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Circus Circus

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2880 Las Vegas Blvd. S : Map | Gmap

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Opening in 1968, Circus-Circus was the first of the Family Resorts that spawned the family destination marketing campaign over two decades later in the 1990s. The great Hunter S. Thompson aptly described Circus Circus as "what the whole world would be like if the Nazis had won the war". Circus Circus was bought by MGM Resorts as part of their merger with Mandalay Resort Group in 2005.

Circus Circus Cool Stuff:

The 'launch a chicken into the pot' game up on the midway is a favorite of ours. They just replaced the rubber mallets with these plastic things so my game is a little off.

The New Rooms at Circus Circus

The Real Deal on Circus Circus:

Circus Circus is like a dirty diaper... warm, comfortable and a little stinky, unless you're not the one who soiled it. The ol big top is cute beast, part flea market, part human petting zoo and monument to an epoch of bad taste... Now. This isn't to say that Circus Circus doesn't have good qualities... A fine steakhouse, cheap hotel rooms and the trashfabulous SlotsAFun annex, but the question for most trippers is how much of the unwashed masses can you withstand.

The Casino at Circus Circus

The Circus Circus casino is broken up into three distinct gaming areas (which isn't the easiest casino to navigate through when your half-in-the-bag). Slots are everywhere (including a revolving merry-go-round) and there is BlackJack, Craps, Roulette, Big Six, PaiGow, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Casino War and a small poker room just to the left of the main entrance.

The Rooms at Circus Circus

The New Rooms at Circus Circus - renovations began in summer 2008, the entire hotel was finally completed in summer 2012. They're nice, sorta. If you can afford it, we suggest you upgrade to somewhere else. The super cheap "Manor rooms" are located in a low rise motel building way out in the back of the parking lot, by the RV campground.

The Restaurants at Circus Circus

After all of our complaining, Circus Circus has upgraded most all of their eats. Gone is the Pink Pony cafe, which really got scary towards the end of its life. Now they've got Mexitalia X-Press to feed their large latino clientele from California, Garden Grill, Circus Buffet (gag), and a bunch of smaller quick eats joints.

In the last 5 years the service and the food has gone into the shit can, it's good to see that they're upgrading some of the offerings, but we still are uneasy recommend dining at the Circus Circus. The Steakhouse at Circus Circus is one exception, it's actually got great food and excellent service - a diamond in the rough!

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 6 rjack1957 posted on 3rd September 2016 :

The Casino Hosts and Pit Bosses are the GREATEST!
The Steakhouse is AWESOME!
The dealers make you feel welcome!

My Rating: 3 krhsnow posted on 15th June 2016 :

Good budget hotel. Tons of kids!!!!

My Rating: 6 ScroogeMcMurren posted on 20th April 2016 :

Feels like home to me

My Rating: 3 Chuckmonster posted on 18th January 2013 :

The only affordable joint on the Strip still offering a decent gamble that wears clown shoes.

My Rating: 1 JIMMYJDTRUCK posted on 4th October 2012 :


My Rating: 4 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 13th September 2012 :

As corny as this place is, I really do enjoy gambling here.

My Rating: 6 MGMCaesars posted on 17th August 2012 :

So good. But this is so exciting! To circus!

My Rating: 5 ckent32 posted on 14th May 2012 :

You can't go wrong with any place James Bond would be seen in.

My Rating: 1 CapriVegas posted on 25th November 2010 :

You can love children and still hate Circus Circus.

My Rating: 2 twofours posted on 4th August 2010 :

Left the Laughlin Flamingo (the worst casino stay ever)pissed and headed for Vegas.Got lured in by the freeway sign ads.Frying pan into the fire.Did get to eat at the old steak house,a not too bad Denny's style steak and fried shrimp.

My Rating: 1 atdleft posted on 14th May 2010 :

This place scares me. Period. Yes, it's THAT tacky.

My Rating: 1 tgrady28 posted on 2nd January 2010 :

Where do I begin. I went here to get a drink at the carousel bar. My friend and I got a Dewar's on the rocks and I guess we should have asked to hold the flies. Yep, there were flies inside the bottle. The carousel bar is on the midway level so it was fun to watch the kids wait for their mothers seats to circle around so they could get more money.

My Rating: 1 RoachClipCharly posted on 20th January 2009 :

Be afraid of the clown. He's one of those creepy clowns.

My Rating: 1 KungFuApril posted on 10th September 2008 :

HA! Children: -1. Clowns: -1. Children: -1. Strollers nailing you in the ankles: -1. Children: -1. Crying children: -1. Children: -1. Clueless parents: -1. Children: -1. Score = -8

My Rating: 4 neoncoma posted on 30th November 1999 :

As Hunter. S Thompson said, "The Circus Circus is what the whole hep world would be doing on a Saturday night if the Nazi's had won the war"
A must Visit for any Fear and Loathing fan.. The best part of it all (besides the buttload of video and carnavial games) Is the Carasauel Bar up stairs..I recommend you go there (after midnight to avoid the herds and herds of little people, and no I dont mean midgets) with a friend and drink till the point of complete intoxication then one of you kick the other off of the spinning bar.. And If your REALLY ballsy asks the cocktail waitress "How much do they pay you to fuck that polar bear?".
DO it no just for yourself but for the late great Hunter S. Thompson...
My only dissapointment is that the casino workers ARE NOT dressed like carnies :(

My Rating: 3 MartiniMike posted on 30th November 1999 :

Um... the CIRCUS!

My Rating: 1 kermit75 posted on 30th November 1999 :

I visited this property and was not impressed at all i thought the layout and direction was horrible. we were there just to meet up with a family friend who resides in vegas and we stopped off and ate at mcd's and the service sucked as did the food i wouldn't reccomend this place to any one. the casino was very cluttered and dark and smelled like an old ashtray was sitting in front of your face the whole time and the staff was not very freindly in giving direction to different parts of the property and had no sense of direction.. the only thing that i liked was the canyon blaster coaster at the adventure dome