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Mandalay Bay

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Opened March 2, 1999 on the site of the long standing Vegas landmark The Hacienda, the opulent Mandalay Bay (code named 'Project Paradise') cost a staggering $950 Million dollars to construct, and is the southern-most mega-resort on the Las Vegas Strip. It's fantastic pools (wave pool, lazy river ride and more), filling stations (The Bar, RumJungle, Red Square, Auerole, House of Blues), attractions (The Spa, Shark Habitat) and 135,000 square feet of casino madness are all top notch experiences designed to blow your mind. If that weren't enough, LuXor Egypt and Ye Olde Merry Excalibur are a two minute monorail ride away.

THEhotel, a boutique addition out back opened on December 17th, 2003 and offers some of the smartest rooms in Vegas... it's a damn shame the service isn't up to snuff... when they concentrate on the customer, THEhotel could give every high ticket resort a run for it's room service.

Mandalay Bay Cool Stuff:

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The Real Deal on Mandalay Bay:

Buyer beware - all MGM Resorts properties charge the highest resort fees (nearly $40/night) plus a $10 per day fee to self-park your car. VegasTripping suggests you find alternate accommodations.
Mandalay Bay has a huge casino floor. If you're not sitting at a table, you may as well forget about getting drink service at your slot or video poker machine. Mandalay Bay has the worst casino floor drink service ever. Oh, and if your cash out ticket gets caught in the machine and you need assistance from a slot tech... you can pretty much forget that too. We've been trapped at a machine waiting to cash out on three occasions for about 15 minutes each (on separate trips no less). Horrible. The dealers are pretty nice though and drink service at the table games is quick and often.

The Casino at Mandalay Bay

Slots, Blackjack (double deck, 6 and 8 deck shoes + Lucky Ladies), Roulette, Craps, Three Card Poker, PaiGow, Carribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Race & Sports Book, Slots, Video Poker, Slots and some Slots.

The Rooms at Mandalay Bay

Most of Mandalay Bay's guest rooms were redesigned in 2007. Room options now include: Deluxe, Spa, Great Room, eXtra Bedroom and SkyView - which equate to fancy names (and higher prices) for new wallpaper and furniture. Each room features pillow top mattresses, minibars, flat screen tv's (one for the bedroom and one in the john), wifi internet (for a fee) iPod docks and separate jacuzzi tubs and shower stall.

The Restaurants at Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay has an excellent mix of restaurants, including a number of upscale joints that have received Michelin Star ratings. Mix - features an American take on French cuisine with sumptuous steaks and chops, plus the view is spectacular. Fleur de Lys - traditional French cuisine, not our cup of tea but Chef Hubert Keller is a master. Aureole - American cuisine fired up by Charlie Palmer. China Grill - Asian fusion. Shanghai Lilly - Chinese. Red Square - Russian, wha? Yeah stroganoff, vodkas, steaks, seafood done up in a contemporary Russian style. Trattoria Del Lupo - Italian food by Wolfgang Puck, whose food we've never found to be particularly excellent. rumjungle - Caribbean, Cuban, Brazilian. RM Seafood - we've never been here, tell us what you think. STRIPSTEAK - Michael Mina's steakhouse.

Mandalay Bay also features a bunch of casual and quick bite joints including the House of Blues, Border Grill, Giorgio (Italian), Noodle Shop, Verandah, Red White and Blue and the Burger Bar. Raffles Cafe is their 24 hour coffee shop and the Bayside Buffet is nothing to write home about.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 setzer posted on 23rd June 2016 :

If it wasn't so far away from everything else on the strip, I'd be willing to rate higher. That said, everything about Mandalay Bay is pretty solid, very nice staff, large casino, there's nothing much bad I can say.

My Rating: 4 maxutilsperusd posted on 22nd April 2016 :

Venues: Light: Very Cool
Rooms: So-So
Design: Pretty Lame, useful monorail, otherwise too large and disorganized
Pool: Pool Complex: Very Cool, Daylight: Lousy, horrific staff, concrete everywhere
Food: Very Cool
Location: Pretty Lame

My Rating: 5 CWatts26 posted on 7th March 2016 :

The location lacks the desire to stay here, then again this hotel has the best pool on the Strip. Sports Book is a good size and they also have a Tram. Rooms are very nice, with good size bathrooms and a tub. Stayed here in 2015.

My Rating: 5 Bajablastgod posted on 23rd August 2015 :

My first four star hotel in Vegas. Was really impressed with the bathroom and floor to ceiling windows...until I stayed at a terrace studio @ the Cosmo. Glad to see MGM renovating those rooms as they were already worn out 4 years ago.

My Rating: 4 BobbyD posted on 9th December 2014 :

Too far south, but that pool !! Awesome. Plenty of great dining too.

My Rating: 4 Ricogreen posted on 1st February 2014 :

The best pool in the city, really like what they have done with their room update. The resort also has a great collection of restaurants.

My Rating: 4 Chuckmonster posted on 18th January 2013 :

The brand new hotel rooms are nice, but MGM and their fee happy pillaging of their customers will prevent me from staying here any time soon.

My Rating: 5 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 13th September 2012 :

Love the place, just wish it wasn't so isolated. Saw a show at House of Blues here, great venue.

My Rating: 6 MGMCaesars posted on 17th August 2012 :

Tower of goldness!

My Rating: 5 nmccarty82 posted on 25th July 2012 :

A more family oriented casino and resort. Don't recommend going if it is just a couple looking to party it up at the pools. Mostly children and families at the pool areas. The casino and the sports book are awesome. The clubs and lounges are definitely fun for the weekend couple to party down at!

My Rating: 5 Heresiarch posted on 7th July 2012 :

I'm consistently happy with staying here. The rooms feel a bit crowded with all of the furniture that they try to throw in, but the beds are comfy and the bathrooms well appointed. Not too many douchebags and the noise level is good. Some of the dealers were great, others distracted, and pit critters seem almost human sometimes. It's at the far end of the strip, but to me that's a good thing.

My Rating: 5 pebbles2009 posted on 26th April 2012 :

I love this hotel even though I haven't stayed here. I have, however, seen performances by Squeeze and also Madness in the House of Blues. Amazing!

My Rating: 5 mappy posted on 9th February 2012 :

Go to burger bar

My Rating: 6 SalSagev posted on 7th January 2012 :

Almost got a tattoo here once.

My Rating: 6 PMakster posted on 22nd December 2011 :

My favorite place to stay and play. Love the tropical resort theme. The pools are the main factor that draws me there. Does feel like a high end resort.

My Rating: 5 swillig posted on 16th December 2011 :

I have never actually stayed at this casino. For us it is too far away from the heart of the strip. We like to do short little stints in each casino and then move on to the next. This casino being at the end of the line does not make it condusive to this type of trip, unless you want to take taxis or walk past the same casinos day in and day out....

That being said, we love the restaurants here. Plan to stay at least 4 to 5 hours to enjoy as much good food as possible.

My Rating: 5 Wrinklebottom posted on 14th October 2011 :

Actually better now than it used to be because all the douchebags have migrated to Encore. Now that theyre comping rooms in the Four Seasons & Michael Jackson Cirque show is coming I'll bet you that this place would be back in the running for top dog on the strip if MGM would just show it a little more love & stop treatin it like a red-headed stepchild.

My Rating: 6 peronnieh posted on 1st September 2011 :

Love this place! I love the Asian vibe. The restaurants are fabulous. The wave pool is amazing. The casino is hot. The rooms are amazing. Truly one of my favorite hotel/casinos.

My Rating: 4 vegasbiatch posted on 29th June 2011 :

nice but far from everything!

My Rating: 6 Veejogee posted on 24th June 2011 :


My Rating: 5 Stosh posted on 18th June 2011 :

Never slept here, but Mix and Foundation Room alone make it worth our while. Note to EyeCandy: hey, uh, it's fucking vegas and you're not serving food, so go get me some matches and a tray, Honey.

My Rating: 6 hilljacademics posted on 3rd April 2011 :

Very nice.

My Rating: 5 SanFranBob posted on 17th January 2011 :

Beautiful rooms and great pool (major bonus during the summer obviously). Have played here for years but that may change in 2011 as I have got some nice offers

My Rating: 3 kalleg35 posted on 7th November 2010 :

had to pick five hotel, so i choose it, never stayed at the mB

My Rating: 4 Dorian posted on 3rd October 2010 :

Great atmosphere and the best pool in Las Vegas. This is where I stay in the hot summer months. It's like a tropical resort in the Bahamas.

My Rating: 5 Misnomer posted on 17th August 2010 :

I like the smell here. Snnnnifff, mmmm parrot farts. Given its numerous celeb-chef helmed restaurants, one of the best pools in Vegas, a fantastic sports book, and a cool rock club, this place should be so much more than it is. Unfortunately, the sum of its parts is a noticeably neglected MGM Resorts International joint, just like the rest of 'em.

My Rating: 5 runnerjon posted on 12th August 2010 :

Great pool, good food, decent sized drinks

My Rating: 5 TangiersTodd posted on 10th August 2010 :

Many have mentioned it, but the smell of the place is intoxicating. I don't know if it's coconuts or "parrot poop" as someone said, but it's divine. Table games are not so good, and the douche factor on weekends is still as nauseating as it was 10 years ago. But the slots are fun, the restaurants and bars are great, the shopping choices take as much of my money as gaming, and the pools/beach are tops. And being a big sports book guy, their room is still my favorite of any casino I've been in so far. I attend an annual conference held here, so I frequent this place a lot.

My Rating: 5 adztheman posted on 8th August 2010 :

Next to Wynn my favorite rooms in Las Vegas are here..great living area and bedrooms with HD TVs, comfy beds, excellent bathroom..gaming here is awful..casino was too cold, literally, from the temperature to the machines...coffee shop is excellent but expensive..but would stay here again in a heartbeat and just play elsewhere...

My Rating: 5 Rockymountainroller posted on 19th May 2010 :

I have always liked Mandalay Bay and TheHotel. Rooms are great, pool is probably the best with the wave pool, sandy beach, tube river and mini casino. The buffet is one of the better ones. There is a large concert venue at MB and a smaller one at the pool. Overall theme is good. It is on the very south end of the Strip. The free monorail to the Excaliber helps.

My Rating: 6 atdleft posted on 26th April 2010 :

This carpet joint has really earned my adoration the hard way. I almost always win at the slots here. I've enjoyed staying at THEhotel's awesome suites. I don't remember a single bad meal at Border Grill, Red White and Blue, Aureole, or Mix. Oh, and how about that pool??!! All in all, the understated elegance of this place still makes Mandalay Bay a winner for me! :-D

My Rating: 5 auburnu008 posted on 8th February 2010 :

Love the whole vibe of Mandalay.

My Rating: 6 JakeNYC posted on 8th December 2009 :

I've always enjoyed staying at Mandalay Bay, even more when the room is comped. They have a nice selection of mid-priced eateries and a few higher priced (Fleur de Lys and StripSteak have always been excellent). The rooms are nice, the suites eve nicer, and if you get a view looking up The Strip it's one of the best views in town. Only complaint is location, location, location, it's a hike to get to the mid-Strip casinos, figure on taking taxis and learning some of the non-Strip roads heading north/south.

My Rating: 5 SilverFox posted on 14th May 2009 :

Stayed here for a business conference. Had the 550DDR Strip View room. The standard room was nice. Clean, comfy bed, plasma TV, double closets, large tub and separate shower, dual sinks and standard hotel beige decor. City Center detracts from the view north from the hotel. I also had a fantastic view of the airport. Fortunately, I wasn't particularly bothered by the sound of planes arriving and departing. The pool was always crowded and tough to get a seat in the sun. We opted for the Moorea Beach Club. Bikini Blackjack at the beach casino was fun. Would have broke even on gambling, but Mrs. Fox did not maintain her usual luck on the slots and I maintained at cards. Since it was a business trip this time, I didn't get to spend as much time in the casino as I would have liked. I tried to take pictures similar to the VegasTripping review. I plan to write a full review and see if ChuckMonster will post it. The biggest downside to the hotel room was no inside locks on the door. While I wasn't concerned about somebody getting in, I need the locks to keep my drunk ass in the room at night. I got up in the middle of the night to relieve myself and accidentally locked myself out of the room in the hallway in my undies. Good thing I wasn't alone. That could have been very embarassing.

My Rating: 5 WebCodeMonkey posted on 25th March 2009 :

The casino is a little too much like a slot warehouse... but I don't mind that much.

My Rating: 5 acantrill posted on 23rd March 2009 :

Amazingly plush rooms with the best pool on the strip!

My Rating: 5 westTexasroller posted on 27th January 2009 :

I love the smell of this place.....probably my favorite casino and sportsbook layout. The rooms arent bad, and if the wife ever decides to bring the kids, I'll stay here for the pool alone. UPDATE : Kids are now grown since I started this page, so screw em, let them take thier own ass to Vegas. Still love love love how this place smells.

My Rating: 5 Antman73 posted on 11th January 2009 :

I stayed here all the way back in 99. The beach/pool area in just amazing. The room was great, very clean and fresh ( I think it was only a year old at the time). They had just started building Shark Reef when we stayed, so when I went back to Vegas a few years later I saw it. Pretty nice, a good thing to do on a hot day to get some shade. But I think most of all I love that wonderful smell they pump through the place.

My Rating: 4 jmtheman posted on 25th December 2008 :

My first trip ever was spent here for three nights. The rooms are really nice but I didn't understand all the fuss. The buffet is delicious in my opinion but it's $20 just for lunch, so it's not a very cheap option. In general, I think the gaming here sucks. The House of Blues is a good place to see a concert and the Shark Reef is cool and (relative to Vegas) cheap for some fun. The rooms and options trumped the bad gaming for me.

My Rating: 4 MrEinSantaCruz posted on 12th November 2008 :

Man Delay Bay ! There is always a line to check in or out, but they do their best to move as quickly as possible. I haven't stayed in the newly renovated rooms but the place needed an update. The property is great with a fun Casino, good Bar / Nightclubs, and good restaurants. Ive seen great shows at the HoB (was 10 from Snoop Dog, holdin my own on the dance floor for his show ya heard me). I hope to check out the new bar and casino renovations next week.

My Rating: 5 bevhill1 posted on 9th November 2008 :

I stayed at Mandalay Bay in Dec 2007 and it was a great experience. From the time I pulled up in valet until it was time fo me to leave, the staff were great. The room was soo great and the bathroom had a separate shower and whirlpool tub with a glass window on the side where the tub was(frosted glass).

My Rating: 5 johntree posted on 8th September 2008 :

Great place to roam around........gamble....drink....eat!

My Rating: 5 MinVegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

I guess this isn't exactly a great hotel by anyone's standards now, but it's the first place I stepped into and stayed at, and it does have a few tricks up it's sleeve. You can't beat Mix or Foundation Room for views, the HOB is one of the city's two large venues willing to run indie-league shows, and the showroom has been hosting solid Broadway hits for years.

My Rating: 4 jester122 posted on 30th November 1999 :

not into the south seas themed motif? get a room on the 34th floor. they are known as house of blues themed rooms. staying at THEhotel isn't a bad choice either, very spacious. but i found a turd in my guest bathroom. it took 45 minutes for someone to reclean my room. ever since the merger with MGM-Mirage, the property has lost its luster. kinda sad really.

My Rating: 4 montanavike posted on 30th November 1999 :

Haven't stayed but have played here. Lots of fun. Really nice place to boot.

My Rating: 5 MitchellOfLife posted on 30th November 1999 :

I stayed at THEhotel and it is alot nicer and friendly than people think. Great service, one of the chefs was on "Top Chef," it's right next to Mandalay Bay and Mamma Mia, you can use the pool, there is no casino i the lobby, alleviating our noses of so much smoke, and it's just great.

My Rating: 3 RockVegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

At Mandalay Bay, the room sucked. One of the double sinks was backed up. Ended with a big ashtray for a room after requesting a non-smoking room. A/C was screwed.

My Rating: 5 levans posted on 30th November 1999 :

The only flaw with the hotel is the lack of a true front entrance. The layout is easily followed. The pool is huge. The Shark Reef is a good value and also a good place to take kids if you happen to have them with you. The dining options are very good. There is even a small but well stocked bookstore right off the casino that gives you somewhere to pick up something to read on your flight home.

My Rating: 1 justJoey posted on 30th November 1999 :

Very nice rooms, Lousy Location, Mack Daddy Spa, Good dining options, Good Buffet, Great Pool, Only thing that keeps me from staying here again is location

My Rating: 6 krazyk posted on 30th November 1999 :

I stayed here twice. I stayed in THEhotel and a suite in the original tower after the remodel. The remodeled rooms are nice, very uplifting tones in the room. I wanted to stay here to swim in the pool, but I never made it to the pool. I was way too hung over to be in the sun.

My Rating: 5 hugitout posted on 30th November 1999 :

Got a upcoming stay at THEHotel. Going to be sweet.

My Rating: 5 caesar1st posted on 30th November 1999 :

TheHotel is great, Mandalay hotel is just ok. Everything else rocks. The restaurants are great, night life is ultra fun, and the pool is 2nd to none.

My Rating: 6 MartiniMike posted on 30th November 1999 :

I love Red Square.