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Mandarin Oriental

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3752 Las Vegas Blvd South : Map | Gmap

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Mandarin Oriental opened on December 4, 2009

Mandarin Oriental Cool Stuff:

Read Mike E's review of Mandarin Oriental's gorgeous rooms

photo of the view from Mandarin Bar.

The Real Deal on Mandarin Oriental:

Buyer beware - all MGM Resorts properties charge the highest resort fees (nearly $40/night) plus a $10 per day fee to self-park your car. VegasTripping suggests you find alternate accommodations.
Look out Wynncore, there's a new luxury hotel in town and it is OMGorgeous!

The Casino at Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental does not have a casino in the building, head over to ARIA, Monte Carlo, Bellagio or Planet Hollywood for some action.

The Rooms at Mandarin Oriental

The standard room's dimensions aren't particularly large, but the amenities are truly unbelievable. Full room reviews will be posted shortly.

The Restaurants at Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental features two restaurants on premises: Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, the first U.S. restaurant by the multiple Michelin star award winning Chef. Expect exciting creations which will push your taste buds to the extreme and scare you at the same time - unabashed culinary artistry. Additionally, Mandarin Oriental has MOzen Bistro, a very upscale version of the classic bistro/coffee shop. Read our reviews of MOzen Lunch and Breakfast. Wow.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 5 DarkGhost posted on 4th June 2016 :

Fantastic service. Quiet and intimate. Very expensive. Beautiful, intimate, modern spa.

My Rating: 6 DuLac55 posted on 30th May 2014 :

The MO LV is the single best hotel I have stayed in, ever. The standard room is the nicest room in Las Vegas and the service is simply incredible. If you like pampering, the MO is the best, hands down. And the bar on the 23rd floor has some of the best views in all of Las Vegas.

My Rating: 6 VegasMatt posted on 9th September 2013 :

Top of the line. If you expect nothing but expensive and awesome.. This is your treat. The pool on the 6th floor is breathtaking. However, one does feel awkward wearing anything less than a suit.

My Rating: 6 radgambler posted on 5th February 2013 :

Best hotel. Anywhere.

My Rating: 4 HedgedBettor posted on 6th April 2012 :

I had high expectations for my stay at Mandarin Oriental but I'm sorry to say that I was deeply disappointed. This isn't a bad hotel mind you, its merely unremarkable. I found the service to be not hugely notable, beyond the service-heavy spa and the better-than-average concierge. The Sky Lobby (and the elevator change you have to make every time you want to go to your room) was more annoying than I expected it to be, but the most annoying part of MO for me was not being in a casino. I thought a 5 minute walk from Aria was no big deal but in retrospect I was wrong. MO didn't do it for me.

My Rating: 6 adambazarnik posted on 4th January 2012 :

Mandarin Bar is fantastic. A must visit every trip!

My Rating: 6 rowezone54 posted on 2nd December 2011 :

Best view of the strip in my opinion is from Mandarin Bar. Drinks are expensive, but don't bother going up if you are looking to save some cash. It's all about the experience.

My Rating: 5 Dorian posted on 19th June 2011 :

Awesome rooms and the best service of ANY hotel on the strip. A respite from the Vegas craziness and I love Mandarin Bar.

My Rating: 5 JakeZ posted on 26th March 2011 :

Cool, yet small rooms. TWIST is great, and the Mandarin Bar is second to none in Vegas.

My Rating: 6 thefoodandi posted on 8th November 2010 :

Mandarin Oriental offered the best hotel experience I have ever had. Even if I don't have lots of money, I set aside enough to stay at MO for one night, usually the last night. Last time I was there, they comped me for use of the spa facilities. If you want to be pampered in a civilized environment, Mandarin Oriental is the place to stay!

My Rating: 5 saharalv posted on 23rd October 2010 :

Best restroom of all time. It sent me to another dimension. I never thought that I would be so lucky to have multiple spiritual awakenings in various LV restrooms.

My Rating: 5 StudiodeKadent posted on 28th September 2010 :

I was only there for twenty minutes and yet they made me feel like a welcome guest. This hotel is extraordinarily serene; you do not feel like you are in Las Vegas, rather you feel like you are hovering above it in a stealth bomber. Simultaneously this place is more expensive and less pretentious than Bellagio... "casual elegance" is an understatement. The sky bar is fantastic in terms of quality and service. The drawbacks to this place are the fact the sky bar is only open from 4pm onwards (yep. A bar on the Las Vegas Strip that isn't open until 4pm!!!!), and the fact that any casino requires a bit of a walk to get to (Aria and Monte Carlo are the nearest casinos, but you'll have to take a stroll either way). The other drawback goes without saying; being a Mandarin Oriental this is not an inexpensive place to hang out. But you do get the best service on the Las Vegas Strip for paying the price.

My Rating: 6 LeoNYC posted on 5th May 2010 :

Not the typical Vegas experience, but the ONLY true 5-star service you can receive even staying at their cheapest rooms.

My Rating: 6 Attica posted on 13th April 2010 :

Mandarin Oriental in Vegas oozes an aura of sophistication and calm. They must be pumping it into the air. Polite, friendly, professional service is the name of the game at this property. It's the little things that make MO different from the rest.

A story: I had to leave for an early morning flight back home. I spoke to concierge and asked for him to arrange for a taxi to take me to McCarran. Sure enough, the next morning I walk out of the hotel on time, and the taxi was waiting. But that wasn't the half of it. The Taxi driver, while polite, mumbled something about having to sit there for 15 minutes. Why? So he could be there even if I arrived early. I tipped the cabbie extra. But I also appreciated the thoughtfulness of the front desk to make sure that someone would be there, promptly.

MO is about the little things.

My Rating: 6 MikeE posted on 26th March 2010 :

The only option for a relaxing time in Vegas. But, if you came to do more than relax, you might be disappointed.

My Rating: 5 Andrewr11 posted on 19th February 2010 :

It sure looks awesome. I haven't been yet, and I can't give full points -- no casino. However, when I attempt to coax my girlfriend to try Las Vegas, this may be the best way.

My Rating: 6 MinVegas posted on 22nd January 2010 :

Just like Hammer, you can't touch this. Real, honest to god, big city luxury chain. Sure, Vegas does a nice job of impressing your aunt from Nebraska, but anyone who has spent time in a real city has always had reason to be skeptical until now. All these giant pseudo-luxury resorts who have five AAA diamonds and eight thousand rooms shall now sit up and take notes.

My Rating: 6 Chuckmonster posted on 5th January 2010 :

I've been in the rooms but have yet to test drive the bed... a truly gorgeous hotel.