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El Cortez

El Cortez $ $ $ $ $

600 E. Fremont Street : Map | Gmap

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Built in 1941, Las Vegas impresario Jackie Gaughan bought the El Cortez in 1963, one of its previous owners was none other than Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel. The El Cortez retains much of its 1940's vibes despite periodic upgrades and facelifts. Be sure to check out their $4.99 breakfast buffet... comped to players who give good action.

El Cortez Cool Stuff:

Comps comps comps! They give shit away at El Cortez.

This place was once owned by Benjamin Bugsy Siegel

The Real Deal on El Cortez:

El Cortez is one of the best kept secrets in all of Las Vegas. Since 2008, El Cortez has undergone dramatic, yet incredibly subtle renovations. The entire casino has been scrubbed and refurbished, new rooms, new suites, refreshed dining options and the addition of the truly fantastic El Cortez Cabana Suites out back have turned the El Cortez into a true modern classic destination. Highly recommended for cheapskates, downtown lovers , vintage Vegas freaks and boutique hotel snobs.

The Casino at El Cortez

Single Deck BlackJack (w/Royal Match side bet), Three Card Poker, 10x odds $1 Craps, Mini-Baccarat, Roulette, Keno and a Poker Room. The Sports Book is open 24-7 during NFL season.

The Rooms at El Cortez

299 rooms onsite, plus 100 other rooms next door at the El Cortez Cabana Suites, formerly known as the Ogden House Hotel. Your best bet here are the El Cortez Cabana Suites, followed by the brand spankin new for 2011 designer suites. Standard rooms are a great bargain, but if the upgraded options offer infinitely more bang for your barely a little more bucks.

The Restaurants at El Cortez

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 maxutilsperusd posted on 22nd April 2016 :

Venues: N/A
Rooms: Cabana Rooms: Very Cool, Tower: Lame
Pool: N/A
Food: Haven't tried any
Location: Awesome

My Rating: 4 jholt72 posted on 12th March 2015 :

love the old school vibe

My Rating: 3 setzer posted on 27th July 2014 :

Very classy joint, especially for it being so far off the beaten path down Fremont East. Still has that musty "chalkboard" smell to it, but it's an excellent gamble with good dealers and people that come here.

My Rating: 5 saharalv posted on 13th March 2014 :

I think I love you.

My Rating: 2 Jaredjensen posted on 6th February 2014 :

A very low key place to gamble with the feel of Old Vegas. Its down Fremont St a little ways but not very crowded and easy access to any gaming you want. Not much of a reason to visit if you want a lot of action.

My Rating: 3 kayday posted on 15th January 2013 :

My tower room was just fine - clean, quiet, and fairly spacious (except for the tiny bathroom) so I was happy to stay here as a solo traveller. Oh, also it was cheap, which helps. I do love playing at this casino though. I love the flowery fragrance that hits you like a slap from grandma when you walk in the door. I (mostly) love the oddball mix of people who play and hang out here. I love the craps here more than anyplace else. The whole package is a strange brew that's maybe not for everybody but that delights me every time.

My Rating: 3 michaelsimonds posted on 16th November 2012 :

I come here for the old-school vibe.

My Rating: 3 JIMMYJDTRUCK posted on 4th October 2012 :


My Rating: 4 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 13th September 2012 :

$3 Blackjack @ 3:2 odds, basically the only reason to go here for me. Update: ate at the Flame steakhouse, great meal for a great price.

My Rating: 4 JoeCath01 posted on 5th July 2012 :

Walking into the El Cortez is like taking a time machine back to the '50s. The place is retro cool, especially the Flame Steakhouse, great food in a great looking place.

My Rating: 6 thecosmicjester posted on 10th May 2012 :

El Cortez is a no-nonsense great deal. Cabana Suites (which aren't actually suites) are *the* best value in town, perfect for someone like me with Cosmopolitan tastes and Imperial Palace budget. The casino exemplifies old-school, with lower ceilings and lots of dark wood. Games are reliably loose. Video poker is excellent, with (wow) a couple of 100% payback machines. $5 double-deck blackjack is a player's dream.

My Rating: 5 SalSagev posted on 7th January 2012 :

One of my favorite low-roller joints in Vegas. They deal some of the best $3 / $5 BlackJack games anywhere and offer a killer 2-for-1 martini Happy Hour. The piano player in the casino bar adds a nice vibe. The Flame is a classic, old-school steakhouse and the easy-to-find $25.00 coupon makes it a must-do when staying D'town. What's with that nasty, old-woman "perfume" scent they pump into the casino?

My Rating: 6 VegasMaMa posted on 2nd November 2011 :

We recently stayed there this summer for a weekend for less than 100 bucks,the room was spotless! There were lots of freebies & the staff was very friendly.

My Rating: 6 shadeymonk posted on 4th June 2011 :

Love the vibe here. It's really old Vegas with good odds and low limits. I try to get to the El Cortez every trip.

My Rating: 4 SisterDino posted on 21st May 2011 :

Stayed at the Cabana Suites for one night in August 2011. Tiny rooms, fantastic bathrooms. I wanted to put the shower in my carryon.

My Rating: 4 TheVegasKing posted on 16th March 2011 :

Even though I always seem to be the youngest person in here by a few decades, I like the old school vibe.

My Rating: 4 Chuckmonster posted on 5th February 2011 :

The spirit of Las Vegas is alive and thriving at the El Cortez. New(ish) suites, refurbished less smoky casino and the neato Cabana Suites building out back. Classy, intimate, El Cortez never goes out of style. RIP Jackie.

My Rating: 6 Falstaf1 posted on 4th January 2011 :

I love everything about this joint. Only at the El can you see a little old lady and a gangbanger kindly swap strategies about the Wizard of Oz machine. The coffee shop is the best, the bar drinks are dirt cheap and the blackjack tables still give out 3:2 payouts on blackjack. Everyone complains about the smoke and the smell. I think I'm addicted to it. No, really. I think I may need help.

My Rating: 4 beangurl posted on 11th December 2010 :

Stayed in the newly remolded Cabana Suites. Nice, bright and Miami vibe.

My Rating: 6 jMollys posted on 18th November 2010 :

ahhhh..... nothing like the break in dealers....." we have a winer".....at 7.00 am.....rat biscuits.....shooting dice with "birdman" an el co reg...

My Rating: 6 TangiersTodd posted on 10th August 2010 :

Love the El Cortez. Best low-limit gaming downtown (next to Main Street Station). For such a great old school joint, they have a hip twitter presence. The 2 for 1 martini hour rocks, and the chance of seeing Jackie Gaughan walking around in the casino is worth the trip down.

My Rating: 5 mlfeatherbee posted on 25th May 2010 :

Cabana Suites are a sweet little secret tucked downtown. There's such an old school feeling in the casino and the lounge bartenders, especially Paulie, just make you feel right at home. Its a must stay every trip

My Rating: 4 Andrewr11 posted on 19th February 2010 :

Kick ass drunken 3 dollar blackjack.

My Rating: 5 jmtheman posted on 2nd July 2009 :

Haven't ever stayed here. The place is truly old school and I like it. People who love the flash of the strip probably won't. Any place with single-deck blackjack featuring a 3:2 payout automatically gets major thumbs up in my book.

My Rating: 5 burque66isletasandia posted on 14th April 2009 :

Getto, smelly but looser than most.. Not bad but not good. Slots the good thing.

My Rating: 5 cyborganic posted on 23rd March 2009 :

Old school vibe, very nice room for the price.

My Rating: 4 RoachClipCharly posted on 20th January 2009 :

I saw a one legged hooker there once. Love it.

My Rating: 5 gribblja posted on 30th November 1999 :

Have stayed here several times and have enjoyed it each time. Tower rooms are very roomy, except for the bathrooms. Otherwise extremely happy. And yes you can see Jackie Gaughan around the hotel. Have done very well on the slots too. Highly recommend it.

My Rating: 3 neoncoma posted on 30th November 1999 :

CLASSIC Downtown Vegas.
This Building is the only one that has not change its front facade since the 40's... Id say you get the real experince when you visit it after 1am..

My Rating: 3 MartiniMike posted on 30th November 1999 :

Good odds. Nice clean remodeled rooms, but the clientele seems to have gone downhill.