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Encore is the second tower built by Wynn Resorts on the former site of the famed Las Vegas landmark Wilbur Clarke's Desert Inn. Steve Wynn bought The Desert Inn immediately after losing control of Mirage Resorts during a stock takeover by MGM in 2000. Over the next few years, he and his team of architects designed a master plan for what they called "Le Reve," before setting on the "Wynn" name at the behest of Wynn cronies Steven Spielberg, Barry Diller and Donald Trump. Shortly after Wynn Las Vegas opened in April 2004, Wynn began construction of Encore, razing the final Desert Inn buildings and preparing the grounds and pouring foundations. Encore opened on December 23, 2008. In 2009, they replaced The Strip side porte cochere with Encore Beach Club, a ginormous shrine to poolside excess.

Encore Cool Stuff:

Encore is built over what used to be the second (new) tower at the Desert Inn.

Check out our Encore preview feature story.

The Real Deal on Encore:

Wynn's 'sexy sister' property Encore offers an slightly more intimate take on the mega resort experience. While Encore's designs are some of the best work done by Roger Thomas and Steve Wynn, some of the dining offerings along with recent addition of Encore Beach Club and repositioning the property as a party central don't keep us there. Society Cafe has always been under flavored and over priced, Switch was a failed concept with an insanely priced confusing menu, transitioning once great steakhouse Botero into a pit stop on the way to the nightclub has sent us fleeing from Encore's adored hotel rooms. The casino floor offers great decor, high minimums and a varied mix of really tight slots and video poker. Service throughout is still excellent.

The Casino at Encore

Encore's casino is primarily tailored for table games players and features craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and pai gow. The slot selection ranges towards the higher limits and has the newest high-tech games. Encore also features a high limit slot and table games lounges. Numerous bars and restaurants are easily accessible throughout the casino. We've found the minimums to be similar to what Wynn Las Vegas has, and the slots to be a little less playable than those at Wynn.

The Rooms at Encore

The Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas features 2034 suites spanning in size from 700 square feet (larger than the Panoramic and Tower Suite rooms at Wynn Las Vegas) all the way up to two-floor luxury VIP suites with 5,800 square feet of space. The rooms feature sitting areas separated by 1/2 walls and flat panel TV's that swivel to face bedroom or living area. The quality of the furnishings and layout are state of the art and gorgeous.

Our reviews:
The Encore Standard Suite
Encore Salon Suite
The ultra luxe - and huge -Encore Duplex Apartment

The Restaurants at Encore

Encore features five restaurants, seven bars and lounges and XS, a nightclub.

Sinatra - Italian
Wazuzu - Asian bistro
Botero Steak - Steakhouse
Society Cafe Encore - Casual

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 6 rjack1957 posted on 3rd September 2016 :

Staying there for 3 days on our next trip, will update after trip.

My Rating: 6 DarkGhost posted on 4th June 2016 :

Beautiful decor and easy-to-navigate interior layout. Big, beautiful, modern rooms. Amazing service. Between Wynn/Encore, great restaurant selection, varied gaming options, amazing shows. Euro pool is one of my favorite pools in Vegas (no kids, large, relaxing in the morning, exciting in the afternoon). My favorite spa (beautiful, great service/facilities). A level above other luxury hotel/casinos, and Tower Suites are another level entirely.

My Rating: 6 maxutilsperusd posted on 22nd April 2016 :

Venues: XS: Awesome, Encore Beach Club at Night: Awesome, Surrender: Very Cool, Intrigue: Awesome?
Rooms: Awesome, haven't seen better anywhere
Design: Awesome, best in town
Pool: Encore Beach Club: Awesome, the best pool party, Euro Pool: Awesome
Food: Very Cool, but my budget leads me off property
Location: Pretty Lame, but you shouldn't want to go anywhere else, you're already at the best place in town

My Rating: 6 Bajablastgod posted on 23rd August 2015 :

Probably the best standard room I've ever stayed in. Well-designed and a very nice room layout. Todd-Avery did a great job designing those rooms!

My Rating: 6 GoldFather posted on 27th December 2014 :

Encore Beach Club is heaven on earth. I wish I could spend every day of my life there.

My Rating: 6 bustagrimes posted on 2nd December 2014 :

You don't get much better than the tower suites at Encore. Pure luxury.

My Rating: 6 jet1085 posted on 26th March 2014 :

I dont know if there is really anything I dont like about the property....Almost Perfect for me

My Rating: 5 Ricogreen posted on 1st February 2014 :

Not a fan of the current move to attract club kids to the resort with the Encore Players Club but the actual hotel suites are beautiful. Sinatra's is still my favourite restaurant in the city.

My Rating: 6 8splitter posted on 3rd September 2013 :

Hands down, my favorite hotel in LV and one of my favorite in the US. Excellence in every possible way - food and beverage, staff, pool, rooms, casino, vibe, people watching. It's one of my "happy places."

My Rating: 5 Anto28 posted on 28th May 2013 :

Beautiful rooms, great restaurants, quiet pool. Would be a 6 if not for the lines of club-going douche-bags...

My Rating: 4 radgambler posted on 5th February 2013 :

Loved Wynncore before it became Clubcore and The Stever lost his mind.

My Rating: 6 sivled posted on 12th December 2012 :

Fantastic and we had a very nice suite that was only $99.00 a night at the time. This is a 4 star

My Rating: 6 MGMCaesars posted on 17th August 2012 :

Golf time!

My Rating: 6 etm117 posted on 30th December 2011 :

Fantastic all around. Not much else more to say.

My Rating: 6 Dshort2727 posted on 7th November 2011 :

Encore is the best resort on the strip. The rooms are great. The restaurants are superb. The casino is fun. The dealers are always a pleasure. The connection to the Wynn is an easy walk for a larger room. We stay at the Encore for the majority of our trips.

My Rating: 6 MikieTaps posted on 13th October 2011 :

What hasn't already been said?

My Rating: 4 DenverGambler posted on 10th October 2011 :

I love the Encore casino. I think it has the perfect mix of natural light and color that can really liven the place up. The clientele has gone downhill, however, since the beach club opened.

My Rating: 5 dubisaweapon posted on 28th September 2011 :

Simply put, this is one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed at. Spent two nights in an Encore Suite King with a view of downtown. View was nothing spectacular, but the window let in a nice amount of light and using the remote control for the window shades made me feel VERY classy. Large bathroom with separate bath tub, shower, and a toilet in its own room with door....these always make staying at a hotel that much nicer.

As far as the gaming goes...this is why the Encore will only get 5 stars from me. Most blackjack tables pay out at 6/5 versus the traditional 3/2 when the player hits 21, which makes a big difference in the long run. And if you like wagering on sports, please note that the Encore DOES NOT have a sports book. You'll end up walking 20-25 minutes each way to the Wynn to place your bets, which becomes something of a pain in the neck after you've down it more then three times.

Overall, I had a great time and found that I never had to leave the Encore/Wynn complex over the two days I was in Vegas. And considering that the pools weren't really an option during my stay (cabanas were closed for the season, and it was too cold in late November to swim anyways) I can only imagine how much more enjoyable it would've been during a warmer time of year. If you're looking for high-end opulence, this just might be the ticket.

My Rating: 6 cosmicdoom posted on 8th September 2011 :

Love the Casino, Love the Eastside Lounge

My Rating: 6 VivaLasVegasBoy posted on 25th July 2011 :

My favorite place in the world..that's all I can say

My Rating: 6 vegasbiatch posted on 29th June 2011 :

cool carpet!

My Rating: 6 PMakster posted on 10th June 2011 :

Very impressive interior designs. Hopefully to stay here soon.

My Rating: 4 DyceKid posted on 6th April 2011 :

Stopped in on the way to a party at XS, I like the way the hotel looks. Can't wait to stay here one day.

My Rating: 5 JakeZ posted on 26th March 2011 :

Love it! Even though its far away from Wynn's larger restaurant selection, Encore has better and bigger rooms, nightlife and a great casino (except for the slots - I've been told they suck).

My Rating: 6 cubs4eva posted on 2nd March 2011 :

Place was absolutely amazing! Got a really good mid-week deal to stay in one of the regular rooms and they bumped me up and waived the resort fee so it ended up being a total of 60 or 70 bucks more....totally worth it. We even were hitting on the slots here. Girlfriend won $700, should have been $2,200 is she had max bet. Really liked the breakfast at the place across from the Wynn Buffet.

My Rating: 6 DoubleD posted on 25th February 2011 :

Absolutely amazing. Stayed here in a panoramic tower suite on the 61st floor. The room was much bigger that I anticipated, and the couch area was a very nice touch. The bathroom was equally awesome, except for the standard shower head. I would have expected an upgraded shower head. (silly, I know).

The service was top notch for the entire long weekend, including casino hosts, cocktail waitresses, restaurant servers, check-in, etc. This place blew me away, and I severely doubt I'd stay at a different property.

My Rating: 6 elchamaquito posted on 7th January 2011 :

Encore Las Vegas is my favorite :)

My Rating: 6 tonsoffun posted on 6th January 2011 :

WOW! I fell in love with the design and the beautiful color of the building the first time I saw it. I've stayed in some somewhat okay hotels, but this was the best hotel experience ever. ENCORE FTW!!!

My Rating: 6 CBB48Vegas posted on 25th November 2010 :

Staying here for 3 nights in April for my birthday. The restaurants are amazing here.

My Rating: 6 CapriVegas posted on 25th November 2010 :


My Rating: 4 thefoodandi posted on 8th November 2010 :

The rooms are great. Separate living room. The bed was very comfortable. The Encore property feels smaller than the Wynn, like a small boutique hotel. Wazuzu is a really good Asian restaurant.

My Rating: 6 Yentle posted on 2nd November 2010 :

luxury redefined (again)

My Rating: 5 Dorian posted on 3rd October 2010 :

Great suite style rooms adjacent to The Wynn. I love the pool area and spa. Customer service is terrific.

My Rating: 2 Misnomer posted on 17th August 2010 :

Formerly a boxcar, downgraded to a deuce, thanks to the choking influx of d-bags here for XS and Surrender, not to mention Encore Beach Club. This place had a very brief run as the creme de la creme, before The Steve decided to alienate his elderly (read: over 30) customers and cater directly to the young and heavily leveraged.

My Rating: 5 Chuckmonster posted on 15th August 2010 :

Pros: the best Roger Thomas design work ever, plus great rooms and omg spa. The cons: slot action sucks, the club has made the joint louder and klassy, dining is a mixed bag. Love those rooms though.

My Rating: 5 Rgiffen2 posted on 10th August 2010 :

I was shocked when I walked into the room...OMG....black sheer curtains. I immediately got a funeral home vibe. Brown and ivory striped curtains, black sofa, everything is black, white, cream and brown. Gold and beige laminate walls with black trim around the ceiling, I felt like I was sleeping under a cheap formica table. The only color was a red behind the headboard of the bed. The bed IS very comfy which makes up for the gawd awful room decor. In the bathroom were black and white drawings that looked they were painted on a chalkboard of a nude woman with a big bottom. If I wanted to see that, I'd look in the mirror. On the plus side, the room's flat screen TV swivels so you can see it in the sofa area or from the bed. The bathroom has a TV and is large and has great amenities. The casino is boring, spotty drink service. Expectations for this place were much higher.

My Rating: 6 krazyk posted on 8th August 2010 :

Coming soon!!!

My Rating: 6 twofours posted on 3rd August 2010 :

A few visits make Wynn/Encore my place to come back to after being out in Las Vegas

My Rating: 6 mzeke23 posted on 2nd August 2010 :

If you want to feel like your rich and famous, stay here for a night or 2. Just an elegant and classy place. Horrible place to gamble but great place to stay and bask in the wealthy vibe...

My Rating: 6 stevecovington posted on 1st June 2010 :

My favorite again. Love it.

My Rating: 6 mlfeatherbee posted on 25th May 2010 :

One of the most luxurious standard rooms in Vegas. Very classy, very stylish and the dining was outstanding.

My Rating: 6 MeltYrselfDown posted on 3rd May 2010 :

too good for words.

My Rating: 5 golfbag27 posted on 21st April 2010 :

Fantastic rooms, beautiful property, gambling so-so. Attracts a younger crowd. Would definately stay again but probably at Wynn

My Rating: 5 BigHoss posted on 7th April 2010 :

The room is hard to beat. The XS pool is hard to beat. Wasuzu is hard to beat. If I could just find a cocktail waitress.

My Rating: 6 Andrewr11 posted on 15th March 2010 :

I had heard the hype and wasn't actually planning to like this. I really, really liked it. The wood-inlaid blackjack tables are a nice touch. The every 4 minute drink service is a better one.

My Rating: 6 ChiCell posted on 12th March 2010 :

By far my favorite hotel and casino.

My Rating: 5 chairmanofthebar posted on 24th February 2010 :

Amazing. Really beautiful. Great service. Comfy room.

My Rating: 5 manimal posted on 18th February 2010 :

Beautiful Casino, worth seeing

My Rating: 5 mledieff posted on 26th January 2010 :

Really like the Encore. Awesome view and good resturants. Couple things that botherd me..
1. You can hear the music from Surrender all night, even up on the 34th floor.
2. There was no coffee maker in the room. Coffee was $4 at the bar downstairs.

Other than that I was a great hotel...

My Rating: 6 atdleft posted on 20th January 2010 :

I stayed here when I was in the process of buying my condo in town (where I now reside). If I were still living in Orange County, I'd DEFINITELY stay here when visiting! The standard suites are quite spacious at over 700 sq. ft., and they are certainly decorated tastefully and stocked with amazing luxuries like a flat-screen TV in the bathroom and a great lounge sofa in the living room.
And if the accomodations aren't exciting enough, try the food! Sinatra serves classic Italian dishes done perfectly, while Society Cafe is a "gourmet diner" doing luxurious comfort food. Also try Daniel Boulud and Stratta next door at Wynn. Nightlife sizzles here with XS, Blush, and Tryst... And don't you dare miss the fabulous show at Le Reve! For a few extra bucks, the VIP Indulgence package with champagne service during the show is definitely worth it! ;-)

My Rating: 6 sinatrabean posted on 4th January 2010 :


My Rating: 6 Jplan72 posted on 27th October 2009 :

Class. Beauty. Friendliness and professional staff. Dusty Room. Big LCD HDTVs. Great Value in these tight times!

My Rating: 4 MinVegas posted on 18th October 2009 :

A bit directionless upon opening, Encore is slowly being retooled for Steve Wynn's new focus on nightlife. Lots of bars, booze, and now multiple pools for you to get your social freak on. That's nice, but the catch is that I just don't like nightlife. While you're clubbin', I'm 30 floors up trying to sleep over the UNTS UNTS UNTS sound of your party.

My Rating: 6 blackjacker1979 posted on 1st September 2009 :

Amazing hotel in a less than perfect location, but no problem if you plan to stay on property. Casino is light and airy, private yet open, and the right mix of high roller meets working joe. Check out the casino by the pool on a hot day for some outdoor fun, and enjoy the music and fake boobs floating by. Rooms are amazingly designed with well thought out touches and the best bed you'll ever sleep on. Bump up to the Tower Suites and feel like you're right at home with better perks and less work.

My Rating: 5 JohnH posted on 30th August 2009 :

I love this property. I hate Encore Beach Club. QED, this property is no longer perfect.

My Rating: 6 rowezone54 posted on 3rd May 2009 :

The best of the best!

My Rating: 6 bigpopajd3 posted on 16th April 2009 :

THE finest , classiest place in Vegas...period. I got my room after a promo code and my unused resort credit was applied for $264 June6-8! I will stay here every chance I get!!!but will place elsewhere, casino was boring, (but not meant for a low roller like me) and we laugh at anyone who will stand outside in of ANY club (XS) on a Sunday at 2 am, and still try to take themselves seriously. First class all the way!!

My Rating: 6 MrsHorn posted on 1st April 2009 :

Absolutely beautiful and expensive as hell. I love the quiet.

My Rating: 5 LeoNYC posted on 27th March 2009 :

Together with Wynn Las Vegas is the best Resort on the Strip. Casino is horrible. No free drinks, horrible payoff, and a bunch of frats and half-naked girls waiting on lines to get into the clubs. No Vegas feeling at all...

My Rating: 6 WebCodeMonkey posted on 25th March 2009 :

It's like Wynn, but with a better casino and rooms. Although, it's that much further to walk to anything on the strip. Overall, my fav.

My Rating: 6 cyborganic posted on 23rd March 2009 :

Simply gorgeous!

My Rating: 4 get0ffdanutzz posted on 10th March 2009 :

Beautiful place but, I think it's overrated, gorgeous and spacious rooms but the location sucks and the $25 min tables kinda suck. I guess if you have the money and you would rather spend it on a hotel room then entertainment you cant go wrong. personally I like a better price in a better location.

My Rating: 6 coach6692 posted on 9th March 2009 :

What else is there to say after you acknowledge the fact that this is a step up from the Wynn which was the best hotel in Vegas...make that the US. You just can't get more plush and first class than Encore. Bravo once again Mr. Wynn.

My Rating: 5 BCCableGuy posted on 13th February 2009 :

Damn, this place is nice. I stayed here in November of 2010 and WOW. Beautiful room and great service. Looking forward to the next time.

My Rating: 4 rbg81601 posted on 31st January 2009 :

Used to be pretty great, but it began Wynn's descent into becoming douchebag central!

My Rating: 6 MikeE posted on 27th January 2009 :

Emporio Armani. A little sleeker and a little more risque than its big sister.

My Rating: 6 suzidi posted on 26th January 2009 :

OMIGD. Who thought it could get better than Wynn. Well, this is amazing, beautiful, the best of the best design, suites.The only thing is I'm not sure of the restaurants. Switch was silly, and I don't remember what I ate.Sinatra was very good, but the atmosphere was too reserved, and very expensive. (SW steakhouse looks inexpensive next to this).Saw Danny Gans again a year ago and he was terrible. The most current thing he did was George Burns. My 20 something kids wanted to walk out. Steve should watch him again, he's dated and seems his voice sounds worn out.I know The Reve has been redone, but seeing it 4 years ago, I didn't like it, and we've seen all the circ's but Ka and love all. I think Wynn is still in search of their entertainment.

My Rating: 6 stevewynn posted on 24th January 2009 :

This is - by far - the most beautiful resort I've ever built. It's a fact, God told me so.

My Rating: 6 canadiancrapshooter posted on 19th December 2008 :

Holy Shitballs! This place is awesome! Was able to stay here for $129/night and would do it again in a heartbeat. Flipping amazing!

My Rating: 6 MrEinSantaCruz posted on 12th November 2008 :

This WAS the best place to stay on the Strip but with the rise of their night clubs and the rooms inadequate sound proofing, it's not what it use to be.

My Rating: 5 TIavEN posted on 8th November 2008 :

Gorgeous interior design and untouchable service, but the recent change in Encore's direction has left me scratching (shaking) my head.