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Hard Rock

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Built in 1995, the Hard Rock was known for decades as the place to party and was commanding upwards of $600/night for standard hotel rooms on weekends. Hard Rock virtually invented the concept of "day life" with its Rehab(!!) pool party and ruled night life with killer rock n roll shows at The Joint. Hard Rock is one of the few places in Vegas where real touring bands come to play, stay and get crazy... or worse. In 2002, The Who bassist John Entwhistle died of a cocaine overdose in his room at the Hard Rock. In August 2009, the Hard Rock opened the first of two tower expansions, The Paradise Tower. The HRH Tower opened in December 2009.

Hard Rock Cool Stuff:

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The Real Deal on Hard Rock:

After losing its hard earned crown of being the hippest joint in Vegas to the Palms and then Encore, the Hard Rock has poured a bajillion dollars re-do(uche)ing nearly every square inch of the property, including building two brand new hotel towers (Paradise Tower and HRH Tower) and expanding The Joint venue, and redoing nearly all of its restaurants. The end result is that the Hard Rock looks more like a hip boutique hotel with a flourishing casino, nightlife and daylife options and a helluva lot less like a Guitar Center with slot machines.

The Hard Rock is exactly where you don't want to be if you're tripping, like for reals. Guests silhouettes morph into a sea of predator males and barbie dolls prancing around in overpriced zoot suits. Let's get down to brass tacks, how much for the Monkees drum set? Whatever your chemicals, the Hard Rock is a grrrreat place to get some action... and we don't mean gambling... it was the 2005 Trippies Award Winner for Best Place to Get Laid!

We love what they've done with the place and we think that you will too.

The Casino at Hard Rock

BlackJack, Roulette, Craps, and PaiGow. You won't be finding any Keno here. Lots of slot machines too... not as loose as other places, but if you're here try the Video Poker machines and the Wild Cherry machines over by the outer bar near the reception desk. They also have some blackjack tables you can play at while wading in the pool... pretty darn cool.

The Rooms at Hard Rock

If you have a choice in what room you are staying at, we suggest you book the brand new hotel towers as the room decor and all the amenities are brand new and state of the art. Paradise Tower rooms and HRH standard rooms are perfect for the repressed TV tossing rock star in all of us. For those looking to up their game to something astounding, check out the four Pool Suites in the new HRH tower... gorgeous, sexy, strange and fun.

The Restaurants at Hard Rock

All sorts of stuff... Steakhouse, Japanese, the infamous Pink Taco nyuk nyuk... plus a Starbucks.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 CWatts26 posted on 7th March 2016 :

Stayed here once to see GnR. Great pool and the suites are very nice. Pink Taco one of my favorite places to eat in Las Vegas. Center bar is pretty cool, haven't seen the updated verison yet. I would recommend if you're wanting to stay off-strip.

My Rating: 3 Ricogreen posted on 1st February 2014 :

I always have a great time at Hard Rock, great music playing in the casino, and a fantastic pool. I highly recommend going to Culinary Dropout for the amazing pretzels and cheese fondue.

My Rating: 5 VegasMatt posted on 9th September 2013 :

I've stayed here a couple of times. Their customer service sucks and good luck getting attention from the wait staff at the Pink Taco however, Mr Lucky's has an AWESOME breakfast menu. Vinyl is a great intimate live venue and the new Joint is spacious and sounds great. They've had some management problems through the years but I think they are starting to figure things out.

My Rating: 4 Chuckmonster posted on 18th January 2013 :

Love the new additions to the Hard Rock. Great rooms, fun dining, fun casino particularly on nights when a big rock show takes over the joint.

My Rating: 5 nmccarty82 posted on 25th July 2012 :

It's an awesome place to hang out. Big pool areas. I think there are four pool areas not sure. But always worth hanging out at. I don't feel the need to spend $60 on two drinks at these pools but the place is always rocking and lot's gambling inside and out. Suite towers are the way to go as well!

My Rating: 5 blackjacker1979 posted on 25th April 2011 :

A bit disjointed from the strip, but the HRH Tower wins a resortcation vote anyday.

My Rating: 4 cullen0013 posted on 31st January 2011 :

Okay, so the location isn't the most desirable. Take a cab and spend an evening there. Tons of rock n roll memorabilia if you're into that sort of thing. Heard about the not-so-secret $7.77 Special at Mr. Lucky's (steak, shrimp, and baked potato, and a salad for under 8 bucks)? Skip it. You get what you pay for, and you'd be better off ordering from the menu then forcing that piece of shoe leather down your gullet. That being said, the casino pretty much rocks. Hard. (Get it? Ha ha ha). Lots of attractive people to watch while you're laying down your life savings on the felt. If you want to rock n roll all night and party every day then the Hard Rock is worth the trip.

My Rating: 4 SanFranBob posted on 17th January 2011 :

I have had the best of times and the worst of times....

New rooms are very nice. Improvements to players club and video poker schedules help a lot. Always good music.

Downside is that the staff can often make you feel like you are not one of the beautiful people (I'm not, but I do not need the reminder!)

My Rating: 4 Kersten67655 posted on 5th August 2010 :

Was there in march 2009.
Great ambiente, with the fantastic pool area and the rock star stuff in the casino. Nice Pole Dancers on weekend ;-)
Good House Club named Body English.

- no buffet
- off strip

My Rating: 5 ChiCell posted on 12th March 2010 :

Awesome place to hang out at for an evening, especially Body English or Vanity.

My Rating: 5 vegas21er posted on 28th August 2009 :

Always great blackjack action here, and the scenery (Hot Babes) ain't bad either !

My Rating: 4 rowezone54 posted on 3rd May 2009 :

This is my favorite of all resorts. Great music, bars, games, food and above all the pool.

My Rating: 6 mrdoopey posted on 8th April 2009 :

Went there on a Wednesday night, and wow....what a party place! Body English was playing GREAT trance that night, and even though it was dark, it was a great nightlcub. One of the best I've been at.The casino area is loaded with rock memorabilia. Just walking around it was really cool. The edgy motif, the loud, but small casino, good music playing.....it all adds up to my kind of place! There was a live music room, called "Wasted Space" I believe, which had a decent rock/pop band playing, but was way too crowded. Could barely walk in the door...happy to take your $$$ cover charge though. grrrrr.

My Rating: 4 RoachClipCharly posted on 20th January 2009 :

I like this place because everyone is more stoned than I.

My Rating: 4 dearjb posted on 6th January 2009 :

Rooms are nice but a bit average, bed is fantastic, what really makes this place is the rest of the resort ie staff, bars restaurants, clubs and pool, a single persons dream!

My Rating: 4 MrEinSantaCruz posted on 12th November 2008 :

A small fun Casino with good restaurants and outstanding nightclubs - Check out Body English on "School Girl Sunday"; When any lady in a school girl uniform gets free drinks all night long and from the looks of things the shorter the skirt, the stronger the drinks. Rock on Rockers !

My Rating: 6 mdow222 posted on 2nd October 2008 :

LOVE the Casino.... great vibe..... great music.... superior eye candy.The rooms are quite nice and reasonable ... especially off season!

My Rating: 4 jester122 posted on 30th November 1999 :

loud, noisy, and crowded. the most wicked pool parties. you're not paying for the amenities when staying here, you're paying for all the eye candy downstairs. btw- the hot chick with sunglasses on top of her head sitting by herself @ 3am isn't really checking you out. she's actually "working"

My Rating: 4 hugitout posted on 30th November 1999 :

Definitely stay till Tuesday during the summer, you can't miss Rehab on Sunday, best pool party in Vegas. If not, go to Relax on Monday. I'll be back.

My Rating: 5 justJoey posted on 30th November 1999 :

Worn RoomsShitty Location (anything off strip I consider shitty)Fantastic Vibe (if you are young or want to pretend to be)Has one of the top 3 clubs in Vegas (Body English)Fun, decent dining optionsFun Center BarGood size for large group of people so you dont constantly lose people

My Rating: 5 Ronnievegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

Excellent spot to celeb gawk. Rehab Sundays always fun.

My Rating: 3 maintrainstation posted on 30th November 1999 :

On nights when something is happening, this place is outrageously expensive. On slow nights, you can get a real bargain on one of their mod sophisto rooms, but the place will be real dull. This is the one big casino resort that is walking distance to the froot loop, but it's too far to walk to and from the strip.