunda pit. Maybe I cling even harder to the mystique as more and more "legends" of the strip keep coming down.

It's just what Vegas is meant to be, for me... And it's been home for more trips than anywhere else in Vegas.

Posted by missmonkay on Thursday, 9th June 2016 10:34am:

Vegastripping accounting dept here. I am going to need to see that itemized breakfast receipt, please.

Posted by jcookdc on Thursday, 9th June 2016 1:07pm:

The prices do seem high, as mentioned by multiple folks upthread. I wonder how much better they might get with a little TR play and logging-in to Caesars' website and buying through them. I would assume you might get this room discounted more than you would an Octavius or Augustus room. It's been a few years since I stayed at CP, but now I want to go back. I've stayed in the Forum, Palace, Nobu, Augustus and Octavius towers. Not a bad room in the bunch, really. And this will only add to that. Nobu was a little weird - those rooms are tiny but nicely appointed. Although I think the tower was pretty short b/c my view was awful.

Posted by wpsteel66 on Thursday, 9th June 2016 4:05pm:

Thanks again Chuck for an informative review. Room looks really nice, although abit small. As others mentioned, room price is kinda steep for that room and the room service bill is outrageous.

Posted by Dorian on Thursday, 9th June 2016 9:54pm:

@andybflo, I could not agree with you more. Same for me.

Posted by Drake on Friday, 10th June 2016 4:57am:

@jcookdc, my level of TR play and total spend gets me mid-week room offers in AC but only a $5/night break at Caesars, based on a quick search this a.m. Business must be booming out there. But when I read post like @andybflo's, I definitely get the itch to splurge. One of these days...

Posted by jinx73 on Friday, 10th June 2016 12:44pm:

Very nice review as always!

Posted by luisistaz on Friday, 10th June 2016 7:33pm:

great job as allways Chuck, must go and check it out, it's about time I get out of The Orleans anyway (not that I don't like The Orleans, but I've got to give the strip another shot even though I promised myself I wouldn't return because of the fees and the parking)

Posted by levans on Saturday, 11th June 2016 12:06am:

Great review. I may decide to stay here one day. The room looks great and yes, I steal all the stuff I can get out of the rooms. The bill for that breakfast was insane. For that price give me the hash browns, a pancake or two and a cheese tray and even with that it's too much.

Posted by saharalv on Sunday, 12th June 2016 11:07pm:

Thank you for the review. Thats a bit too much dough for what you get, though. I'm boycotting MGM, and won't stay at Venetian and Wynn for political reasons, and haven't stayed at a Caesar's place for almost a decade. My options are running thin. But as long as Cosmo is giving me comps, that's where I'm staying.