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The Flamingo... what can you say? From its twisted beginnings as Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel's dream for a true high roller resort (after muscling in on Hollywood newspaper publisher Billy Wilkerson), to the multi-billion dollar mega-resort that it is today, The Flamingo defines Las Vegas.

Building for The Flamingo commenced in 1945 under a proposed budget of $1.2Million of Meyer Lansky and other gangsters' dollars, the price tag quickly balloned to an amazing $6M. With huge debt weighing on itchy gangster fingers, Bugsy promised that the Flamingo would make profit shortly after its Christmas 1946 Grand Opening. Hitches in building the hotel meant that no rooms were available and gamblers were leaving the joint with winnings to stay at the New Frontier down the street. Six months into 1947, the Flamingo began to show profit, but it was already too late... Bugsy was murdered on June 20, 1947 and control of the hotel reverted to Meyer Lansky and other members of The Syndicate. It is said that Bugsy's ghost has been seen wandering the hallways of the Flamingo to this day despite the fact that the last remnants of Bugsy's suite and original office were bulldozed in 1993.

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The Real Deal on Flamingo:

The Flamingo rocks... straight up. Great gaming, great vibes, great help, great odds and great action - it's the yardstick by which everything Las Vegas is measured (up and down).

The Casino at Flamingo

You name it, they got it. Craps, BlackJack, Mini-Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Roulette, Three Card Poker, PaiGow Poker and every type of slot machine you could imagine. Make sure you hit the $1 Wheel of Fortune slots there, they have a tendency to rain money. Looking for lower limits? Check out O'Shea's (closed) Bill's next door... great craps tables and semi-decent video poker.

The Rooms at Flamingo

Flamingo offers two types of rooms, the slightly modernized Flamingo Fab Rooms and multiple flavors of the spiffy Go Rooms. The standard rooms come in three flavors - Deluxe Bedroom ('comfort without the cost' they say), The Mini Suites (with living room and draped off bedroom area), and Luxury Suites (huge, beautiful, expensive).

The Go Rooms, come in two flavors, "Go Deluxe" and "Go Luxury". Either one will do you fine, they're both very very interesting. Not for the faint of heart though. You really should look at our review to get a taste of what to expect.

The Restaurants at Flamingo

All sorts of stuff to eat at the Flamingo. Hamada of Japan does excellent Japanese food - sushi, tatami style, teppanyaki... delicious! The Tropical Breeze Cafe can be quite hit or miss. If you like your BLTs with two lbs of bacon on them (seared under a flaming heat lamp) then you'll love this place. It's busy and can be quite noisy, but can be pleasant and homey if you don't have really high standards. Steakhouse 46 - which owes its numerological name to 1946, the year the Flamingo opened - is one of the real finds at the Flamingo. It's a great low-key quiet steak house with excellent food and great service. Don't expect shi-shi experiments in the culinary arts here, just a great New York Style steakhouse with all the trimmings. Recommended. Paradise Garden Buffet - fair to average. Jimmy Fucking Buffett even has a joint there - no it's not JIMMY'S BUFFET its Margaritaville a booze and cheeseburgers in paradise outfit. Margaritavillle lives in the same culinary world as the Hard Rock Cafe. The place turns into a party late at night and they have very large tall glasses of fruity booze drinks. Of course... we woulda went there to get one but we were up on our room looking for our lost shaker of salt.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 5 rjack1957 posted on 3rd September 2016 :

Great area to stay. Great Craps and 3 Card Poker games, easy to get to other Casinos quickly

My Rating: 5 jessicalouise9487 posted on 18th May 2016 :

Great location with rooms that won't break the bank. I definitely suggest to upgrade to the go mini suite... after booking through Total Rewards at check in I asked for an upgraded room and was given the upgrade for $5/night

My Rating: 4 Rickaoc posted on 6th March 2015 :

We stayed at the Flamingo from Feb 28 to Mar 4/2015. The Hotel is showing its age, but our room was clean and comfortable. Escalator to the tram wasn't working, which was a pain. In fact most of the escalators on the strip appeared to be shut down. I'd certainly stay here again.

My Rating: 2 setzer posted on 26th December 2014 :

Ugh! That's about all I can say. I try to come back and try to enjoy something outta the place, but there's nothing.

My Rating: 5 Vegasjeff posted on 2nd December 2014 :

Best strip location

My Rating: 2 MeltYrselfDown posted on 15th July 2014 :

getting followed to my room by a particularly unappealing working girl at 4am was not fun. neither was really anything else about this place. 2 points for location.

My Rating: 5 crapshappy posted on 17th March 2014 :

Place gets a bad name, never seen a cockroach. Good central location to other casinos and breakfast at Ellis Island.

My Rating: 5 Jaredjensen posted on 6th February 2014 :

Great Location, Great Pool, Nice redone Fab rooms. Definitely brings back an old feel or Vegas.

My Rating: 4 JessicaLouise posted on 19th January 2014 :

Cheap rooms in a fabulous location. The fab rooms arent anything special, but for less than $50 per night what more do you need than a bed and a shower? In my opinion the casino here has the best drink service. The slots here werent tight and the dealers were very friendly.

My Rating: 2 Chuckmonster posted on 18th January 2013 :

The Flamingo used to be one of my go-to joints in town, but after experiencing the disaster that is their housekeeping, I'm too grossed out to stay here again. Did I mention roaches or a mold covered bathroom? I used to love this place. Rating this one a 2.

My Rating: 3 sivled posted on 12th December 2012 :

Not one of our favorites. We stayed there early this fall and the first morning our comode over flowed. Maybe later on we will go back. three stars

My Rating: 5 ams347 posted on 11th December 2012 :

great nocation

My Rating: 4 JIMMYJDTRUCK posted on 4th October 2012 :


My Rating: 4 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 13th September 2012 :

As much as I hate Jimmy Buffett, I kinda like the Margritaville Casino..(mostly because of the cute bikini clad cocktail waitresses.)

My Rating: 4 RTROYPHILLIPS posted on 28th August 2012 :

It still has the Old Vegas feel however, the pit people are to stiff.

My Rating: 6 MGMCaesars posted on 17th August 2012 :

Flamingo, Alligator, sure!

My Rating: 5 jonasjones posted on 19th July 2012 :

I have to include it, family trip here once a year since I was little. Lots and Lots of memories. AND the GO rooms are terrific.

My Rating: 4 jkconey posted on 11th July 2012 :

Old world feel for a strip casino. Nice buffet to sit and watch the wildlife.

My Rating: 4 ckent32 posted on 14th May 2012 :

Great slots here.

My Rating: 5 nikirsmith posted on 23rd April 2012 :

Love the location, good food good slots, Jimmy Buffet's best margaritas make sure you buy the blender.

My Rating: 4 Deborah posted on 10th September 2011 :

Location, Location, Location! A great jumping off point. The rooms are less than ( have not stayed in a GO Suite). The service is not great- almost surly in my experience. Why do I go back? The pool, location and price. And I have a sentimental spot in my heart for Bugsy. If you are looking for great payouts or great food this is NOT the place. The pool and the pool service is awesome tho. Its a central place to sleep. oh yea, location, loacation, location.

My Rating: 4 cosmicdoom posted on 8th September 2011 :

Vegas on the cheap, and it feels historic

My Rating: 5 Stosh posted on 18th June 2011 :

Base Camp. We spend a bit more time in the room than most, so we always play it Go-Room. The place is slightly tired, and service can be spotty, but for us, the positives FAR outweigh the somewhat lengthy negatives. Still Hep-C free after a decade of hangin' in their hot tubs, so I got that goin' for me.

My Rating: 4 michaelsimonds posted on 6th June 2011 :

The first place I ever stayed in Vegas!

My Rating: 4 DyceKid posted on 6th April 2011 :

Stayed in a GO room with another couple that we've been friends with for a while. Nice room for the price, craps sucks here bleh.

My Rating: 5 ditkartr posted on 21st February 2011 :

We normally stay here. The Go rooms are very nice. The pool area is great and it has a Sin City bar in the lobby. I don't gamble much at this place but it's located right between Bill's and O'sheas.

My Rating: 4 GolferTrav posted on 8th February 2011 :

The Flamingo is my 'home' CET casino. It all started as a cheap place to stay on The Strip when I was a micro-roller. Now, my bank roll has increased significantly and I still frequent the Flamingo. Even when I stay elsewhere in Vegas, I still spend a night gambling here. I've come to know, and be known, by many of the staff on the casino floor. The pool is a huge plus. We'll see this year how the switch-a-roo of pools turns out.

I love the GO Rooms. I tend to spend more time in my room when I'm on solo trips (of which 75% of my trips are). Because of this, I love the ability to pipe my own tunes into the stereo (via cable and/or Airport Express) and the ability to watch my own DVDs. The showers have 'boobie-washers' which are great. Many complain about the lack of privacy with the frosted glass bathroom door, but it's never been an issue for me, even when staying in the same room with other guys.

The standard rooms, on the other hand, can be disappointing. If you're used to staying in a Motel6, Holiday Inn, or the Imperial Palace, you probably won't even notice. If you have a higher level of room standard in Vegas than you do in other cities, you will be sorely disappointed. Even the Standard 'Petite Suites' leave a lot to be desired. You get more space, but it's often wasted with a lack of furniture.

Overall, I recommend the Flamingo based on location, price and the pool!

My Rating: 4 ndfanwabashman posted on 25th January 2011 :

The GO Room is quintessential Vegas at a shockingly average price. The history, the location, the pool: Flamingo is Las Vegas to me. If it's your first time to Vegas, in the words of Arnold "Get your ass to Mars (and by Mars I mean the Flamingo.)"

My Rating: 3 jMollys posted on 18th November 2010 :

night before wedding....strange women approaching me at craps table.....they sure were friendly... convinced shady family members involved.... i sure hope it was not a $$$ up front deal...btw nothing happened..

My Rating: 4 KellyVegas posted on 6th October 2010 :

Love the Go rooms...

My Rating: 4 AceRothstein posted on 30th August 2010 :

Another old dirty joint. Hardly ever have $5 craps. Some decent Fortune and Mini Pai Gow can be found. Have had luck on video poker here. And the beer is cold.

My Rating: 4 twofours posted on 4th August 2010 :

Last time we stayed there we got a kickass upgrade for nothing.They need to powerwash the place from the parking garage to Las Vegas blvd,

My Rating: 3 sinecure posted on 31st July 2010 :

Rough around the edges, rooms need to be freshened. Some staff are cheerful and happy. Wouldn't eat here. Excellent location. Nice Pool

My Rating: 4 mlfeatherbee posted on 25th May 2010 :

The Flamingo holds a special place in our heart - it was the first hotel we ever stayed in Vegas (back in June 2000) and we had a room overlooking Caesars. Since then, we had several smaller suites and then the Neapolitan Suite which was fantabulous! If you're going to go to the Flamingo - then definitely GO all the way

My Rating: 5 pebbles2009 posted on 5th May 2010 :

I just love this resort. You can buy THE BEST charbroiled chicken burger from the pool area. I swear it is one of the best burgers I have ever eaten.

My Rating: 4 golfbag27 posted on 31st March 2010 :

Great location and pool.

My Rating: 4 KosmoK posted on 7th February 2010 :

GO Rooms are pretty good, and I still like the pool and old vibe of this joint.I can do without Jimmy Buffet, Bad Blackjack, and tight VP tables. Still like the pool here alot. Usually can always get my room comped here. Nice old dame, but showing her age.

My Rating: 5 Runner24 posted on 23rd January 2010 :

The Pool is awesome, location and Go Rooms!

My Rating: 4 cubs4eva posted on 1st July 2009 :

Stayed here a long time ago now...maybe 10 years. It was pretty nice when I was there and the brother and I actually got upgraded to a Suite.

My Rating: 5 ashleybauer posted on 23rd March 2009 :

Central Strip location,good views of the strip from our room. Buffet is very good with views over the gardens.

My Rating: 5 Znuff posted on 14th March 2009 :

Great place..Always have a good time there..Rooms are decent , unless you go GO!! Then they are fantastic!! Plus you can't beat that pool..

My Rating: 4 SilverFox posted on 11th March 2009 :

I like the Flamingo. Stayed here several times. This is my second favorite Harrah's hotel. I will only stay in a GO Room. They are small rooms, but very comfortable with great beds and entertainment center. It's just a cool room. Love Margaritaville and the breakfast buffet by the habitat is good too. Great pool when it is clean. They sometimes have trouble keeping up on the pool maintenance. Casino smells like coconuts. I like the low minimum pink Blackjack tables by the front door. Medium lucky at cards, but no luck at Flamingo slots.

My Rating: 5 mrdoopey posted on 16th February 2009 :

Since I have nothing to compare it with, I was very happy. We got the cheap "deluxe" room (not a Go Room", only because mrsdoopey didn't care for it (...old fart). But the front counter lady was real nice, and gave us a 19th floor room, with a fantastic view of the Flamingo tropical area out back.The only problems with the room were rusty lighting lamps in the bathroom, and a toilet that never really had the gumption to flush. But everything was clean, and had decent beds.The casino was nice, but I didn't really gamble there. As with other Harrah's properties, it's kind of a rip, with the 6:5 on a natural, and $10 minimums. But it was nicely laid out, and fun to watch.Would stay there again to try the Go Room though ;)

My Rating: 4 mitchyT posted on 11th February 2009 :

The gambling is poor but the GO Rooms are decent and the vibe is pretty laid back.

My Rating: 3 adeline06 posted on 27th January 2009 :

stayed in the time share in back ....not all that but the room was huge..2 hot tubs ...nice

My Rating: 4 jimmyrandolph posted on 24th January 2009 :

Great Pool! Decent sports book. Marie Osmond.

My Rating: 4 RoachClipCharly posted on 20th January 2009 :

All of the neon pink makes me feel like I'm stumbling around Liberace's vulva.

My Rating: 5 tomco1035 posted on 10th January 2009 :

Loved the pool area. The rooms were nice and the price was right. Really big plus is location. Centrally located, it offers great access to the North and South Strip properties.

My Rating: 4 VegasKim posted on 6th January 2009 :

I just stayed in this place in October and all I got to say is if your going to stay here definatly pay the money to get into a Go Room. It is sorta decorated like a love palace but the beds were superb. I actually didn't want to get outta bed because thet were so comfortable....if I could of I would of stole the bed.The casino floor was kinda confusing to me and I kinda did alot of back tracking but everything else was great. The staff was really good and was very helpful.

My Rating: 5 dearjb posted on 6th January 2009 :

The go rooms are stunning, perfect for young single guys!

My Rating: 4 clrblueskyz posted on 31st December 2008 :

The go rroms are nice but i dont like how the a/c system is set up. the sensor thing sucks. I have gotten fairly lucky in the casino as well. DONT DRINK THE BLOODY MARYS!!! They are gross here.

My Rating: 3 Chuck60 posted on 29th December 2008 :

I like the ducks..and the white fish in the cement ponds. Experienced my largest single slotmachine jackpot here..send money and I'll tell you which one it was (as if that'll help your odds);room was just OK..we had a great view of the air conditioning system on lower floors; blackjack games suck big green ones

My Rating: 5 jmtheman posted on 25th December 2008 :

Haven't gambled a whole lot here but the Go Rooms are phenomenal in my opinion. I am staying in a Go Room for at least two nights (hopefully all four) in July 2011. The pool is not Mandalay Bay's but definitely in a strong second place and there really are Flamingos here. I played blackjack here once, maybe I lost $20. Not very memorable on that front.

My Rating: 5 trixie24 posted on 25th November 2008 :

I've stayed here four times, and while I've heard other people knock it, we've been very happy there. The casino is smallish compared to it's neighbors, but I like that. When it's late and I'm tired (drunk), I like finishing up the night in the casino of the hotel I'm staying in, and it's good to be able to find the right bank of elevators. The staff has always treated us very well, I sometimes wonder if people who write reviews ripping casino employees bother to be nice to to the staff. (Try it, it works! ) The offers roll in pretty good after a fairly small amount of play. we get offers for three free nights all the time. Overall a great value...one of the cheapest in the area, and a fantastic pool! My only knock is the blackjack table minimums are high...even in the slowest times. Boo.

My Rating: 5 dm49323 posted on 19th October 2008 :

I am still trying to figure out why they play Stacy Q's 2 of Hearts every time I am there. Maybe they only have one k-tel cassette from the 80s.

My Rating: 4 rascal posted on 16th September 2008 :

When we stayed here, the three of us had a great time. Good - Pool and Garden, Buffet, Location, and Staff were pretty nice to the three of us. The room was looking over the pool and high up, clean and in good repair.Bad - The extremely tight slots, cards

My Rating: 4 missmonkay posted on 30th November 1999 :

The Flamingo is will always have a place in my heart. It has a history unmatched in Vegas. Viva Flamingo!

My Rating: 4 sleazyred posted on 30th November 1999 :

First place I ever stayed.

My Rating: 5 Spyder posted on 30th November 1999 :

Great pools, average rooms, easy on the wallet

My Rating: 3 donnymac66 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Can't go wrong with the 80's music in the casino and at the pool. Gotta love the Flaming-O UPDATED: The Flamingo is less fabolous than it once was. In need of some TLC for sure

My Rating: 5 shawndog posted on 30th November 1999 :

Great location. GO room was very nice. It had a view of the fountains. Bed was enormous and comfortable. Room service was so-so. Only got 1 of the 2 breakfasts we ordered 1 hour earlier. Monorail station saves you a lot of walking. Overall great experience. Toni braxton got sick while we were there - canceled the rest of the weeks shows. I'll stay again.

My Rating: 3 rbg81601 posted on 30th November 1999 :

The GO rooms were excellent five years ago, but the Fab rooms are pitiful. This property is only on our list if it is the only one we can get a room at for free!

My Rating: 5 vrs1650 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Awesome place to stay, great location, and tons of fun.

My Rating: 1 istare posted on 30th November 1999 :

Center strip, good food, feels like Vegas... What more can you ask (for the price).

My Rating: 4 VEGASGIRL posted on 30th November 1999 :


My Rating: 6 Ronnievegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

Very attentive staff,Great Location. GO Rooms are excellent.Fabulous pool.

My Rating: 6 robertd83 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Had a GO! room from April 27-30 and was quite impressed. Up on the 17th floor, had a great view of the garden and Flamingo habitat. The gaming was good, though I didn't play any table games on the strip - only downtown. Didn't give the drink service a try here, though. The room was a novelty - the lights right over the bed were too bright for my taste. Shower door wasn't the best at staying shut, but it was clean and it was cheap. For Center Strip, you can't beat these prices. And if you have the extra dough to blow, eat at the Steakhouse 46. Don't get the caesar salad, though. Not a big fan. Overall, loved the Flamingo. Gladly stay here again.

My Rating: 6 reuthermonkey posted on 30th November 1999 :

Great Room. Great Price. Great View. Great Location!

My Rating: 5 bugsyflamingo2002 posted on 30th November 1999 :

LOVE IT! I stay there everytime I go. The "GO" pool rocks, and is the perfect location!

My Rating: 4 MartiniMike posted on 30th November 1999 :

I like the history here. Oh, and the buffet! Saw a good show once or twice here too. Good central location. Have I stayed here? Hazy.

My Rating: 4 maintrainstation posted on 30th November 1999 :

It's nice, it's central, it's got a great pool, but I'm never excited about being here. People seem to be having much more fun at the stifling, confining casino at Harrah's than here. The "deluxe" rooms that have not yet been remodeled are still in good shape, are fairly big and can be a pretty good value. Try walking from one end of the floor to the other with the 4 adjoined towers. I counted 156 rooms on one floor. Bring water, you also need to walk back.

My Rating: 4 NeonGlo posted on 30th November 1999 :

Nicer atmosphere than most; amazing pool. Major points for having Margaritaville adjacent. I also like the garden with the penguins, flamingos, swans, etc. And the Buffet is really pretty; it's one of the few on the Strip that I will go to, because of the waterfalls and tropical surroundings.