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Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was originally intended to be a CityCenter-ish dual tower urban condo/hotel on top of a casino thing-a-mahoojis. Then the real estate market imploded and the original visionary defaulted control to lenders Deutsche Bank. After a period of inactivity, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (as it is legally required to be called) shifted from residential aspirations towards high end resort with condo-style room offerings.

When all is said and done, The Cosmopolitan cost about $3.9 bajillion dollars to build and fully finish. The resort will have 2,400 hotel and condo-hotel rooms, a 100,000-square-foot casino, an 1,800-seat theater, 50,000-square-foot fitness/spa complex and 300,000 square feet of restaurant, retail, and entertainment space. Construction began in early 2005, with an planned opening in late 2007/early 2008. The property was designed by Arquitectonica whose credits include Miami's American Airlines Arena, The Discovery Science Center in Orange County, CA, the Bronx Museum and City of Dreams in Macau. The casino floor was designed by Friedmutter & Associates, with some assistance by Adam Tihany. The rooms and lobby and chandelier were designed by David Rockwell.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Cool Stuff:

Former Cosmopolitan CEO @johnunwin uses Twitter, he's a hoot..

The Real Deal on Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:

After much fanfare and hype, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas began gaming on December 18th at 8:01pm with a roll of 9 by musician Mayer Hawthorne, who 7'd out two rolls later. Our first few stays at Cosmopolitan went much the same way. Of the 7 sets of reservations the VT staff, friends and family had at Cosmo, all seven of them went south in one way or another - lost reservations, botched room assignments, double booked into a room already occupied. Repeated stays have had similar issues, but with decreasing frequency. Dining, stellar. Boozing, stellar. Clubs, stellar. Casino... pretty but strangely uncomfortable.

The Casino at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan will offer the usual suspects of casino games - craps, blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker. There is no poker room, but there may be the occasional tournament and/or table for hire. Additionally, there is no full on dedicated sportsbook, although some sports wagering can be had via Cantor Gaming hand held devices inside Book & Stage.

The Rooms at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan features two types of room offerings, the City Room and Terraces. City Rooms are standard hotel rooms that come in dual queen configuration only. The Terraces are former condo suites with kitchenettes and outside terraces that come in studio, one and two bedroom options. The pot is sweetened with all options by selecting premium view (Bellagio lake) or getting a "wraparound" which is essentially a corner suite with a terrace on two sides. We've reviewed all of them.

Cosmopolitan Terrace Studio : The VT Review 2011

The Cosmopolitan Wraparound Terrace Suite: The VT Soft Review 2011

The Cosmopolitan Terrace One Bedroom Suite : The VT Soft Review 2010

Cosmopolitan City Room Photo Review : VegasTripping.com

The Restaurants at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas announced their opening restaurant line up in March 2010. Included in their offerings are:

Blue Ribbon Sushi (sushi from NYC-based entrepreneurs Bruce and Eric Bromberg)
Scarpetta (Italian, from NYC-based Chef Scott Conant)
D.O.C.G. (Wine & Charcuterie, also from NYC-based Chef Scott Conant)
Estiatorio Milos (Greek foodie food from another NYC joint, by Costas Spiliadis)
Comme Ca (French brasserie from L.A. based Chef David Myers)
STK (a steakhouse from The One Group)
Jaleo (tapas and paella from Chef Jose Andres)
China Poblano (Chinese / Mexican food, also from Chef Jose Andres)
Unnamed Pizza joint (a pizza joint tucked in the corner that is really good)

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 6 Buggus posted on 5th December 2016 :

Amazing place to stay..unique but pricy

My Rating: 4 geewizz posted on 9th October 2016 :

Great Happy Hours or as they call them Social Hours at all their restaurants. Overall favorite is the Social Hour at Scarpetta. Both the Short Rib and Bone Marrow Agnolotti and the Duck & Foie Gras Ravioli are amazing

My Rating: 5 DarkGhost posted on 4th June 2016 :

Varied bars with intriguing and delicious drink selections. Nightlife here is booming; center of the Strip action. Gorgeous interior design.

My Rating: 6 RobbieNomi posted on 26th April 2016 :

Finally, a new hotel that doesn't play the "bland is better" game... *cough* Aria. One of the most unique resorts in town, the Cosmo has proved that creative features (Art-O-Mat) and quirky details (domino's in the commons area) are what people love about this town. With arguably the best selection of restaurants in town and a group of bars and lounges that put any hotspot to shame, this location proves you don't have to sacrifice whimsy and fun to be luxurious. And of course you have those gorgeous terraces...

My Rating: 6 maxutilsperusd posted on 22nd April 2016 :

Venues: Marquee: Awesome, Rose. Rabbit. Lie.: Awesome, but RIP
Rooms: Awesome, from what I've heard
Design: Awesome
Pool: Marquee Dayclub is Very Cool, haven't been to the others
Food: Secret Pizza: Awesome
Location: Awesome

My Rating: 1 ScroogeMcMurren posted on 20th April 2016 :

The balconies suck

My Rating: 5 middleclassbuzz posted on 11th January 2016 :

Loved my balcony hotel room overlooking the Bellagio fountains. Best view in town. Great F&B program, but it's slipped a little in recent years. Hope they step it up again, soon.

My Rating: 6 Queentata44 posted on 23rd November 2015 :

Cool. Chandelier. Good restaurants.

My Rating: 4 Hyperfocal posted on 5th November 2015 :

A terrace with a Bellagio Fountian view is sublime.

These rooms could be so much more. Add powered curtains, a better tech package and more attentive housekeeping, preferably with turn down service and Cosmo could be the best place on the strip.

...but the casino is the best shit show on the strip. Drunk girls falling off their shoes and D-bags galore.

As long as the view remains, I will be drawn to the place. Not sure if the B's fountains or the nightlife shit show is the best view.

My Rating: 5 krickhoff posted on 1st September 2015 :

Love the bars and restaurants - have not stayed here yet, but certainly want to soon! Can you say Verbena? Secret Pizza and China Poblano are must stops when in town.

My Rating: 5 Bajablastgod posted on 23rd August 2015 :

Everytime we book a room at the Cosmo they always end up upgading us to the Terrace Onee Bedroom. Love the deep japanese soaking tub overlooking the strip

My Rating: 5 setzer posted on 23rd June 2015 :

Returned in December 2015 and partook in what Cosmo has offered (hasn't stayed yet - working on that), and I was even more impressed than from my last trip. Yes, you're going to pay a bit more (and gamble a bit more - most blackjack tables are at least $25, craps at least $15), but you the premium treatment you get is worth it. Cosmo is now one of my more favorite places on The Strip to hang out, drink at, gamble at, etc.

My Rating: 6 416er posted on 20th January 2015 :

Really liked the Cosmo from the room and casino design through to the energy on the floor. Spectacular design details (from Freidmutter and David Rockwell) throughout and those floors by ArCon are amazing. Make sure to check out the columns in the lobby! City room was nicely appointed, not huge but certainly adequate. Great lounges and, of course, Marquee (the outside part anyway).

My Rating: 6 Butler posted on 10th December 2014 :

If I can visit only one property on the strip, it's this one. I liked the design immediately, and each food and drink experience has been as good as the last. Relax in the soaking tub and cool down on the terrace.

My Rating: 6 DuLac55 posted on 30th May 2014 :

Stayed there again for the 4th time and just love it. The concept of having a balcony in Las Vegas is incredible. I am not one to spend much time at all in my room, but being able to enjoy breakfast, a drink or just a few moments on the balcony makes the Cosmo totally unique. The quality of the room is top notch and the beds are super comfortable. The dining lineup is literally the best on the strip and the vibe throughout the resort is excellent. The bars are all fun and unique and the Cosmo has one of the top 2 clubs in Las Vegas. Contrary to many, I actually like the casino too. I think there's a good vibe there. And Rose.Rabbit.Lie? Pretty awesome!

My Rating: 3 Soreyes posted on 29th May 2014 :

I think I'm to old to enjoy this place. Have to admit that the bars are nice

My Rating: 5 BillDonovan posted on 29th May 2014 :

Social energy everywhere, a lot of fun.

My Rating: 6 KickedBoar591 posted on 1st May 2014 :

I love everything about downtown and stay there for 10 of my 11 yearly trips. But when I'm on the Strip, I love everything about the Cosmo. Love the attitude and convenience of everything. I can wear a suit and not feel stupid. Plus Holsteins is one of my favorite eateries. But hell, I can only afford to do it once a year, hahaha.

My Rating: 5 rsauve posted on 23rd March 2014 :

Best restaurant collection in town.

My Rating: 4 socalduck posted on 22nd January 2014 :

So much to love, and so much that could be better. The Cosmo is rightly known for its great assortment of restaurants and bars. The rooms are also quite nice, particularly if you get a 1-bedroom suite or higher category room facing Bellagio's fountains. And unlike some, I've had good experiences in the casino and with the Identity program. But uneven housekeeping service, worn furnishings, and an at-times incompetent front desk will have my thinking twice about future visits, even if it does count towards my Marriott rewards account.

My Rating: 6 jarredjohnson posted on 20th January 2014 :

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a gem amongst poop laden casinos surrounding it. The people are friendly and happy to see you, the slots are generous and flowing, the drinks are "Mixology" and are easily obtained with little play. The rooms are huge and clean. The bathrooms are excellent. The gift shop is awesome. John Unwin is an excellent CEO.

My Rating: 5 Hillybean29 posted on 6th January 2014 :

My husband and I travel a lot. The Cosmopolitan is one of, if not the best hotel we've ever stayed in and we are hotel snobs! The attention to detail within the decor is amazing as well as the high tech and contemporary feel. The restaurants are also all amazing! We stay here every year and wouldn't stay anywhere else (because we stay for free).

My Rating: 5 rocklobster posted on 16th December 2013 :

The room with the balcony is amazing. Standing outside looking at the fountains is great. The bathtub is really small, but everything else in the room is great. There is a separate living area from the bedroom that is nice for company, and everyone is really impressed walking out on the balcony. The table games don't have great rules, but just based on the room this is a great place.

My Rating: 5 Anto28 posted on 28th May 2013 :

Luster hasn't worn off yet.

My Rating: 5 Oskee2001 posted on 2nd April 2013 :

Great time here - rooms are awesome (that view!), and casino is fun, just watch what you play or you'll get suckered into a crappy payout game.

My Rating: 5 Misnomer posted on 28th November 2012 :

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a terrace. Sure, there are occasional housekeeping issues here. Yes, there are packs of heel rats and boys with faux-hawks in filligreed t-shirts. But there's also a lot of great bars, lounges, and restaurants in a beautiful setting. I freaking love China Poblano. And room service on a private terrace overlooking Lake Bellagio is an experience unlike any other. Fave.

My Rating: 6 MGMCaesars posted on 17th August 2012 :

Towers are good.

My Rating: 6 jonasjones posted on 19th July 2012 :

Rooms are incredible, the balconies are fabulous and I love the art installations. I bias because I helped build the spa area.

My Rating: 5 dubisaweapon posted on 20th May 2012 :

Perfect place to base myself for a 48 hour trip to Sin City. Stayed in one of the Terrace Studio Suites with fountain view and loved being perched so high above the strip. The Bamboo Pool was great for chilling during the day, and at night I did manage to win a nice amount playing blackjack. Would definitely stay here again!

My Rating: 6 LAvegasphile posted on 18th April 2012 :

The Wrap Around Terrace I had in December was just beyond words...great service (sans house keeping...STILL). They're killin' it on everything BUT gambling! Best breakfast I've had in my entire life at the Henry! But I won't gamble there...their players club program is by far the biggest joke on the Strip, if not in the whole damn city!

My Rating: 4 stevecovington posted on 20th March 2012 :

Great casino, my favorite bars on the strip, best location in town. Sadly we were so dissapointed with our wraparound suite that I doubt we will ever stay there again. Bummer. We were looking forward to calling this place "home"

My Rating: 5 VegasPartyStops posted on 28th February 2012 :

Great hotel. One of the best lobbies in Las Vegas!

My Rating: 6 BoyItalia posted on 13th February 2012 :

Something Different on the strip. Home of an amazing array of restaurants, and bars. The whole place is a work of art including The Chandelier bar.

My Rating: 5 etm117 posted on 30th December 2011 :

Love the balcony overlooking the fountain. Just a great place to take a nap mid afternoon before rallying out for the evening again.

My Rating: 5 oldrichgreywolf posted on 29th December 2011 :

What fun to see something actually new...Unlike lotsa of my old timey Vegas pals, I like the drive shown to do something bigger and better and nobody can fault anything presented by WET Design...

My Rating: 5 rowezone54 posted on 2nd December 2011 :

Rooms are amazing. Casino itself is cramped but so much to do and see you forget about it. Grab a burger at Holstein's.

My Rating: 5 vespajet posted on 27th November 2011 :

Still a great place to dine and drink, but the hotel is a bit out of my price range, especially when I can get some of the nicest rooms at Caesars for what they want for their most basic room.

My Rating: 4 Dshort2727 posted on 7th November 2011 :

Our second location. Good resort but overrated for casino players. Slot play is good but tables are not up to par. Go across the road to Planet Hollywood for better play. Rooms are nice with the balconies but lack of drawers in the cupboards is a real pain and bathroom light in the bedroom is not good. We are not bar people so that aspect is lost on us. Buffet is overrated. Location is our main reason to visit.

My Rating: 5 AimeeS posted on 1st November 2011 :

The Cosmo has an amazing beverage program at all of it's bars. It's always very good people watching and it has such an interesting design aesthetic wherever you are. Love it! The secret pizza place is the only restaurant I've eaten at there and it was some tasty NY-style pizza!

My Rating: 5 JakeZ posted on 22nd October 2011 :

Great food, nightlife and awesome views from the rooms.

My Rating: 5 DenverGambler posted on 10th October 2011 :

From a design standpoint, I love everything the Cosmopolitan has done. The chandelier bar, the colors, the bars, and the hidden pizza shop all work for me. The pits, however, don't work for me as the table minimums are a bit extreme. I'll still hang out here, but I don't really go here much to play.

My Rating: 4 StudiodeKadent posted on 17th September 2011 :

Amazing bars and killer restaurants and great staff! Too bad the decor is extremely "fabulous," the gambling conditions suck and the crowd is mostly composed of Jersey Shore rejects. The food and booze is at the very top of the scale, though, and makes braving the douchebags worthwhile.

My Rating: 5 rbg81601 posted on 29th August 2011 :

Considering she is the new kid in the strip she is pretty cool. Gonna give her a little longer on her shake down cruise before actually checking in to a room.

My Rating: 6 csonjeow posted on 9th August 2011 :

Despite its flaws and varied reviews. Cosmopolitan offers a level of excitement that surpasses many other places on the strip. Let's start with the bad news. Yes, there are some technical flaws with the hotel service. We've experienced small technical issues with the television controlling the whole room, which in concept is awesome, but sometimes can be glitchy.

Now, the good stuff...EVERYTHING ELSE! Cosmo has the design, the restaurants, the clubs, the pools...everything you need for a true Vegas experience. There is nothing like standing on the balcony overlooking the strip at night. It is worth every dollar spent. Simply because you can't get that kind of privacy while having such a premium view.

Every time we visit, we always bring new friends and the look of awe on their faces when we first walk into the room, then out onto the balcony is priceless.

Must do:
1. Try Holsteins for a burger lunch.
2. Hit up the Bamboo pool. It's generally has a smaller crowd as opposed to the Blvd pool which can get packed early.
3. If you're a guest, you get into Marquee for free. Go early and check out the vibe. Leave when it starts getting crazy.
4. Find Secret Pizza.
5. Get a Fire Breathing Dragon at the second level Chandelier Bar
6. Talk to bartender Jennie at Book & Stage - she makes some wicked drinks.
7. Get a Don Johnson at Bond
8. Eat breakfast at the Overlook Cafe by the BLVD pool, get the Eggs Benedict.
9. Ask for a room in the East tower, facing north above the 25th floor. Prime Bellagio fountain view.

My Rating: 4 Joyad posted on 17th July 2011 :

Like the casino, nice selection of machines beautiful scenery, haven't stayed there, played and signed up for players club but have no offers.

My Rating: 6 vegasbiatch posted on 29th June 2011 :

nicest place ever been to

My Rating: 6 blackneon posted on 4th June 2011 :

Ahhh... gotta love the rooftop pools, the ability to go outside without ever having to leave your room and being able to step right onto the Vegas Strip once you walk out the front door. Haven't stayed here yet and probably will not for a while but I like this place. I hope it stays being owned by someone other than MGM or Caesars.

My Rating: 4 shadeymonk posted on 4th June 2011 :

Great first impression. Would love to spend more time here.

My Rating: 5 blackjacker1979 posted on 25th April 2011 :

Gorgeous hotel with slightly less than impressive rooms featuring amazing views. Service needs a fix or two, but once it gets up to par the sky's the limit.

My Rating: 6 Andrewr11 posted on 8th March 2011 :

I think I got lucky. My room was gorgeous (dig the terrace), and I had no hotel operations related nightmares. The blackjack tables provided more fun than I'd had gambling in years. Scarpetta is phenomenal.

My Rating: 5 jinx73 posted on 7th March 2011 :

One of the best drink service casinos on the strip. Strong variety of booze, and available at all levels. Waitresses are prompt and easy on the eyes, along with much of the clientele.

My Rating: 5 LeoNYC posted on 11th February 2011 :

Beautiful casino and common areas, great restaurants, beautiful views from the balconies. And that is it.

My Rating: 6 Trevelbond posted on 9th February 2011 :

Great service, unique rooms and casino, good food. I'll be returning often.

My Rating: 6 thecosmicjester posted on 8th February 2011 :

Wow, the energy in this place! If they manage to keep up the excitement level for another year or so, they stand to rewrite the Las Vegas hotel playbook. There's stuff all over the place; it's small, but there's a lot to explore and find. Definitely not for everyone (very modern and busy), but if you like it you'll REALLY like it. Buffet is the best in town.

My Rating: 5 RamziB posted on 18th January 2011 :

This place sparkles. It has the colors, patterns, and shimmer that amuse my brain. I plan to hide away in the many available chill-out spots, and soak in the trendy cool.

My Rating: 5 MinVegas posted on 22nd December 2010 :

Should you stay here? Hard to tell. If you know what "Pitchfork" is, and aren't turned off at the idea of skinny jeans being sold in the gift shop, but you still think the El Cortez or Artisan is ghetto, then do it. If you have cash to blow and want some of the craziest views in Vegas, then do it. Otherwise, you might prefer to walk here from another property and see what they're all about.

My Rating: 6 Dorian posted on 3rd October 2010 :

Best bar program in Las Vegas. Lush, plush, and gaudy. Luv it!

My Rating: 6 Jarvisi posted on 8th September 2010 :

Stayed for 5 days from 16 April. Very impressed with the property and the rooms are nice. Managed to get a room in the East tower facing the fountains.

My Rating: 5 Chuckmonster posted on 15th August 2010 :

Lovely casino, excellent dining, great views from rooms, inconsistent hotel operations. I feel priced out of the casino by the high minimums. Does anybody gamble here?