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The Circus Circus Executive Suite #1410

Inside Jay Sarno's Apartment

Posted by Chuckmonster

To catch a different angle, I immediately began to ascend the staircase. The large box TV seen in one of the rare photos has been replaced with a nice entertainment center. There is also a strong presence of artificial flowers and plants throughout the room. The door immediately to the right of the entertainment center takes you to the master bedroom, the door to the right of that is locked.

Circus Circus Executive Suite 1410 Living Room From Staircase

At the top of the staircase is a connecting door to the right (this room was occupied) and a bathroom. The bathroom looks very similar to something seen in an old Vegas home from the 60s in Rancho Circle or the Scotch 80s.

Circus Circus Executive Suite 1410 Upstairs Bath

Just like on the lower level, a double-door tiled foyer greets guests with two alcoves of artificial flowers. The room number on the outside is 1510.

Circus Circus Executive Suite 1410 Upstairs Foyer

Walking to the end of the upstairs hallway is a sitting area with a chair and couch somewhat enclosed off from it's surroundings. A connecting door to the left of the chair leads into the master bedroom.

Circus Circus Executive Suite 1410 Upstairs Sitting Area

Comments & Discussion:

Posted by chesteronriver on Friday, 17th June 2016 5:22pm:

I really, really enjoy these type of reviews.......of what is left of the old Vegas! Actually a very comfortable looking place......yeah, I could live there. CC was probably the first strip property I ever entered. It was in the mid-70s and I remember walking through a bunch of Winnebago campers to get to the back of the place from where we parked. As we (group of high school friends ) were not old enough to gamble, we came for the buffet. If I remember correctly, the breakfast buffet was $1.50.......could that be right? I know I was wide-eyed seeing the one armed bandits for the first time......to me it seemed like all the adults were like a kid in a candy store. Could not wait to come back when I was old enough to lose my first pocket full of nickels!

Posted by Waffle on Friday, 17th June 2016 8:06pm:

You are probably right in regards to the cheap meal. That was a staple of the place back in the 70s/80s. A even funnier fact is according to the book "Super Casino", they actually started to make money since the economy of scale ordering got to be so big!

Posted by parchedearth on Friday, 17th June 2016 9:19pm:

I assume this is typically rented out for small group functions (wedding parties, etc...). I'm not sure if they can even accommodate hi-rollers nowadays. At least, I'm not aware of any hi-limit areas. I visited the steakhouse last Friday (for probably the 5-6th time over a 10 year period). I was shocked by the worsening state of the property. Even the steakhouse was looking worn and the bar seating (maybe only 6 seats) was full of construction workers in their work clothes (including reflective safety vests) that had just gotten off shift. Unfortunately, I think the property is already much worse than Sahara or Riviera in their final years. I suspect that families going to the AdventureDome are keeping the property afloat.

Posted by anawas on Saturday, 18th June 2016 8:05am:

If this room were on the ground floor, it could function as the lobby, office and breakfast bar for a 1996-era Holiday Inn. But if you think about what it must have been like for Sarno and other people in 1976, wow!

The features and furniture in hotel rooms sure have come a long way in 40 years. (Yes, I know this room got at least a couple of overhauls over the years, though I'm not sure I saw a place for a TV in the master bedroom ... and there's still a shatphone.)

I wonder if the people who stayed in this room the night before knew its past. I also wonder how often all six bedrooms get linked to the suite. Thanks for this review and the floorplan sketches. Amazing history.

Posted by NeverJustJ on Saturday, 18th June 2016 10:08am:

Neat! I've always wondered about this suite after also stumbling across the floor plan deep in the meetings/events section of the CC website. Decor by JCPenney with suggestions from that friend of your mom's whom everyone thought had really good taste in 1992. I'm a bit surprised how low-end the bathroom finishes are...the standard room bathrooms at Circus Reno have more style and natural stone. Honey oak cabinets...really? I see no evidence of ADA improvements which tells me the physical structure has not been changed at all...look at the narrow doors, bathrooms with no grab bars no elevator in the unit.

@parchedearth...I think you're absolutely right. The primary purpose of this room is meetings/events...sometimes someone might stay there, but I bet at least 50% of the nights it's sold no one sleeps there. It probably goes for a couple thousand dollars with an F&B minimum of a couple thousand more. And it wouldn't surprise me if you book it through catering sales rather than the front desk.

Posted by Devastazione on Monday, 20th June 2016 7:26am:

Creepiest room ever but it reeks a lot of history.Fake plants give me chills tho !!!
Thank you for posting,really enjoyed it !

Posted by pkluvsvegas on Monday, 20th June 2016 11:24am:

This is so awesome. I mean it isn't a Skyloft or Villa or anything but this is a rare gem. Next up you should try to get into the Excalibur Presidential Suite.

I've become somewhat buddies with someone in MGM Luxury Sales. We are touching base in about 2 months regarding a booking. I'll ask the price on this when next time we speak.

Posted by Devastazione on Monday, 20th June 2016 12:16pm:

What was the smell in the room ? Smelled like it hasn't been refreshed in a long time or was some sort of hotel aroma around ? I've read the Grandissimo book recently and Bill Bennet was pretty upset about still having Sarno on the property....LOL. Thanks again for the post,came here at least 3 times today and showed it to my dad too. Feels so 1989...

Posted by Waffle on Monday, 20th June 2016 10:24pm:

@pkluvsvegas- I actually do have photos of the Excalibur Presidental, maybe will share after the crew returns from Macau!
@Devastazione- I don't recall any fragrance added to the room, nor did it smell poorly (not sure if that helps) Glad you and your dad enjoyed the photos!
@parchedearth- There is at least two more 2 story suites on the floor and one is specifically a training/meeting room (I wasn't able to get inside, but will work on it). The property appears to have changed a lot since I stayed back in 2010, new carpet in the casino floor and hotel tower, Modernized sports book. Haven't been to the steakhouse in a few years. It it might be time to head back!

Posted by Waffle on Tuesday, 21st June 2016 3:19am:

@pkluvsvegas I actually have a few photos of that one as well. Would that one be interesting as well?

Posted by WLV3131 on Tuesday, 21st June 2016 3:19am:

If this guy can get us into the Excalibur Prezzy Suite, he needs to speak at #VIMFP, But anyways, I think @PearchedDeath probably doesn't understand that this hotel is paid off, The Adventuredome is not floating the property... And contarary to popular belief, the place does make a profit if you listened to MGM Resorts Earnings Calls. This property reminds me a lot of the Rainman Suites at Caesars... So great to see where all of the design elements came from. TY!

Posted by pkluvsvegas on Tuesday, 21st June 2016 9:19am:

@Waffle, I would love to see it. Only was able to find like two pictures online. These rare suites are really fun to see.

Posted by LakeMeadLakeErie on Wednesday, 22nd June 2016 4:50pm:

Hope the following gives you a taste of what it originally looked like. It was a long time ago, probably 30 years ago since I saw it, but I've seen footage of the suite in what I believe was the original Jay Sarno decor. I don't recall if it was on recorded tv footage or what, but it definitely was filmed in the early 1970s based on exterior Circus Circus footage I saw. Being a lover of the old school, it's burned into my memory so here's what I recall.

There were 4 primary colors used: black, red, white and gilded gold. Let's talk living area first. The carpet was bright red, the walls were black with stark white molding on the walls. The molding was installed on the walls almost like a picture frame (similar to some Wynn designs we've seen over the years). These rectangular "picture frames" were virtually floor to ceiling and overlapping, in other words, a picture frame within a picture frame. The gap between the two frames mirrors were inserted. There were a couple art pieces too, don't recall what they were of, but the artwork frames were gilded gold. He had crystal chandelier sconces on some walls, those walls in particular were always floor to ceiling mirrored walls. The drapes were floor to ceiling and bright white, the border of the drapes were maybe a few inches each of black and red fabric. The bar had bright white leather bar stools. The railing on the balcony and spiral staircase were gilded gold to match the artwork frames. The furniture (sofas) of the living room was a white and black material, can't recall the pattern.

Now to the bedroom. It was entirely red, both carpet and wallpaper. The wall paper was almost something you see in a bordello back in the day. It looked very similar to stuff they used back in the Silver Slipper days, I think Barbary Coast had some similar wallpaper too. Across the bed was a massive floor to ceiling mirrored wall again with the crystal chandelier sconces mounted directly onto the mirrors.

Granted when it comes to interior design, what was popular back then is often considered a joke today, but personally I thought the living area was really dramatic, it really made a impression on me. It was Vegas personified and something you would not see anywhere else but there.

Posted by Vegasbymonday on Thursday, 23rd June 2016 10:40pm:

Not as swanky as I expected. Kinda lets me know just how jaded we are to what luxury is. Even with it being the last ten years, I hoped I could still smell the rank debauchery through these photos like restaurant leftovers you forgot in the back seat. Either way, great post and awesome photos.