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Four Queens

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Opened in 1955 with 400 rooms. The Four Queens is one of the older broads still standing in Downtown Las Vegas. Hotel offerings were expanded to 690 rooms with its expansion to two 19 floor towers.

Four Queens Cool Stuff:

Hugo's Cellar is one of the best restaurants in all of Las Vegas. Yes there is 5 star dining in a 2 1/2 star hotel. If you're downtown, don't miss the opportunity to go to Hugo's - truly fantastic.

The Real Deal on Four Queens:

Nice little joint downtown. Big by downtown standards, but little by strip standards. The gaming is hot, vibe is chill and the microbrewery upstairs kicks ass.

The Casino at Four Queens

27 table games, a 1000 slots machines, yes sports book, yes keno. No poker room.

The Rooms at Four Queens

Comfortable, no-nonsense digs for the budget conscious Vegas tripper. Probably some of the best digs downtown, other than Golden Nugget and Fremont... and a little better appointed than Binions. Decent rooms for a great price. Room service is available 5am-midnight.

The Restaurants at Four Queens

Two words: Hugo's Cellar. The best food downtown, and perennial award winner and nominee for Best in Vegas. My 75 year old impossible to please Dad, came home from a Vegas trip and talked about Hugo's Cellar for weeks. Magnolia's Veranda offers standard coffee shop atmosphere and menu. Food is good, service is quite friendly. It is elevated over the casino floor so the wonderful sounds of the casino accompany your meal. Good stuff, fair prices, good food. In need of a beer? Head over to Chicago, Four Queens' on-site micro brewery. The atmosphere is cozy and very comfortable, perfect for that afternoon break from the action. Their assortment of beers are tasty and pungent - mostly of the ale/stoudt/hefeweizen variety. Additionally, Chicago offers a they have a fresh brewed root beer option for the non boozer. Food available too. The video poker at the bar has lousy pay schedules, but it is playable.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 3 setzer posted on 27th July 2014 :

Not a bad gambling joint at all. However, I found that the blackjack tables (which is I think now 6/5) are rather difficult to get in, but the other table games are satisfactory on quality and rules, though read carefully on some of the blackjack tables, as some have some special variants with wonky rules. The personnel here were pretty courteous and went out of their way to help you out and made you feel welcome here.

Summer 2015 Update: Had to bring it down to a 3; the pits weren't that terribly accessible. It wouldn't hurt to put a couple more "regular" blackjack tables than all the variance games I saw.

My Rating: 4 KickedBoar591 posted on 29th May 2014 :

I do like this place enough. Like the brewery. Rooms are cheap. But still, just a step off.

My Rating: 5 crapshappy posted on 17th March 2014 :

Magnolia Terrace is a regular eatery on my visits, dealers are efficient and friendly.

My Rating: 5 jonikat posted on 9th December 2013 :

this hotel is on my list to revisit! but do you offer military discounts

My Rating: 5 ikes1234 posted on 7th December 2013 :

Very nice great food

My Rating: 4 radgambler posted on 5th February 2013 :

The only place I know of in Vegas, or anywhere, that still has the classic Star Wars slots. The steak house is pretty good too.

My Rating: 6 kenn264 posted on 21st May 2012 :

I always have a blast when I stay at the Four Queens, it is my favorite downtown casino.

My Rating: 3 SalSagev posted on 7th January 2012 :

I like to throw some cash at the slots here and we always seem to gravitate to the 4Q restaurants when we stay D'town. The Chicago Brewing Company has become one of our regular stops. It's a comfortable spot to enjoy a good selection of micro brews and reasonably priced pub grub with table views overlooking the casino floor. Magnolia's is solid as well and serves a decent prime rib dinner for well under 10 bucks.

My Rating: 4 Blonde4ever posted on 9th April 2011 :


My Rating: 5 DyceKid posted on 6th April 2011 :

This place will always have a soft spot for me since it's the first place that I've picked up the dice and thrown it, I also had my longest roll here which was over 25 minutes according to the dealer that I tipped very generously. Rooms are Motel 6 quality, I guess you'll like it if your nostalgic.

My Rating: 4 Levek posted on 26th November 2009 :

I came; I played; I won. For my first visit to Four Queens, the service was friendly, drinks arrived quickly, craps table staff were friendly, fun, and energetic. I will visit again.

My Rating: 4 bbcpjc posted on 2nd June 2009 :

good VP. Drink service ranges from very good to non existant.

My Rating: 4 Ronno971 posted on 2nd May 2009 :

Four Queens has a nice section of table games and the people that work there are great. The problem is everyone else thinks so too and getting a table proves to be difficult at times, even during normally slow periods.

My Rating: 3 burque66isletasandia posted on 14th April 2009 :

Stayed for 9-10 and 9-11-08. Not bad birthday will never be the same after 9-11, bday 9-10. But still gotta represent! Food greasy and huge and slots tight and small.

My Rating: 4 RoachClipCharly posted on 20th January 2009 :

The only thing that would make this place better would be 5 Queens.

My Rating: 5 Rodman posted on 25th November 2008 :


My Rating: 4 trixie24 posted on 25th November 2008 :

Nice for downtown...but didn't wow me.

My Rating: 6 Vegasgrl1067 posted on 25th September 2008 :

We absolutely LOVED the Four Queens. We will be taking my parents there for their first DT stay. Brian Wirtz (casino host) got us some amazing rates. Can't wait to hit La Bayou for a Mudslide!! MMMMMMMMMMM............

My Rating: 4 gribblja posted on 30th November 1999 :

Have never stayed at the Four Queens, but love to gamble there. Nice vibe.

My Rating: 3 hugitout posted on 30th November 1999 :

My first and second Vegas Hotel I stayed at. Best value at downtown, low limit on gaming and good odds on craps. Nice clean room now with flat screen TVs. I will be back if ever need a value trip.

My Rating: 5 bobtiki posted on 30th November 1999 :

My first Vegas love, the Four Queens was a bit dingy and ratty, but they had good video poker and a fun bartender named Steve. The 4Q was host to our motley gang's first Vegas trip ever, and it gave a lot of bang for the buck. The tradition of Steak and Eggs after the first late-nite bender also began at the brunch joint at the 4Q. Good times.

My Rating: 4 NeonGlo posted on 30th November 1999 :

The rooms are nice and updated. Hurray for in-room coffemakers! I have made some good money on the slots, not major jackpots, but good. Just don't bother with the slots in the back. FQ has a nice gold-and-well-lit ambiance and is not too big. I like being able to look out over the casino from the coffee shop, which is much nicer than most. I'm still peeved that they're charging for valet parking, though.