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Bellagio might still very well be THE standard bearer for high-falutin 'spensiveness and hoity-toit. Built on the historic location where The Dunes stood for thirty-something years, Steve Wynn needed to wow when displacing such a historic property. His vision: bring the luxury, pile it on and smear some more around the sides and back. The 36 story Bellagio opened in 1998 at a price tag of $1.6 bajillion dollars. Yikes! To put it into perspective Bellagio would have to make a just shy of a 1/2 million dollars a day profit for 10 years to make this back. Bellagio opened a new hotel tower - the Spa Tower - in 2004.

Bellagio Cool Stuff:

Monorail at Bellagio connects to Vdara, ARIA and Monte Carlo

2011 review of Bellagio Resort Deluxe (Green)
2011 review of Bellagio Resort Deluxe (Blue)
2011 pictorial of Bellagio Presidential Suite where President Obama stayed.
2010 pictorial of Bellagio Penthouse suite

Bellagio won multiple awards in the 2013 Trippies readers poll including Best Casino, Best Poker, Best Dice and more.

The Real Deal on Bellagio:

Buyer beware - all MGM Resorts properties charge the highest resort fees (nearly $40/night) plus a $10 per day fee to self-park your car. VegasTripping suggests you find alternate accommodations.
The saying goes: "If you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it." A number of years ago, we would've just left it at that. Nowadays, with Bellagio aging its way down the resort pecking order from a five star king of the mountain the time has come to question Bellagio's stance as luxury standard bearer and see it for what it is - to slightly milfy but still dangerous young cougar. The hotel was completely renovated in 2012, but unfortunately little can be done about the small footprint of these once luxurious digs. This is one of the only structural faults in the Bellagio experience, which has been slightly modernized but still retains vintage Italian charm as well as an impeccable array of dining, entertainment and gaming options.

The Casino at Bellagio

Table games include, Caribbean Stud, PaiGow, PaiGow Tiles, Let It Ride, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Big Six, and Baccarat. The Bellagio Race & Sports Book is worth seeing even if you don't place any bets. The Bellagio poker room "Bobby's Room" named after MGM executive and WSOP Bracelet winner Bobby Baldwin is where the REAL high limit action takes place in Vegas, take a peek in the window and you'll see the biggest poker game in the world right before your eyes.

The Rooms at Bellagio

There was a day when the name Bellagio was synonymous with luxury and to many Vegas tourists it still is. Until the opening of Wynn Las Vegas, the guest rooms at Bellagio - including the Bellagio King and Bellagio Queen - were some of the finest rooms in Las Vegas. Recent renovations at the property have upgraded the threadbare furnishings to shiny new, albeit modern stuff. Check out our many reviews of Bellagio's new hotel room offerings:

2011 review of Bellagio Resort Deluxe (Green)
2011 review of Bellagio Resort Deluxe (Blue)
2011 pictorial of Bellagio Presidential Suite where President Obama stayed.
2010 pictorial of Bellagio Penthouse suite

The Restaurants at Bellagio

Bellagio has a ton of great restaurants all of which require or suggest you make a reservation. Service, food and menu are all superb and the check will probably scare you unless you don't care about things like money.

Fine dining options include Le Cirque for French, Circo (Tuscan cuisine), Jasmine (Hunan, Cantonese, and Szechuan), Prime Steakhouse (one of, if not THE best steakhouse in Vegas), Picasso, Michael Mina seafood joint and Yellowtail a sushi restaurant/night club.

Casual dining options include FIX restaurant and bar, Noodles, Todd English's Olives and Sensi. Oh, and they have a Buffet and Cafe also.

Don't forget to check out the Jean Philippe Patisserie for cookies, crepes, chocolate and other sweetness.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 6 DarkGhost posted on 4th June 2016 :

Gorgeous inside and out. Wonderful restaurant selection (Le Cirque is one of the best in Vegas). Great service. One of the best pools in Vegas (plenty of options, plenty of shade, beautiful). Fantastic attractions/entertainment that never get old ("O", Fountains, Conservatory). The room design shows it's age (no automatic blinds, no wall-to-wall window, etc), but the romantic style keeps everything comfortable and nostalgic. Crowded with tourists, but for good reason.

My Rating: 5 Malibugolfer posted on 30th May 2014 :

Better today than 3 years ago. Great gaming and service.

My Rating: 6 Soreyes posted on 29th May 2014 :

I still say it's the place that the rest of Vegas strives to be.

My Rating: 5 BillDonovan posted on 29th May 2014 :

Overall comfort of the Hotel/Casino. Nice poker room. They need to upgrade the Sports Book screens.

My Rating: 5 vespajet posted on 29th May 2014 :

I used to feel out of place here, as if they were going to give me the bum's rush or something. In the last couple of years, I've started to spend more time there and have really come to love the place.

My Rating: 5 Ricogreen posted on 1st February 2014 :

It's the most beautiful looking resort in the city! I can spend hours watching the fountain show every night and also my favourite place to gamble on the strip.

My Rating: 6 n580564x posted on 11th May 2013 :

Never stayed yet, but on my list for next visit. lol

My Rating: 5 Falstaf1 posted on 6th May 2013 :

Still a great poker room.

My Rating: 5 radgambler posted on 5th February 2013 :

The casino, Fountains and food!! Stayed there four years ago- the rooms needed an update.

My Rating: 6 sivled posted on 12th December 2012 :

We love the B. The employees are super friendly and the desk staff are always willing to help you. We once had a fountsin view room reserved but at check in because of our 40th anniversary they upgraded us to the Cypress suite and that was humomgus I give them five stars and would love to stay there again.

My Rating: 5 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 13th September 2012 :

Just a nice place, hope to stay there one day. Love the location, love the fountains, love the buffet.

My Rating: 5 Cornithhen posted on 11th August 2012 :

The fountain show is beautiful, and the cirque show O is spectacular.

My Rating: 5 nikirsmith posted on 23rd April 2012 :

Love the decor and I always have to go to the Atrium because it is always decorated so beautifully!

My Rating: 6 oldrichgreywolf posted on 29th December 2011 :

Still in my heart as THE Place to land and enjoy this town and location cannot be bested.

My Rating: 6 Wrinklebottom posted on 12th December 2011 :

Still the classiest place in town. Wynn peaked with Bellagio and Wynncore is just a sad old mans failed attempt to outdo his masterpiece - Bellagio! Wynn fanboys shit on the way MGM runs the place but it's been #1 for over 13 years & Wynn only ran it for 18months so the MGM folks must be doing something right.

My Rating: 6 maximus56k posted on 18th November 2011 :

THIS....is my Hotel & Casino. The benchmark for which they should all strive.

My Rating: 6 VivaLasVegasBoy posted on 25th July 2011 :

Bellagio is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas/world. The Restaurants are great, 'O' is great, the nightclub is great, love the casino and the shops. Bellagio is a posh place...nuff said

My Rating: 6 vegasbiatch posted on 29th June 2011 :

those new deluxe rooms loook horrendous!

My Rating: 6 Stosh posted on 18th June 2011 :

Shame they botched Fontana for 10 years and then blew it out with some snake oil salesman.

My Rating: 5 HedgedBettor posted on 11th June 2011 :

Bellagio is a real classic - the blown-glass in the lobby will undoubtedly make this the nicest hotel lobby ever, the conservatory is a wonderful feature, and of course the lake is inimitable. The casino is only okay though, the nightclub is awful, food isn't as good as it should be (Cafe Bellagio has declined and most of the fine restaurants are overrated, especially Picasso) and then there's the hotel. These rooms simply have nothing to recommend them at their price point (note my last stay was pre the recent room refresh). Its a pity, this place deserves to be pulling down the full 6.

My Rating: 5 PMakster posted on 10th June 2011 :

Always love the architecture. The buffet is the second best buffet in town on my list. The Wynn being The best.

My Rating: 5 shadeymonk posted on 4th June 2011 :

Love that it's a nice joint with affordable gaming. Now that they are upgrading the low-tier rooms, I'll have to stay here again.

My Rating: 5 Rockford posted on 28th May 2011 :

Big fan of the Sports Book and excellent cocktail service. Good to hear that the rooms are finally being slowly updated

My Rating: 3 Chuckmonster posted on 5th April 2011 :

Yes, I rated Bellagio a 3.

My Rating: 5 JakeZ posted on 26th March 2011 :

Bellagio is everything a great resort should be. Excellent food, nice new rooms and perfect service. Although, even though I don't gamble, I dislike the casino.

My Rating: 6 tkelz21 posted on 6th March 2011 :

The Bellagio is by far the sexiest place on the strip. Just walking though there i saw some to the most beautiful women ever. Oh yeah the craps tables are pretty fun also. I didn't win that night but it was the experience that made my day

My Rating: 6 csonjeow posted on 4th March 2011 :

I love the Bellagio because it holds a special place in my heart (awwwwww). It is the location where my wife and I were married. It was by far the most special trip I've ever had. Walking through the casino with the photographers in our wedding garb was so much fun. People were clapping, taking photos, stopping and watching. It's the closest you can get to being a celebrity for a day.

We set out to take photos on the terrace of the Fontana in front of the fountains. As we walked out, everyone who was seated stood up and started clapping for us. Really cool feeling. The fountains started going off and the photos started flying.

We've always had amazing stays on this property. Regardless of people saying that "It's showing its age." or "It's not like how Steve used to run it." It's always been top notch.

I highly recommend Prime Steakhouse. Easily one of the best fillets I've ever had the please of eating in my life and the service was perfection. Call ahead, request a set on the patio or by the windows at night...drink wine and watch the fountains. Unreal.

My Rating: 5 DoubleD posted on 25th February 2011 :

To really experience Las Vegas, it's imperative that you visit the Bellagio--and stay there, if you can. In a lot of ways, it's a Las Vegas institution. Rooms are nice, though a bit long in the tooth and in need of some renovations.

It's a great place to walk around and people watch. Can't beat its location--center strip. The property, itself, is huge. Taking a cab (or limo) from the airport to the entrance of Bellagio is a really neat experience.

My Rating: 6 Does43 posted on 12th February 2011 :

Been there 5 times, Bellagio is the face of Vegas for me.

My Rating: 6 donnymac66 posted on 10th February 2011 :

Stayed in a lakeview room. The room was dated in style but still very clean and well maintained.Really liked the size and layout for a regular room. Housekeeping was great. Will definitely stay there again. Have stayed again recently in the renovated rooms and really like them still a notch below Aria but awesome with a lakeview!

My Rating: 6 SanFranBob posted on 17th January 2011 :

Has managed to stay classy after all these years.

My Rating: 6 rowezone54 posted on 10th January 2011 :

Not much has changed at Bellagio since my first experience. I still love going to their bars putting in max credits and ordering a Crown Royale Reserve, with crushed ice. It is a Vegas masterpiece.

My Rating: 5 bneve posted on 5th January 2011 :

It's the original luxury hotel in Vegas. I think I'm the only one that likes the new rooms though.

My Rating: 4 radicaldreamer posted on 13th December 2010 :

They have freaking gondolas. Does your fave spot have gondolas. I thought so.

My Rating: 5 CBB48Vegas posted on 25th November 2010 :

Love to play blackjack here.

My Rating: 5 Yentle posted on 2nd November 2010 :

Bellagio was once the best hotel in town.
Now anno 2010, Bellagio lost much of its
glory under the bad management of MGM
Resorts International.

My Rating: 6 Dorian posted on 3rd October 2010 :

I love Bellagio, the fountains, the conservatory the Chihuly sculpture, and I always win in the casino. Iconic, I just wish Charles S. Weinberg still owned it!

My Rating: 6 StudiodeKadent posted on 19th September 2010 :

A Vegas Institution; always popular and crowded but for understandable reason. It feels a bit "social-climbey" ("see and be seen") but in spite of that the place has great food, drink, atmosphere and gaming. Picasso, Petrossian and Olives are all great places to dine and get wasted. Hyde Lounge is very relaxed, tasteful, and fits in well with the joint. Club Prive has a great bar, and the dealers and pit crew have always been very friendly to this rambling alcoholic freak. And the table games conditions are the best value in Vegas (as of late 2013 to 2014). Sure, it's a bit pretentious, but no one can deny the quality.

My Rating: 5 Anto28 posted on 11th September 2010 :

Dear Steve Wynn, please buy back the Bellagio.

My Rating: 5 nk811 posted on 8th September 2010 :

Bellagio has always been one of my favorite hotels. The fountains are amazing and soothing...... Unfortunately MGM doesn't seem to take as good care as Wynn did.

My Rating: 5 JaviSRK posted on 25th August 2010 :

Still the class of Vegas. Great smell to the casino, great service.

My Rating: 6 jinx73 posted on 25th August 2010 :

The heart of the strip and the resort that put luxury on the map. Even though Steve Wynn no longer owns or runs it, there is enough pride in the employees working here that they still deliver consistently good service.

My Rating: 5 Misnomer posted on 17th August 2010 :

She's a beaut, Clark. I've never stayed here, and I have no idea why. I love the fountains, the conservatory, the Chihuly flower sculpture...classy place. Great restaurants. Hmm, maybe it's because MGM never seems to throw me anything approaching a decent comp for this place. Bummer.

My Rating: 6 Rgiffen2 posted on 10th August 2010 :

The original class act in Vegas. The conservatory is always amazing, its a floral oasis in the desert. I love the fresh and real floral scent, much better than the piped in smell at the Venetian. The buffet used to be better, it lacks atmosphere. The cafe has tons of atmosphere and slower than slow service, but good food. Gasp at the prices of a glass of OJ! The rooms were much prettier before they decided to give them the brown/beige vibe. The casino could use some newer slots that people like to play.

My Rating: 5 VegasSolo posted on 24th July 2010 :

Without a doubt, this is the nicest hotel I've stayed at in Las Vegas. I love everything about it--the restaurants, the Fontana Lounge, the lakeview rooms, the conservatory, the fountain show, you name it.

My Rating: 6 mlfeatherbee posted on 25th May 2010 :

It's the Bellagio - 'nuff said

My Rating: 6 atdleft posted on 14th May 2010 :

Ah, Bellagio... The one & only. The Belle of the Ball. The pride & joy of Steve Wynn, and of Las Vegas.

Ah, how times have changed these last 12 years. The rooms are drabby and showing their age. There are numerous cracks in the marble at Via Bellagio. The casino just isn't what it used to be.

But you know what? There's just something about Bellagio that won't let it die. The grandeur remains, no matter how faded it may seem at times. The high-rollers still pack the casino. The gourmands still fall over each other (and rightly so!) for the murderers' row of great restaurants here. And the well-heeled still enjoy the still mighty suites. This carpet joint has real staying power.

Now if only MGM Mirage would FINALLY get to renovating the place...

My Rating: 6 Yamahar1001 posted on 14th April 2010 :

First place to ever stay in Vegas and have stayed here more times than any other Hotel in Vegas.

My Rating: 5 ChiCell posted on 12th March 2010 :

My first love in Vegas... I've since moved on.

My Rating: 4 Andrewr11 posted on 19th February 2010 :

Rooms are a little bit long in the tooth, but the casino is superb. Solid drink service.

My Rating: 4 manimal posted on 18th February 2010 :

Nice casino, always seem busy, nice lake and best restaurant in vegas "picasso"

My Rating: 5 socalduck posted on 25th November 2009 :

Still a wonder to behold, even if she is beginning to show some signs of aging. Service can be a bit spotty at times, and I have never had much luck in the casino, but it is hard to beat Bellagio for it's combination of luxury, location, and amenities.

My Rating: 5 thecosmicjester posted on 8th October 2009 :

The grande dame of Vegas casinos is starting to show her age, but she's still a class act.

My Rating: 6 AcesUp13 posted on 30th September 2009 :

I know it's getting old, but I can't dislike this place. When it first opened, I thought it was the best casino on the strip, and a part of me still does. I think no matter how much opens around it, I'll always dig this place. The restaurants, the customer service, the classic fountain show - all of it is top notch.

My Rating: 4 blackjacker1979 posted on 1st September 2009 :

High falutin' top of the Vegas world. This place has it all. Watch Bond-like action in the Baccarat room or play next to some of the kindest snobs you'll meet at the tables. Catch the fountain show and the conservatory display and remind yourself of what made Steve Wynn great to begin with. The rooms need a makeover though, nice and roomy but the only place without standard flat panel TVs. The lakeview rooms make up for it with a HiDef view of the Fountains.

My Rating: 5 JohnH posted on 30th August 2009 :

The first truly luxury property I stayed at in Las Vegas, Bellagio was once my vision of the epitome of Las Vegas. Then Wynn opened. Previous stays during the height of the Excess Boom were great, but my last visit in July left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Booked room type was unavailable. Told our room was renovated when almost any Vegas aficionado knows that those rooms haven't been updated in almost five years. Frat boys taking boxes of beers to their super cheap rooms. Electronic drapery controls in the room were, by some sort dark magic or electrician incompetence, reversed. In general, service, clientele, and maintenance issues were endemic. What was once the property so exclusive, so luxurious that I couldn't have hoped to enter until my eighteenth birthday is not aging as gracefully as it could and should be under the stewardship of a tinkering, interested owner. I cringe to think what will happen once all of MGM's design and guest attention is taken by ARIA.

My Rating: 5 toastcmu posted on 12th June 2009 :

Stayed here for my 10th anniversary, great place to take the wife. Like playing the $5 Handicapped table(s), even if it is a CSM.

My Rating: 6 bustagrimes posted on 5th June 2009 :

To me, Bellagio is Vegas. The fountains, the food, the art- it's an icon. And we are always lucky in the casino.

My Rating: 6 Romaman posted on 2nd May 2009 :

Now and forever the best joint in the world hands down. Once the "newness" of Wynncore, Cosmo and City Center wears off, everyone will be head'n back to the Bellagio............You'll see!

My Rating: 5 mrdoopey posted on 8th April 2009 :

One of finest places I have seen. Every detail is so intricate, whether its the architecture, pool, the conservatory, and even the check in counter, it's just gorgeous! I imagine it to be a very romantic place to stay at.Won $200 clear here as well on the slots. I NEVER win at slots, so I was thrilled!

My Rating: 5 LeoNYC posted on 27th March 2009 :

The Master Piece of the Strip. Timeless architecture, cozy and warm environment, and the most beautiful casino on the strip. Just hope one day MGM realizes they have what can be the best resort/casino in Vegas. All it needs is an interior designer who understand the true conception behind Bellagio.

My Rating: 5 WebCodeMonkey posted on 25th March 2009 :

She's looking a little weathered.

My Rating: 6 shauseman posted on 23rd March 2009 :

The Bellagio is hands down the best place I have stayed in Las Vegas. The buffett is second to none. The O show is unbelievable. It is one of the classiest joints on the strip.

My Rating: 5 RoachClipCharly posted on 20th January 2009 :

I love taking dumps in their public crappers.

My Rating: 6 KirkKerkorian posted on 5th January 2009 :

THE best resort in the world. Period. I transformed Steve's four star resort to the five diamond wonder of the world.

My Rating: 5 TIavEN posted on 25th October 2008 :

One of the all-time greats and one of my personal favorites.

My Rating: 5 beangurl posted on 11th October 2008 :

Our stay was top notched from check in to check out. Although the lines were very long we did not mind, what's the rush your on vacation. The check in receptionist gave us a complimenary bottle of bubbly for our anniversay. Stayed in the Salone Suite, with turn down service and chocolates on the pillows. The casino bar made the best Lemon Drop martini that I have had in Vegas. Not every bartenders knows how to make one and just putting Lemon flavored Vodka is not all it takes. Won in the casino:-)

My Rating: 6 Vegasgrl1067 posted on 25th September 2008 :

I'm a Downtown kinda girl but I do enjoy mingling among the rich folk. This place oozes class. From the conservatory to drinks on Prime patio, everything is top notch.

My Rating: 6 johntree posted on 8th September 2008 :

Got to be the best hotel in Vegas......They always treat us very well.........great rooms.........super dining.

My Rating: 5 missmonkay posted on 30th November 1999 :

The glass-flower ceilings are to die for.

My Rating: 5 stevewynn posted on 30th November 1999 :

When I built Bellagio in 1998 it was the state of the art in upscale luxury resorts. The gorgeous decor to the expansive and plush rooms put a brand new face on the Las Vegas experience and once again set the standard for a casino resort.

My Rating: 5 JustinCantWrite posted on 30th November 1999 :

My favorite casino floor to merely walk through. Not too loud and incredibly comfortable. Probably the most attractive sports book. A friend of mine walked by the $1,000 minimum blackjack table and some guy waved him over to bet a $6,000 hand.

My Rating: 6 krazyk posted on 30th November 1999 :

Fontana Bar was the coolest place to watch the dancing fountains. Probably, because I didn't have a lake view room. Although up-top the faux Effiel Tower was a cool viewing spot for the fountains.

My Rating: 6 rbg81601 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Classy, clean, enjoyable. Always fun to visit. Olives is great, "O" is beautiful, Palio has the best capuccino in Vegas, overall a great hotel. Gambling is good, you get a lot of pulls or throws for your bucks here. Rooms are comfortable, large, and quiet - and quiet can be something of an issue in Vegas hotel rooms. The fountains, of course, are a big draw - no matter how many times you've seen them you'll still watch them again. This was home base before 2005, and it may become home base again now that Wynn isn't Wynn anymore!

My Rating: 5 booze posted on 30th November 1999 :

Bellagio Rules

My Rating: 6 BillyinLasVegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

Worked it, lived it, loved it.

My Rating: 3 MinVegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

The grandmaster of Vegas' "Disney period" proved that themed decor, when done well, can be taken seriously. Still the most welcoming environment on the Strip, it's greatness has been worn down by a combination of aging facilities, and managers who don't share the original vision. Have been ignored by hotel staff here before, but F&B and Merchandising workers have been respectful since I can remember.

My Rating: 5 jester122 posted on 30th November 1999 :

love it but the property is slowly losing it's personality and being replaced with the generic stuff. can't find the words to describe it. kinda like nana with alzheimers. you love her but you know something is missing...

My Rating: 4 MitchellOfLife posted on 30th November 1999 :

It's very beautiful and the fountain and the chandelier are so whimsical, yet so beautiful.

My Rating: 6 Murrow posted on 30th November 1999 :

Haven't stayed there, but absolutely loved spending time there. Beautiful place.

My Rating: 5 KarenK posted on 30th November 1999 :

Bellagio is very elegant. The casino is comfortable and fun to play at. The building and grounds are beautiful. I haven't stayed there but a walk around the hotel and around the pool area makes you feel as if you have traveled to a beautiful, tranquil villa in Italy. The murano glass chandelier in the entrance is a marvel to view and not to be missed. The fountains at night, set to music are quite moving and fun to watch.

My Rating: 5 cheerioh posted on 30th November 1999 :

best piano man (petrossian bar), generally a good vibe, and killer eats. i think i always stop by, though the clientele is getting douchier every year. coincidentally seems like this is the spot to find escorts. noodles is still worth getting in line for (now that i live nowhere near any decent asian food...)

My Rating: 6 JHewitt posted on 30th November 1999 :

One of the finest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas

My Rating: 5 DMaldon762 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Great place with an awesome pool out front.