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Named after John Fremont, the explorer who lead one of the earliest gringo expeditions into the Las Vegas valley in 1844, The Fremont Hotel and Casino has been around since the Vegas building boom of the 1950's. It'll probably be around until Vegas gets sucked into the pits of hell. One of the stalwarts of old Vegas, the Fremont is the joint that gave The Newton Brothers (Wayne Fucking Newton and his brother Jimmy) their first big break in Vegas back in the pre-cambrian era. They were originally hired for a two-week engagement - 5 years later the brothers Newton left the Fremont.

Fremont Cool Stuff:

Their craps tables have 'throw counters' on them, so you can see how many times the current shooter has thrown the dice since they the last 7 out. Very cool.

The Real Deal on Fremont:

One of the better joints downtown to gamble, the craps and blackjack dealers are fun, helpful and like to have a good time. Binions, Golden Nugget, Plaza, Fremont and Main Street Station are the best joints downtown.

The Casino at Fremont

Slots, $5 table games including: Blackjack, 4 great Craps tables, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow, Let It Ride and more! Their 'Aloha Keno' game caters to the massive Hawaiian population that loves to gamble downtown. The Fremont also features one of the best Race and Sports Books in downtown Las Vegas.

Did we forget to mention $2 roulette? Kick ass!

The Rooms at Fremont

The Fremont features newly updated rooms (2008) at a decent price (mid-week $50, weekends and holidays are more). If you want to be pampered, go stay at the Nug. If you want a place to crash on a budget that still has some degree of class, try the Fremont.

The Restaurants at Fremont

The Fremont offers some of the better eats options downtown (other than the Golden Nugget). The Zagat award winner Second Street Grill offers steaks chops and a finer dining experience than a buffet or coffee shop. Tony Roma's chain-store ribs, the island tinged tryptich Paradise Cafe, Lanai Express(Pan-Asian, with a 99 shrimp coctail), the tropical Paradise Buffet are all quality eats.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 Truckosaurus posted on 3rd December 2014 :

Cheap craps, the 2nd Street Grill restaurant is a hidden gem.

My Rating: 5 KickedBoar591 posted on 1st May 2014 :

This was the first place I was ever comped so it will always have a soft spot for me. Ramon in the buffet is one of the three greatest people on Earth. But I have to deduct a point for removing the purple felt. I've yet to win there since.

My Rating: 4 Jaredjensen posted on 6th February 2014 :

Fremont Casino has $2 Corona and Heineken bottles and i believe $1 Margaritas. Good plae to chill and have a few cheap drinks.

My Rating: 3 SalSagev posted on 7th January 2012 :

Small, but clean and stylish rooms. Perfect for a weekend, but a little small for an extended stay. One of the best sports books D'town and a comfortable enough spot to kick back for a couple hours. I seem to wear out a path to the $2 Coronas/Heinekens on every trip. A clean, simple place to drink and gamble.

My Rating: 3 jMollys posted on 18th November 2010 :

6.00 am one spin hundo hines....bye bye black chip

My Rating: 3 Andrewr11 posted on 19th February 2010 :

Except for the 6:5 nonsense, good atmosphere for table games. We also enjoyed trying to get laughs from a very surly dealer.

My Rating: 5 auburnu008 posted on 8th February 2010 :

Love the great gaming and cheap craps.

My Rating: 3 JustinCantWrite posted on 30th November 1999 :

Best $1 margarita in Vegas.

My Rating: 5 wiscgrl posted on 30th November 1999 :

fremont casino is a place i have to stop at everytime i'm in vegas love to gamble there and their buffet is very damn good!

My Rating: 5 gette posted on 30th November 1999 :

I like to gamble there.... I have been pretty lucky on their nickle slots

My Rating: 3 kermit75 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Ahh well the fremont !!! well again as for my last night in vegas we were on our way to the fremont street experience and were hungry and wanted food and pretty damn quick so we visited the fremont buffet and well.... it wasn't what i expected for what we paid the food selection was ok but the food it's self was on the (NOT SO FRESH SIDE)!!! so if you are on a cheap budget and are pretty buzzed and don't care about quality, this is the place for you...