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Bally's Las Vegas

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3645 S. Las Vegas Boulevard : Map | Gmap

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Before Ballys became Bally's it was the MGM Grand, where one of the worst hotel fires ever took place in 1980. 84 people died and 697 of the 5,000 guests were injured in what was determined to be an electrical malfunction. Some think otherwise. KNPR has great streaming audio story, which includes first hand accounts of employees and guests who were present that fateful day. Since it was purchased by Harrah's Entertainment (now Caesars) the property has coasted along, waiting for the day it will be wrecked or renovated. Only Caesar knows the fate of Ballys for sure.

Bally's Las Vegas Cool Stuff:

Bally's has one of the last remaining group of hotel tennis courts on The Strip.
Check out VTs vintage review of Ballys Steakhouse... still good!
Bally's was the host hotel for the 2012 Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic!.

The Real Deal on Bally's Las Vegas:

All it takes is one chemically enhanced ride on the freaky neon blue people mover to fall in love. If it works... which, by extension, is Ballys in a nutshell. Fun if you're fucked up on booze and the property isn't undergoing a mechanical, service or housekeeping failure.

Seriously though... we love the satin jacket off of Bally's. Where else can the VegasTripper who seeks thrills minus frills lay their hat... LVH? Bally's has no themes or attractions or diversions, nor are there hoity toit shopping promenades or incredibly overpriced night clubs. What you get is a great value and tons of unpretentious fun.

The Casino at Bally's Las Vegas

Good action, slightly higher table minimums (usually $10-25 Blackjack on weekends) but always a couple of $5 craps tables. Ballys added a "poker room" in 2004 - basically they pulled out 5 banks of slot machines and threw some poker tables there. Not a 'poker room' per se, but they're usually crowded. Other than that, Ballys hosts all sortsa slots, a Race and Sports Book (way down in the back of the property - you've got to walk through the 'mall' to get there) BlackJack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, PaiGow, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Mini-Baccarat, Keno and more... The traditional table games are in the main pit and the carnival games are on the elevated portion towards the Sports Book.

Golfer John Daly reportedly lost a coupla million dollars playing a $500 slot machine in the high limit platform - too bad they've never had a $500 slot machine.

The Rooms at Bally's Las Vegas

The rooms prices range from recession busting $39 (mid-week low) to $250 (weekend high), usually slightly subpar to Flamingo, Luxor and some of the other mid-tier properties. Last time we visited Ballys, we paid $99 for a side view of the Strip, half view of the Bellagio fountain (with music! Frank, good; Celine, bad) and a direct view of the Ei-faux-l Tower. We were right over the pool at Paris and had a good view of it. Looked like a petri dish, with microbial swimmers. Rooms are clean(ish) and quite large compared to other hotels of this vintage. It used to be the MGM Grand after all.

As with most Caesars Entertainment properties, housekeeping and maintenance leaves a lot to be desired. Rooms are made up quickly and carelessly without attention to larger picture details. If you happen to luck upon a dedicated housekeeper or ensure good housekeeping by laying out a fat tip immediately after checking in, you'll probably escape some of the typical Bally's headaches.

The Restaurants at Bally's Las Vegas

Between Ballys and its nearest neighbor Paris, there are loads and loads of dining options. Of these, three stand out: Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris, Bally's Steakhouse and the The Sterling Brunch, a luxurious Sunday brunch inside Bally's Steakhouse (reservations required) and Ichiban Sushi who serve it in classic Tokyo style - on a conveyer belt!

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 6 Queentata44 posted on 23rd November 2015 :

Old school. Friendly dealers. Great shops downstairs .BLT.

My Rating: 3 setzer posted on 26th December 2014 :

I was very surprised about the casino here. It was an excellent gamble overall, and one of the few casinos I've ran into that offer both 3/2 blackjacks and the surrender rule. I'll also note that the dealers and even security people were very courteous and helpful.

Summer 2015 Update: Sorry, but I had to downgrade to a 3 due to that doggone bazaar that's now in front; it now looks like there is no casino between The Cromwell and Paris.

My Rating: 4 Butler posted on 10th December 2014 :

I stayed because of the rates, and I'd happily go back. Love the early-bird spa specials - can't speak for the new-improved Jubilee show. (Rating downgraded after Bonus Poker progressive was downgraded.)

My Rating: 4 Truckosaurus posted on 3rd December 2014 :

Excellent location, good value, plenty of recently refurbished rooms.

My Rating: 4 Jaredjensen posted on 6th February 2014 :

Great location and from what I hear a pretty nice place to stay. A couple of guys I work with stay here every summer with their wives. Pool is not spectacular but if you are middle aged and want a place to stay without the hassle of all of the young drunk partiers this is a good option. Has a great restaurant called the Tequila Bar with a great taco dinner for less than 10 per person. Also has the best place ever across the street to the north behind the old Bills Gambling Hall. It is a Convenient store/bar all in one called the Stage Door or better know as Happiest Place on Earth--And Cheap Beer. Small , dingy and great cheap eats. $2.50 Hot Dog and a Beer, and add some fries and its a great cheap lunch.

My Rating: 3 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 16th May 2013 :

Stayed in a south tower room for $16 dollars. Million dollar view, with a room that wasn't worth much more than the $16 I paid.

My Rating: 3 JIMMYJDTRUCK posted on 4th October 2012 :


My Rating: 5 jkconey posted on 11th July 2012 :

Great casino energy. Manageable size. Fun place to play tables. Walk through to the Paris.

My Rating: 6 ckent32 posted on 14th May 2012 :

I was really impressed with the shopping center UNDER the casino. that was pretty swank.

My Rating: 4 mappy posted on 9th February 2012 :

Love the sports book

My Rating: 6 viceloungeonline posted on 26th July 2011 :

Seriously, this place to COMPLETELY **under**-rater! I love staying here, I love gambling here, I love drinking here! Plus I shared a few other thoughts on it here: www.viceloungeonline.com/2011/04/ballys-las-vegas-pure-happiness/

My Rating: 5 Stosh posted on 18th June 2011 :

A seat in the far back of Indigo Lounge, facing the casino and the band is kinda a hidden gem in this town.

My Rating: 4 sprocketdt posted on 24th January 2011 :

Rooms were dated, but clean. The price can't be beat, and the casino is a great place to spend your money

My Rating: 5 jmtheman posted on 9th November 2010 :

Stayed here for two nights in July 2009. I upgraded to a North Tower room. It was spacious, clean and probably about 500 square feet.

I like the sports book and, although it is just a big rectangle, the pool is big and has a deep end, which was cool.

The gaming is unremarkable and not a huge fan of the dining option (except for the one time I ate at Bally's Steakhouse, which was very remarkable). But the hotel is attached to Paris, so I usually eat at the buffet over there once a trip.

My Rating: 4 MiguelA posted on 18th September 2010 :

There really isn't much to Bally's. The casino is quite small but more on the lines of a low roller like myself. Most days you can find a $5 craps table and $5 Three Card Poker. The Pit Bosses are not the uptight type.
I was also there during the Super Bowl last year. If you like the music loud and people enjoying themselves, then this is the place for you.

My Rating: 4 pebbles2009 posted on 5th May 2010 :

Nice hotel but the walk from the Strip to the casino was a step too far.

My Rating: 4 Trevelbond posted on 16th October 2009 :

I don't know what exactly I like about this place, but it has the feel of a classic joint that never turned into a dump the way the Sahara and Trop have. Jubilee is awesome too. Too bad it's owned by Harrah's.

My Rating: 4 blackjacker1979 posted on 1st September 2009 :

Old school Vegas on the strip. See if you can find a dealer that was there the night of the fire and get some REALLY interesting stories. Also comfy but not overdone rooms and a great live music lounge right off the casino floor.

My Rating: 4 pebbles posted on 19th August 2009 :

The North Tower rooms are great. Not so keen on the South Tower.

My Rating: 3 kalleg35 posted on 25th July 2009 :

great location - old vegas style small casino - nothing special, but cheap.Steakhouse ok. pool so lala - far away.Location, location, location connected to the paris

My Rating: 5 hani4055 posted on 20th May 2009 :

My husband and I have stayed here since the demise of the Stardust. Good location, metro rail access, safe passage to Paris and Planet Hollywood( 3 fer one) and one of the last casino's to have a "true " deep end pool and tennis court. If you want to live big ,stay at Bellagio. I f you want a Vegas classic,the last of a dying breed, book Bally's .

My Rating: 4 shauseman posted on 23rd March 2009 :

Nice casino, kind of small. It was the old MGM Grand. Nice indoor connection to Paris, and a great location on the Strip

My Rating: 4 SilverFox posted on 11th March 2009 :

I've stayed at Ballys several times. Ballys offers a good value. Rooms are nothing spectacular, but are large clean and comfortable. I always stay in the north tower deluxe room. Pool is not so hot, but the hotel is connected to Paris. We used the Paris pool, which was relatively nice. The steakhouse is good, but overall restaurants and shopping are limited. Jubilee show is worth seeing once. Price is right is boring if you don't get to play. I got to play, so it was fun for me. Decent casino. Not lucky here.

My Rating: 4 adeline06 posted on 27th January 2009 :

not bad...great value.....great lo cal......older crowd....bartenders always remembered may drink order....but nothing 2 great to keep you there

My Rating: 4 jimmyrandolph posted on 24th January 2009 :

Good sports book. Nice slots!

My Rating: 2 RoachClipCharly posted on 20th January 2009 :

I saw security kicking out hooker. I will never stay there again.

My Rating: 6 Shannon posted on 4th January 2009 :

Terrific mid strip location at very affordable prices. Nice spacious rooms with great views of south strip and bellagio fountains. When i stayed the big kitchen buffet was open which was a great value. Even without it though, id still stay here again. Also, the sterling brunch is Amazing.

My Rating: 3 clrblueskyz posted on 31st December 2008 :

Have not stayed here yet but have gambled here. I like the Keno area. Havent done too good on the slots here yet and I feel that the drink service could be better.

My Rating: 3 beangurl posted on 19th October 2008 :

Central location is a plus. Stayed in a standard king room, which neither impressed or disappointed me. No luck in the casino.

My Rating: 4 istare posted on 30th November 1999 :

Just good 'ol fun. Nothing too fancy but if you need fancy... it's connected to Paris.