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The LuXor, or the Powerslave as we call it around here, was opened in 1993 at a price tag of $375 million dollars. The light beam shooting out from the top of the pyramid can be seen from Saturn. No shit!

LuXor Cool Stuff:

A monorail connects LuXor to Excalibur and Mandalay Bay... if you want to get further down the strip, head to Excalibur, then over to NYNY then catch the Monorail at MGM... or take a cab.

Read our May 2008 assessment of the Luxor redesign

Another cool ride in Vegas is the LuXor 'inclinator' - the elevator that goes up the inside of the pyramid at a sideways angle. Very cool!

The Real Deal on LuXor:

Buyer beware - all MGM Resorts properties charge the highest resort fees (nearly $40/night) plus a $10 per day fee to self-park your car. VegasTripping suggests you find alternate accommodations.
The LuXor is a scandalous joint. The rebar holding the building up is cracking, the concrete foundation is sinking and in 2011, three guests contracted Legionella disease... killing one of them in January 2012. Not that any of that will stop the throngs of Criss Angel obsessives from kneeling at the alter of that illusion for the forseeable future. The casino is set in the bottom of the big pyramid, on a platform above the casino floor is a shopping/food court area, and above that is the top of the pyramid. The energy here seems to get lost up in the top of the pyramid. Slots aren't medium tighter than next door neighbor Excalibur and the table games are medium alright - you're better off heading to Mandalay Bay where the dealers are friendlier and the vibe is nicer. Still a nice place, but there are better options in the immediate vicinity.

The Casino at LuXor

Slots, Video Poker, BlackJack, Craps, Roulette (double zero), Baccarat, PaiGow, Keno, a poker room and a not-so bitchin' but still usable Race and Sports Book.

The Rooms at LuXor

Two main areas of the hotel, the Pyramid and the Main tower. Pyramid rooms are accessible by the delightful 'inclinator' (an elevator that goes up sideways at an upward slope). They offer standard rooms as well as high roller suites and jacuzzi suites. The jacuzzi suites are mildly spacious split-room affairs (eating area/sleeping area) with high-speed internet ports ($10/day), a jacuzzi that seats two comfortably, angled walls, nice view, a vanity, shower that tall people can actually use, all manner of soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizers, king bed and a full sized ironing board.

The Restaurants at LuXor

There are places to eat here. Check the VT Dining Guide for all the details and reviews from your fellow trippers.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 2 maxutilsperusd posted on 22nd April 2016 :

Venues: LAX: Lousy, but hey when you are young and don't know better it's not bad
Rooms: So-So, horrible front desk
Design: Lousy, worthless monorail, complicated layout with a far away tower
Pool: So-So, I can dig the islands, if only it wasn't ancient concrete everywhere
Food: Good, has a McDonald's
Location: Lousy, the absolute worst

My Rating: 4 Ten6redhead posted on 28th July 2015 :

This will always be special to my husband and I. This is where we spent our honeymoon. First time in Vegas. Loved the unique hotel. Elevators in the pyramid were a bit different. Once we learned to just hang on it was a fun ride.

My Rating: 4 jthm242 posted on 28th July 2015 :

De-themeing has taken the spark out of the Luxor, it still has a few hints to the old kitschy Egyptian motif, but that just emphasizes to me how sterile it has become.

My Rating: 3 MeltYrselfDown posted on 15th July 2014 :

the pool was nice. so was the tower premier suite upgrade at check-in. however the room somehow still felt cramped. almost too much marble. carrot top was actually funny. food was lame. gambling was awful.

My Rating: 6 nckatmandu posted on 25th February 2014 :

We come back year after year and after each less than awesome stay we return to the LUXOR!!!! We have stayed at Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Palazzo.....you name it we probably have tried it and no where do you get treated like the LUXOR!!! The difference is no matter who you are or how much you spend...EVERYONE at the LUXOR is their big spender!!!! LOVE THE LUXOR!!!!! See you in May 2014!!!!

My Rating: 6 jonikat posted on 9th December 2013 :

I love this hotel! The suite was amazing. I am wondering if you offer military discounts.

My Rating: 3 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 16th May 2013 :

Oh what could become of this place. Walked through the Titanic exhibit, pretty neat, just don't pay full price and it's worth it.

My Rating: 3 radgambler posted on 5th February 2013 :

This is where it all started, back when the Lux wasn't ashamed of its Egyptian heritage.

My Rating: 2 Chuckmonster posted on 18th January 2013 :

Still mysterious after all these years. But then you go inside and find a half-assed, half finished modern airport style renovation. The hotel rooms are the same as when the joint opened in 1993.

My Rating: 3 JIMMYJDTRUCK posted on 4th October 2012 :


My Rating: 4 TwoAngels posted on 16th February 2012 :

I have stayed at the Luxor twice. Once when I was 15 and once when I went back at the tender age of 21 (though I had 5 years drinking experience nder my belt, because England rules!)

When I was 15 this place was magical, I feel in love with Vegas that day and while I have strayed to other destinantions I still find myself coming back to her. But enough about that, this is about the LuXor.

The LuXor is a nice hotel for what you pay. It's not the best and it's not the worst. I'd say it's above average. I was lucky enough to recieve a free upgrade to a suite room which was huge, and I mean huge! I've seen houses with less space than the room I was in and I truly felt like a 'Vegas High Rolla'!

The egyption theme is nice and the shape of the hotel is just cool, standing in it and seeing the slopping walls is pretty strange but nice. Though it is a bit dated in areas and in some places it's obvious they've attempted to move away from the Egyption theme but all in all I think it still works rather well.

The bars in the hotel are fine, not amazing and a bit to up themselves for my liking, they just didn't scream fun. The sports book was a bit drab and I watched the Champions league final here (2009 - Absolute cracker of a game) but just didn't have the same magic as what I had hoped for.

The restaurants are very good. Tender is a great place for a steak (I have yet to find a place in Vegas that does not do a great steak) and the Cathouse had the best calamari I had ever tasted (Now no longer a restaurant boo hiss!)

The hotel is connected to Mandalay Bay & Excalibar by walkways which means you do not have to step outside into what i can only describe as Hell. Some people like the heat but I do not! The walkways have shops and restuarants in them (I think, memories hazy for some unknown reason) so they're nice to walk along. There's also a connection to the monorail but I never used that, never found how to get on it to be truthful. The hotels location on the Strip is not bad, it's not great but at least it's not the Stratosphere or the Palms (Those are a Trek to get to!)

All in all a decent place to stay if you want a mid range place.

My Rating: 3 mappy posted on 9th February 2012 :

Cheap strip alrenative. House keeping sucks

My Rating: 4 carebear01268 posted on 23rd November 2011 :

I like the Luxor when I need a cheap stay. The rooms are decent but more resemble a typical hotel room. I love using the inclinator elevator and the view on the higher floors into the atrium. I like that the tram is right in front so you can get to the rest of the strip easily. Overall a good hotel to stay in if you are on a tight budget.

My Rating: 3 MikieTaps posted on 19th September 2011 :

Meh, nothing special...

We did get a free upgrade to a tower room... but still meh.

My Rating: 4 PMakster posted on 10th June 2011 :

Very cool architecture. Use to stayed here all the time because of their deals. Rooms are better in the towers where it's cleaner and newer.

My Rating: 6 hilljacademics posted on 5th January 2011 :

Our place to stay and play.

My Rating: 3 CapriVegas posted on 25th November 2010 :

The pyramid rooms may be a little rough, but those diagonal moving elevators are cool.

My Rating: 5 jammoral posted on 19th November 2010 :

It is my favorite on the strip, it was my 1st for Vegas.I alway visit this casino when i come to Vegas.

My Rating: 3 MiguelA posted on 18th September 2010 :

Dark and very hot rooms. This place is very unique but needs some work on the inside and with the rooms. I just visited again in Aug 10 and saw that the lobby and casino floor had been changed around a little. It is also down towards the end of the Strip. Everything seems far to walk to.

My Rating: 3 Rgiffen2 posted on 10th August 2010 :

I loved the Luxor before it was de-themed. There was something about the Egyptian theme that I loved, it gave it a mysterious feel. The new hip theme is boring and there is no longer anything special about the place. They made the place bland! The rooms in the tower are nicer than in the pyramid, but the halls in the tower are just plain weird. The buffet is horrible, but I tend to sugar coat. The cafe is OK, nothing special, but it will fill a hole.
Bring back the theme, otherwise its like a Motel 6 with night clubs and an inclinator.

My Rating: 4 adztheman posted on 8th August 2010 :

The best room I ever had in Las Vegas was right here..was checking in late one night with a reservation, and the Pyramid was overbooked for MAGIC..so that got me a one bedroom suite in the West Tower..fantastic room..for around $49..excellent lunch buffet, have enjoyed meals and service in the Pyramid Cafe..have won in the casino..only gripe is the strict check in at 11am policy..they aren't kidding..and they make you stand in lines to prove it..

My Rating: 6 twofours posted on 3rd August 2010 :

Twice had a perfect stay in the Tower rooms.Was I lucky?Pyramid cafe is a little gem.

My Rating: 4 bloock posted on 30th July 2010 :

I like the Luxor for its atmosphere and surroundings. I like the theme of the resort, it's very different from anything else anywhere!
What I do not like is the fact that if you park yourself you have to walk all the way to the front of the building to check into the hotel, then go back around the casino to the elevators and it makes it very unconvenient. Other than the check in process, and the location of how that's laid out, we enjoyed the hotel. Very good restaurants, and quick to get on the monorail system.

My Rating: 4 mlfeatherbee posted on 25th May 2010 :

We stayed twice in the tower and would stay there again - comfortable and quiet. The new look and feel of the casino is better than the tomb feeling but there is still alot of Egyptian theme that doesnt mesh with the renovation.

My Rating: 3 atdleft posted on 14th May 2010 :

Call me crazy, but I'm liking "The New Luxor: Getting to the Point". And yes, the new decor does get to the point of this place: It's time to PARTY! Oh yeah, the cleaned up carpets and sleek, simple design much better fits "New Luxor" and its mission to be the (cheaper) party palace of The South Strip... For folks who'd rather not fork the extra dough to take the road to Mandalay just a little further.

I just wish MGM Mirage will eventually get to the point in upgrading those damned fugly rooms! Yuck, they still have boob tubes and "faux Egyptian" fixtures in there! Maybe when the rooms look as sleek and sexy as the casino floor, I'll go upstairs more often. Until then, I'll just stop at Cathouse before taking the road back to Mandalay.

My Rating: 4 pebbles2009 posted on 5th May 2010 :

This was the Hotel I stayed in on my first ever trip to Las Vegas, which was around 12 years ago. It was very chic at that time, but to be honest it doesn't have the same impact nowadays. Still a great place to stay though!

My Rating: 4 golfbag27 posted on 31st March 2010 :

Stayed in the towers and it was better than I had anticipated

My Rating: 3 sinatrabean posted on 4th January 2010 :

The LuXor is suffering from an identity crisis for sure, and the fact that it will forever be associated with Criss Angel is unfortunate, but it's a relatively pleasant place to stay. We got a great deal on a room and the beds were pretty decent, room was really clean and service was friendly. I like the billion tiny places to eat especially when it was late and we didn't want to leave the hotel. Meh.

My Rating: 4 Trevelbond posted on 16th October 2009 :

Luxor impresses me. Just walking into the place and looking up at the cavernous atrium leaves me awestruck. The price is right, the decor is okay. I liked it better back when it had a theme. There's still a bunch of Egyptian stuff scattered around, and I wonder if they're not done renovating yet.

My Rating: 5 cubs4eva posted on 1st July 2009 :

Stayed here most recently, two years ago with girlfriend. I really liked the Aurora Bar. The dancers in the Blackjack pits were very nice too, damn near earned me a slap!

My Rating: 5 bevhill1 posted on 7th April 2009 :

A girlfriend and me stayed at the Luxor in the towers and it was nice. We had a little ways to walk to our elevatorsbut overall the room was nice. The spa was going trough renovations(we went Dec 2006) and my friend wanted to get a service so she was a little bumed out. We valet and they were excellent in their service. Overall a nice experience.

My Rating: 5 tincansailor posted on 16th February 2009 :

A great place before they started "detheming" it. Still good vibes and nice tower suites. I have always come out with money from the machines much to the dismay of the wife (she's not been as lucky). Have always gotten great drink service and thats what counts.

My Rating: 4 RoachClipCharly posted on 20th January 2009 :

I want to slide down the side of this place so badly.

My Rating: 4 Antman73 posted on 11th January 2009 :

I have stayed at Luxor Twice. My first time ever visiting Las Vegas, in 97, and my last time, in 04. I stayed in the Pyrmid both times. In 04 it was starting to look a little shabby and run down. I know they are in the middle of de-theming (how do you take the Egypt out of a pyrmid???) so i'm sure it will be brought back up to what it was. When it was open, the Sacred Sea Room was Amazing.

My Rating: 1 MrEinSantaCruz posted on 1st January 2009 :

The site of my worst trip to Vegas Ö I had a first floor room in the tower and try to arrange for a wake up call Ė only to find that the phone in the room doesnít work. I walk to the front desk and they tell me that are aware of the issue but there isnít anything they can do. They also say that they can not arrange for a wakeup call for me, because of the phone problem. An hour later this high pitched wine starts screeching in my room. After 20 mins of searching and unplugging everything I can find, I figure out that itís coming from outside my window, where a large tour bus is parked idling outside my window. I pick up the phone to call the front desk, but of course it isnít working, so I have to get up and go to the front desk. They tell me that they will send someone from Security out to talk to the Bus Driver. And indeed I watch asthe Security guy shows up, bums a smoke off the bus driver, and sits smoking with him for bit before taking off Ė the bus still running itís motor and the noise still going. Another trip to the Front Desk, = me in being told that ďThere isnít anything that can be done because the bus is taking people to the Grand Cannon at 5 am and if they donít keep the thing going it wonít be warm for them". Fumming I go back to my room, pack, and wait for my 8 am shift to start.The next day I go to the front desk and speak to the Manager. He was indifferent and kept saying ďWhat do you expect us to do about it ?Ē. I asked what he was willing to do to make it up to me and his response was ďI really donít see the need to do anything for you since youíre convention staff. Have a nice day.Ē.Iím just sorry that I canít give them negative points.

My Rating: 4 beangurl posted on 11th October 2008 :

Stayed before after the "new" branding. Call me strange, but I really liked the Egyptian theme. Now it is upgraded with new bars etc. The Jacuzzi spa room in the pyramid is large and looking out of the window above is romantic. Previously refridgerators were in the room, now according to the desk clerk, you have to request one. There are no safes and they need to update the bedding in the spa rooms. But I still love that jacuzzi...........

My Rating: 3 AceCopland posted on 30th November 1999 :

Stayed in the Towers - a large suite overlooking Excalibur, sweet digs. But I don't know there's just something about Egypt... Isn't that what the slaves said before they left for the promised land?

My Rating: 3 MinVegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

If you show any Vegas newbie a shot of the Strip skyline and ask them where they'd like to stay, the pyramid will be in their top three, every time. Show them a picture of what a room in the pyramid looks like, and then they change their mind. Received help in 2008, but needs more.

My Rating: 3 hugitout posted on 30th November 1999 :

Stayed before the remodeled and during the Egyptian theme period. Now it's all about the Southern California hipster.

My Rating: 4 reuthermonkey posted on 30th November 1999 :

Good value. Decent rooms.

My Rating: 3 bigpopajd3 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Nothing special, stayed in one of their players suite, was okay, nice decor, Bose system was kinda cool. Egyptian motive needs to be updated. Tower rooms definitely better than the pyramid rooms.

My Rating: 3 canadiancrapshooter posted on 30th November 1999 :

Too much construction. I think it will be a very nice place after everything is done.

My Rating: 3 DMaldon762 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Kinda crappy rooms in the Pyramid. The novelty wore off pretty quickly.