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Caesars Palace

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3570 Las Vegas Boulevard S : Map | Gmap

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Built in 1966 by Jay Sarno, Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino was the first of the mega-resorts that catered to high rollers, whales and jet-setter celebrities who live to be pampered. Caesars Palace IS classic Vegas minus the kitch, black and white Rat Pack photos and other trappings of the time warp. It's massive marble statues and faux-Greek architecture define Emperor style in all its magnificent and somewhat gaudy glory. Hail Caesars!

Caesars Palace Cool Stuff:

The late Evil Kneival jumped the fountains at Caesars Palace in 1968 on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Upon landing, his body flung over the handlebars as the bike careened out of control leaving him in a coma for 28 days. Awesome! 1 2

Our 2012 review of Caesars Palace Palace Tower Suite
Check out RockChickX51's review of Augustus Tower

The Real Deal on Caesars Palace:

Who woulda thunk that one of the oldest hotels in town would still be the best? Since its opening in 1966, Caesars Palace has had a steady stream of owners, some expert, some delinquent. Who knew that it would take a hotel manager stolen from the Wynn organization in 2011, Ramesh Sadwani, to return shine to the Caesars crown. Factor in the brand new Octavius, Augustus, Forum and Julius towers and the boutique Nobu hotel, new restaurants and a rotating array of superstar entertainment, one has to wonder why you'd stay anywhere else but this bonafide, dependable classic.

The Casino at Caesars Palace

Baccarat, blackJack, craps, roulette, paigow tiles & paigow poker, tons of slots and an awesome Race & Sports Book. The slots at Caesars Palace are quite playable, particularly in the circular walkway between the main table pit and the Shadow bar. Drink service isn't the greatest, unless you're plunking at the dollar or higher slots. Still they've got good games with decent returns and occasional winners. Plus you can oogle the girls that are going in and out of Caesars Palace's PURE night club.

The Rooms at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace offers about a bakers dozen of room choices spread across five hotel towers. It is incredibly confusing, but we're here to help. In order of most recent renovation/construction, here is Caesars Palace's complete line up. Grab a snack and a cocktail.

Nobu (formerly Centurion Tower)

The newest renovation at Caesars Palace is the conversion of the Centurion tower into Nobu Hotel which opened in 2013. The Nobu Hotel is built from a partnership with Sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa, his business partner Robert DeNiro and Caesars Palace. The hotel consists of five tiers of Japanese inspired modern designs by David Rockwell.

Rooms: Nobu Deluxe King, Nobu Deluxe 2 Queens, Nobu Luxury King Room (luxury = higher floor)

- Hakone Suite - one bedroom suite, living area and jacuzzi bathroom
- Sake Suite - one bedroom suite with media center, bar and billiard table.
Additional bedrooms for all Caesars Palace suites are available by booking conjoining standard rooms. Call the hotel.

Octavius Tower

The Octavius Tower is the newest construction at Caesars Palace and was opened in late 2012.

Rooms: Octavius Tower Deluxe King, Octavius Tower Deluxe 2 Queens, Octavius Tower Luxury (luxury = higher floor)

Augustus Tower

The Augustus Tower opened in 2005. Petstay - Caesars name for 'pet friendly rooms' are available in the Augustus Tower.

Rooms: Augustus Tower Deluxe King, Augustus Tower Deluxe 2 Queens, Augustus Tower Luxury (luxury = higher floor)

- Spa Suite (luxurious infinity tub with a great view)
- Royal Suite (one bedroom suite with living room and plush bathroom)
- Senators Suite (one bedroom suite with living room with conference table and plus bathroom)

Palace Tower

All Palace Tower rooms were renovated in 2010

Rooms: Palace Tower Deluxe 2 Queen Room, Palace Tower Premium - standard rooms.

- Palace Tower Deluxe Suite
- Palace Tower Senators Suite

Forum Tower

All Forum Tower rooms were renovated in 2008.

Rooms: Forum Tower Deluxe King, Forum Tower Deluxe 2 Queen, Forum Tower Luxury (luxury = higher floor)

- Royal Suite (living room, bedroom, a basic suite)
- Executive Suite (living room, bedroom, sexy bathroom)
- Emperors Suite (this is the 'Rain Man' suite... two levels, iconic windows and grand staircase)

Julius Tower

The Julius Tower at Caesars Palace was completely renovated in 2016.

Additionally, all of the hotel towers have Presidential Suites, Villas plus the thoroughly oddball Absolut Vodka Suites. Whew. That wasn't so bad was it?

The Restaurants at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace offers many fine dining options, from Franco-Asian cuisine to, Japanese teppanyaki to steaks and chops to Italian to you name it.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 maxutilsperusd posted on 22nd April 2016 :

Venues: Omnia: Very Cool
Rooms: Good, but only because of the view
Design: Lousy, impossible to find anything
Pool: Good, but too low energy
Food: Lousy, but that only applies to their food court
Location: Very Cool

My Rating: 5 setzer posted on 23rd June 2015 :

Stayed here at Caesars during Summer 2015. Besides that fact that Caesars is extraordinarily huge (which is not really a bad problem at all), I pretty much loved all of it. The hotel staff were welcoming and great to deal with, many of the bars I went to were top-class, and the casino was playable and enjoyable. Of course, this place has had about 50 years of practice :)

My Rating: 6 GoldFather posted on 27th December 2014 :

I think the Forum Shops at Caesar's is a definite must-see when visiting Vegas. There is so much to do there, and so many places to spend money! Love Caesars.

My Rating: 6 Butler posted on 10th December 2014 :

I'm a low roller but so glad I splurged once. The pools, the shows, the food, the shops...

My Rating: 6 Vegasjeff posted on 2nd December 2014 :

Vegas at its best.

My Rating: 5 jwwalsh2 posted on 20th July 2014 :

It's big! I know they are all big on the strip but you won't realize how big till you stay there. Standing on the strip in front of Caesars you are literally a 30 minute walk from your room, no kidding. It's nice, clean, lovely hotel with a great casino but bring a map, it's big.

My Rating: 6 crapsrme posted on 10th April 2014 :

Great, awesome place

My Rating: 5 Ricogreen posted on 1st February 2014 :

Great collection of stores, restaurants and entertainment.

My Rating: 6 Happygirl21 posted on 31st January 2013 :

While I was not overly thrilled with the gaming ( BJ) I was delighted with the room. I was fortunate to receive 5 nights comped in the Octavious Tower. So honestly, how can I rate it anything but fantastic? Would I go back? Absoultely!!!

My Rating: 5 sivled posted on 12th December 2012 :

We are members of Total Rewards ans so we had a comped room in the Augustus tower. We enjoyes Caesars except for the long walks. We give it four stars and will stay there again.

My Rating: 6 rbg81601 posted on 14th November 2012 :

We used to hate this place, called it "The Maze" and avoided it like the plague, but it has grown on us and we are here every trip now. We spend a lot of time in Casa Fuente, the cigar bar, and always get drawn here for other reasons too. Really enjoy the Augustus Tower rooms, and the even numbered ones look onto Lake Como at Bellagio! The pool and spa are great, and the casino is quite playable. And The Old Homestead Steakhouse has the best steak we've ever had. Definitely our new home base!!

My Rating: 5 dadice posted on 16th October 2012 :

Free rooms some times. Good pool, except outdoor hottub rarely works. Good casino personal, but I don't seem to be winning here like I used to!

My Rating: 5 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 13th September 2012 :

Have always had a good time gambling here, good crowd, not too douchey.

My Rating: 4 RTROYPHILLIPS posted on 28th August 2012 :

Fun place to walk around in but not planning on playing there.

My Rating: 4 Chuckmonster posted on 25th August 2012 :

The love/hate relationship with Caesars Palace swings back towards the love with the recent upgrades and stellar hotel services under former Wynn hotel boss Ramesh Sadwani.

My Rating: 6 Boeing1 posted on 21st August 2012 :

I love Caesars...it has always been at or near the top of my list. I realize you have to be careful here regarding which tower you stay at...but I've always managed to stay in a relatively new room.

My Rating: 6 vespajet posted on 14th January 2012 :

I finally had the chance to stay at Caesars thanks to a really awesome Total Rewards rate. I had originally booked a room in the Forum Tower but was offered an upgrade to the Augustus Tower for an extra $40/night (which was worth it considering that what I paid for three nights in that tower is about what one night in that tower costs on the weekends). Nice room, and the Augustus Tower is the closest to the lobby as well as Central (the former Augustus Cafe). I would stay there again if the price was right.

My Rating: 5 oldrichgreywolf posted on 29th December 2011 :

Come on, what man of a certain vintage does not hold CP in a special place as the best pools, great shops, incredible floor managers and concierege and fine dining. CP has it all, if they can keep it up.

My Rating: 4 vegasbiatch posted on 29th June 2011 :

remodel those classic rooms stat!

My Rating: 3 HedgedBettor posted on 11th June 2011 :

Haven't made it back to Caesars post the hiring of this ex-Wynn hotel manager, but a stay in the Augustus tower prior to that left me underwhelmed. The poor layout of the casino complex really makes it hard for me to enjoy Caesars. In the same way as MGM Grand, it ends up being defined by its vastness.

My Rating: 5 PMakster posted on 10th June 2011 :

Awesome architecture. Fun place to eat and hang out. I will stay here when I get enough comp points.

My Rating: 5 blackneon posted on 4th June 2011 :

The only redeeming value this hotel has for me is the fact that it is heavily themed, I love Roman architecture and I applaud them for keeping the theme. Down with Nobu tower!!

My Rating: 6 jinx73 posted on 7th March 2011 :

There's a lot to not like about Caesars, their corporate parent seems hell bent on running the place down. Some of the towers are old and worn, and the odds on some of the floor games are atrocious.

Despite these flaws though, there is still a strong foundation of employees here who deliver great service and understand the 'old school' way of taking care of customers. If you are in one of the newer towers too, the rooms are very nice and the dining, spa, and pool options are all top notch for a mid-strip property.

My Rating: 6 Halton posted on 5th March 2011 :

There comes a time in every player's life where you realize you can't be a high ranking member of every player's club. At some you have to hunker in and go for the high rank. Although everyone knows mLife properties are, on average, superior to CET, TotalRewards fits my play style so much more.
Caesars Palace is where players come to play. The rooms are cheaper and better at so many places on the strip but it doesn't matter. I like learning of dealers that have been working at Caesar's for like 135 years. That's really cool. Dude, those chains on their necks also rock. If you are rolling enough dough, ask the pit boss for a chain like the dealers...they actually have extras right out on the floor.

My Rating: 5 lucki1303 posted on 11th December 2010 :

I like the style and size.

My Rating: 6 Dorian posted on 3rd October 2010 :

Iconic and still relevant after all these years. Not one other property can lay claim to what Caesars is and has been. My trip is not complete to Las Vegas without a walk through and a drink so as to soak up all of that nostalgia and old Vegas feeling. Hail Caesar!

My Rating: 5 pebbles2009 posted on 5th May 2010 :

The pool area is absolutely amazing. This really is the Temple of the Gods! Absolutely massive casino with a good range of games. We had brunch in the food court . So much to choose from and we finally settled on Chinese. Try the orange chicken - it's awesome.

My Rating: 6 atdleft posted on 29th March 2010 :

This place may be ginormous, but it's still fit for a Caesar. Bradley Ogden is still one of my all time favorite restaurants in town (fabulous "farm to table" classic goodness!). The Forum Shops still set the standard for Las Vegas luxury shopping. The brand spankin' new Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is AWESOME! Oh, and did I forget all those sweet goodies at Serendipity? And all of this is right in the heart of The Strip, so you can't beat the location!

My Rating: 4 KosmoK posted on 7th February 2010 :

Nice place to stay, but not worth the rates they charge. Palace Tower and Augustus Tower have best rooms, and are the only option if I am not getting comped. Service has always been above par, and Qua is a great spa. Gambling here I can take it or leave it. Blackjack used to be good when you could find some $25 tables, and dealer stands on S17. Anymore they have Harrified the joint which means loads ot TR carrying tourist with bad play, and bad odds in the casino. In one sentence Nice play to stay but no gamble any more.

My Rating: 4 HankTheDwarf posted on 25th November 2009 :

Must-visit on any trip. Playing anything other than roulette here is foolhardy though.

My Rating: 5 Romaman posted on 24th November 2009 :

Ahhh Caesars. Its been there for forty-something years but still has maintained its luxurious title though the decades even with the newer resorts that have been popping up the past 20 years. Love to eat at Spago and Sushi Roku and walk the forum shops. They also have a pretty kick-ass sports book too.

My Rating: 5 Jplan72 posted on 29th October 2009 :

The Old Gal. Still hot, but hard to find her special place. My favorite slots corner is near the food court and the Forum Shops Could stay in the Tourneau dome all day.

My Rating: 5 radicaldreamer posted on 24th October 2009 :

We ended up spending the bulk of our time gambling at Caesars and shopping at The Forum. We only had time to visit the PH to TI corridor and this was our favorite.

My Rating: 6 krazyk posted on 22nd September 2009 :

After reading all of the VT readers comments on the CP page, I decided to stay at Caesars on my upcoming trip. It's either 3 days here or 5 days at any other LV Harrah's property. Review to come! I had reserved a Forum Tower room but was given a upgrade to the Palace Tower with a view of the pool area.

My Rating: 5 vegas21er posted on 28th August 2009 :

Blackjack players love Caesars Palace .. Why? .. Can you say "Pussycat Dolls Casino" ?

My Rating: 6 57STEVE posted on 24th June 2009 :

had a room in the augustus tower overlooking the bellagio fountains pretty cool--price was right--free with reward credits--

My Rating: 4 cheerioh posted on 5th May 2009 :

best mall ever. which, surprisingly is very useful to me, since i am forever under-packing when i travel to vegas. some good food spots too, though i can't say the value is high.

My Rating: 5 Kozman posted on 25th April 2009 :

Stayed at Caesars Palace multiple times over the past 5 years. Before and after it was Harrahfied. Although I liked the exclusivity and the former feeling of the place as a high roller joint years ago, I do like some of the changes that HET has added including remodeling the property. The level of luxury is not keeping up with the new kids on the block like Wynn and Palazzo so I'm not convinced they will be able to demand the high room prices like in the past. Still the Augustus tower is great digs to stay in. I really like the previous pool configurations there, so I am curious what the redevelopment will add. Seems to me Caesars is just trying to develop the VIP pool business and party atmosphere that other properties are doing to generate more $$$. Dining options are great, if not pricey. Place is huge so it is easy to get lost, but kitchyness of the Roman theme I still like. I am not a fan of the De-Theming of Vegas. Rooms have always been clean, and staff helpful at Caesars from the bellman, housekeeping, hosts, cage attendants, etc. I still think this is a great place to stay if you get a rate below $200 a night and you can get a room in Augustus, Palace, or Forum towers.

My Rating: 3 WebCodeMonkey posted on 25th March 2009 :

Love the shopping... hate everything else.

My Rating: 6 SilverFox posted on 11th March 2009 :

I've stayed at Caesars several times in both the Palace and Augustus towers. This is my favorite of the Harrahs owned casinos. Very nice rooms, very nice pools, great restaurants and great shopping for Mrs. Fox. Not a Cher, Bette, Elton, or Celine fan, so I haven't been to any of the shows in the Coliseum. We also loved Meas Grille and Bradley Ogen restaurants. Haven't yet tried Guy Savoy. I'll update when I do. Huge casino. Table minimums too high or rules too skewed toward the house. Not lucky here.

My Rating: 4 westTexasroller posted on 27th January 2009 :

I'm hearing CP sucks dead bear nuts now. Until I get back and see for myself, I'll give it a 4 just for the sportsbook. I have had reasonably good luck in the casino ( a big source for my favorites list ), and drink service was ok in casino, good in the 'book. Points for hanging on for 45 years I guess. PS, CP...PLEASE extend Eltons contract, I would go see it again before I saw any of the three Cirque shows I have seen a second time.

My Rating: 4 RoachClipCharly posted on 20th January 2009 :

Too bad Harrah's fucked this place up.

My Rating: 4 tomco1035 posted on 10th January 2009 :

Liked it but one word, BIG. Caesar's is almost to big. It took (seemed like) forever to get into the property and then the room. Pool area was nice with girls walking around offering frozen grapes. Room was nice.

My Rating: 5 clrblueskyz posted on 31st December 2008 :

The rooms are very nice, and room service was promped. I havent won much here but I do enjoy the keno area and the drink service is fair.

My Rating: 4 bevhill1 posted on 9th November 2008 :

When me and my girlfriend stayed there in 2001, we had a great standard room and the best part of the room was the bathroom. It had a separate room for the mirror and for the shower and tub. The shower was large with 4 shower heads, the tub was a whirlpool and the toliet was blocked off and had a phone in it.(it was the first time I had every saw a phone in the bathroom).

My Rating: 4 JustinCantWrite posted on 30th November 1999 :

From end to end, walking this place takes a fucking year. Pure is probably the greatest nightclub I've ever been in; first night I went it was a porn convention after-party, which was pretty interesting.

My Rating: 6 SaratogaEd posted on 30th November 1999 :

Love the Augustus Tower and the Spa, very decadent just my style!

My Rating: 4 neoncoma posted on 30th November 1999 :

This is possibly the largest casino property in Las Vegas..
Its been around forever and I'd say it's not going anywhere..

My Rating: 5 Spyder posted on 30th November 1999 :

Never stayed but love the casino, always vibrant and loud

My Rating: 6 MitchellOfLife posted on 30th November 1999 :

It has great shopping, a great show, and a chic spa. (My friend works at the shop counter and she met Ryan Gosling)

My Rating: 6 vrs1650 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Greatest Casino I have every stayed at! Felt like a Caesar!

My Rating: 6 KarenK posted on 30th November 1999 :

Caesars Palace is the casino I normally stay at, since I am comped there. The rooms in the Palace tower are very nicely appointed. I enjoy the casino and find their staff very friendly and attentive. The restaurants have never disappointed me. The breakfast buffet is very good, and the patisserie's desserts are incredible. Rao's has great Italian, but Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill surprised me. I had this incredible shrimp and corn tamale that was just outstanding. Talk about great food, I was incredibly impressed with all the dishes at Mesa and look forward to returning.

My Rating: 6 VEGASGIRL posted on 30th November 1999 :


My Rating: 6 caesar1st posted on 30th November 1999 :

First time I visited Vegas this is where I stayed. Hence my name.Very classy place.

My Rating: 4 MartiniMike posted on 30th November 1999 :

Sexy waitresses that keep coming back. Premium liquor. Not bad gaming

My Rating: 5 NeonGlo posted on 30th November 1999 :

I never would have been able to stay here if my mother hadn't racked up slot points, but it was great. The luxurious rooms are fun just to be in. I've always loved the Roman statuary and marble decor of Caesars Palace, and of course the Forum Shops are beautiful just to walk through. (I can't afford to shop there!) I ate at the buffet and also at the coffee shop, and they both have elegant settings and food as good as you'd expect. The buffet (Cafe Lago) also has a pianist, at least at the champagne brunch. My complaint, though, is that they make it difficult to use your comp points. It's a complicated system and you lose out if you don't know to charge meals to your room. And it was petty to try to charge me for momentarily picking up a disposable camera off the mini-bar. Still, staying at Caesars is a memorable experience.

My Rating: 6 kermit75 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Well what can be said about the palace i spent the majority of a day here and must say it was well worth it there was alot to see here from the forum shops to the big casino to the atlantis fountain show it was a pretty awesome sight to see how the fountains transformed into a magical kind of show i never would have expected it and the fact that i was never told or knew about the show but it was awesome to see i do have to say it is a bit confusing to manage your way around caesars if you enter from the mirage side you end up in the main lobby then the casino and trying to make your way to the forum shops area was a bit of a trek but if you have patience then it shouldn't worry you too much the palace is a must see if you plan to visit vegas