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Monte Carlo

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3770 South Las Vegas Blvd : Map | Gmap

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Opened in 1996, the Monte Carlo hosts Lance Burton, Master Magician, Single Zero Roulette (!!!). It is modeled after the Place du Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In January 2008, errant welders working without proper safety equipment and permits accidentally set fire to the Monte Carlo's roof. Fortunately, nobody was injured and the damage was relatively minimal. Monte Carlo is back and better than ever now.

Monte Carlo Cool Stuff:

Re-live the day Monte Carlo's roof caught fire

The Real Deal on Monte Carlo:

Buyer beware - all MGM Resorts properties charge the highest resort fees (nearly $40/night) plus a $10 per day fee to self-park your car. VegasTripping suggests you find alternate accommodations.
We've never been big fans of Monte Carlo, but the strangely unplayable casino at ARIA has caused us to peek over the neighborly fence on more than one recent trip to CityCenter. Let it be said that the formerly staid and boring Monte Carlo has found a new pair of dancin' shoes.

New restaurants, new decor, new vibes and new blood plus the addition of the luxurious accommodations on MC's top floor - under the sub-moniker of Hotel32 - have collectively helped Monte Carlo shake off its ten year old case of the snoozes.

The Casino at Monte Carlo

Slots and Video Poker ranging from $.05 to $100. BlackJack (double deck and shoe), Single Zero Roulette (one of the few left in Vegas! - a must-play for Vegas roulette players), Craps, PaiGow, Caribbean Stud, Baccarat, Keno, Poker Room, and a Race & Sports Book.

The Rooms at Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo offers three types of rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Monaco Suites (spa available) and Spa Suites. Deluxe rooms are on the smaller side (bigger than Harrahs, a little smaller than Mirage) have cherrywood furniture and nice views of the Strip or the Palms/Rio side. The Monaco Suites are a bit larger and a love seat/coffee table in front of the TV. If you want the spa option, make sure you request this when you reserve. The luxurious Spa Suite has a great view of the Strip or the Mountains right from the tub itself as well as a wet bar and real marble bathrooms. Nice stuff... we've got a friend who swears by the MonteCarlo and he's a pretty fussy guy.

The Restaurants at Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo offers numerous dining options including:
Brand Steakhouse, Andre's Restaurant (award winning French cuisine), The Pub (casual dining and beer beer beer) Dragon Noodle dim sum, sushi and other pan-Asian goodies, d.vino (Italian food & wine bar), Diablo's Cantina (bar, lounge and Mexican food) a buffet, 24 hour cafe, Starbucks and McDonalds.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 krhsnow posted on 15th June 2016 :

Great hotel and location. To bad the hotel is going to start charging for parking.

My Rating: 2 maxutilsperusd posted on 22nd April 2016 :

Venues: N/A
Rooms: Lousy
Design: Pretty Lame
Pool: Good
Food: Good
Location: Good

Extremely outdated rooms, hopefully the remodel saves it.

My Rating: 3 416er posted on 17th July 2015 :

What can I say about the Monte Carlo other than it is what it is. Stayed at MC 4 times now the last being in April 2015. We typically pick it for the price and the location. It's close enough to the action centre strip that staying there is a good choice for budget-minded travellers. I will say that during the last stay the resort was really showing its age and inattention to detail. Bags of laundry were left for over 24 hours in the hallways and while the suite cleaning was ok it is hard to cover dilapidated caulking in the tub and disguise the overall age of the FF & E (Furniture Fixtures and Equipment). For some reason I do find myself gambling often at MC. Overall its ok, and passable. Rumours are it is set for a refurbishment soon. That should rectify most of the issues at the resort.

My Rating: 1 Cubby1102 posted on 16th November 2014 :

Three stars in many places, but as Vegas hotels go only one star. Very disappointed with the Monte Carlo itself as a facility. We paid a surcharge for a strip view, but due to the Aria we could only see about 100 yards of the actual strip from our very small room. They charge one of the highest resort fees on the strip and the rooms do not have Wi-Fi (they advertise high speed Internet, but it is only a LAN line-the kind that would work on the lap top I replaced a few years ago. Wi-Fi is only available on the ground and second floors). One of the days we came back to our room after 10:00 at night, and housekeeping had not gotten to us yet. The carpets all look like they should've been replaced several years ago. It is just run down, and while I have only speculation based on observation to go by, my guess is that MGM (the owner) is going to bulldoze the place for new facility within the next 18 months.

My Rating: 4 setzer posted on 25th May 2014 :

This was the very first place I stayed in Vegas. It's what I would normally expect as far as the casino is concerned. The hotel could have had more class to it, and nearly all other casino hotels I've been has had better rooms than here, but if you're not super-picky or have big tastes for rooms, it isn't terrible, to say the least. I thought the bar/lounge scene was a little lacking here, especially when compared to what is offered at the Aria or the Cosmo. The pool was decent, and definitely a good place to hang out in the mid-afternoon in 100-plus degree weather.

Summer 2014 Update: Went back here on my venture out to The Strip (was staying downtown), and for some reason it looked a little better, but I can't put a finger on it as to why. The whole casino and hotel are pretty clean and well-kept, the bartenders at the Hit Lounge can make some mean, but good, cocktails, and the casino itself is still good. The only real big con, as with most casinos, is the transition to 6/5 bjackjack. I still see this as a good value relative to its location on The Strip.

My Rating: 4 Boeing1 posted on 21st August 2012 :

sentimental favorite...one of the first places I stayed at in Vegas

My Rating: 6 MGMCaesars posted on 17th August 2012 :

Casino would be in Monaco for richness!

My Rating: 4 TIavEN posted on 3rd August 2012 :

It may not be the most luxurious or visually appealing hotel, but given its almost free prices on rooms (if MLife Pearl or higher) and perfect location, Monte Carlo is a great option--and my personal favorite--for when I'm not willing to pay Wynn/CC/Bellagio prices. Rooms are just average (on par with TI, NYNY), the casino can be a bit dead on most nights, but the decor is refreshed and actually quite nice, the vibe is relaxing, and it's only a couple steps away from where you want to be.

My Rating: 4 nmccarty82 posted on 25th July 2012 :

Cool lounges, bars, and restaurants. Decent placement on the strip to. Diablos Cantina is a good spot to get a good buzz while watching the strip. Decent gambling. The sports book is pretty comfortable as well.

My Rating: 4 WRXDreamer posted on 10th July 2012 :

Usually great rates and good location. Little run down in some areas but great value.

My Rating: 6 mappy posted on 9th February 2012 :

Favorite place to gamble. Always seem to win and I love the pub

My Rating: 4 oldrichgreywolf posted on 29th December 2011 :

Great location, low-key action, affordable, an understated deal in the right location. Accessible to most decent budgets.

My Rating: 5 swillig posted on 16th December 2011 :

We plan to stay at the Monte Carlo in April 2012 for our 2nd time in our many trips to Vegas. Great location and value. Free Monorail connection to City Center & Bellagio. Very centralized location on the strip. Our last stay there was our first, so it was a bit overwhelming. We are not quite Vegas veterans by any stretch, but I am looking forward to this upcoming trip at Monte Carlo.

My Rating: 4 Veejogee posted on 24th June 2011 :


My Rating: 5 thefoodandi posted on 8th November 2010 :

Monte Carlo offers the best value for staying on the Strip. MC is right next to CityCenter, close to Bellagio & Cosmo and not too far away from Caesar's via walking. Convenient parking and easy access to the other resorts (if you know the shortcuts). I've stayed at MC many times and MC emails me many bargains at very good rates.

My Rating: 5 twofours posted on 4th August 2010 :

Monte Carlo was our hang out for a while.They were one of the few Hotels that use to allowed Saturday check-in and that fit our schedule at the time.1st place I ever saw a chicken wrap on a menu.The pub is one of the best places to just drink and drink beer.

My Rating: 6 bloock posted on 30th July 2010 :

We LOVE the Monte Carlo!!! We have stayed here many times, and it is by far our favorite thus far.
The check in process is awesome. You make a short (by Vegas standards) walk from the parking structure, down the stairs and you are right at the check-in desk. The hotel check-in staff are always very friendly, quick and knowledgeable. They make sure everything is just as you want it before you go to your room.
To get to the hotel rooms, you turn around from the check-in desk, and you are right at the elevators. The rooms are always VERY clean, everything works, the TV's are nice and beds are comfortable.
The Pool area is really fun, for all ages. The wave pool, lazy river, hot tubs, etc... it's all there and well maintained.
I love the restaurants are nice, and my favorite so far is The Pub. The Chicken wings are out of this world!! We watched Zowie Bowie for about 3 hours one Friday night and had a blast. (Unfortunately as of Labor Day 2010, Zowie Bowie is going back to Red Rock).
We are planning a trip back to the Monte Carlo in September 2010 and have plans on eating at Andres! Can't wait!!!
I highly recommend the Monte Carlo to anyone.

My Rating: 4 Andrewr11 posted on 19th February 2010 :

Kind of boring, but bonus points for lots of open tables, and unusually friendly pit-bosses.

My Rating: 5 auburnu008 posted on 8th February 2010 :

Love the location. Great overall value.

My Rating: 4 rowezone54 posted on 3rd May 2009 :

I have stayed here more than any other place....high limit gaming at $25 limits during the daytime, can't beat that. All dealers, pit bosses there are extra friendly. Can't wait to go back. Try Diablo's.

My Rating: 5 westTexasroller posted on 27th January 2009 :

The sight of my single biggest win ever, 9G's on roulette no less, and therefore very important to me. I loooooove the smell of the shampoo/conditioner/lotion here. So much memeory association I'll drop a little in the hottub to relax, drink some whiskey and think about Vegas. Rooms are ok, but Ive never seen one sober.

My Rating: 3 canadiancrapshooter posted on 19th December 2008 :

Nice place to say, but nothing really stands out about the property. Once CityCenter opens it could become our new home base.

My Rating: 4 bevhill1 posted on 9th November 2008 :

I stayed at the Monte Carlo in May 2000 right after I got my divorce and it was my first solo trip EVER. When I arrived I was a little nervouse about being in a big city all by myself. My room was nice, a little small, but fine for just me and the casino was very good. Like all of Vegas; the service was great for a true first timer like myself.

My Rating: 4 JustinCantWrite posted on 30th November 1999 :

Great casino design: walk in a straight line and you see everything. Nice but not overwhelmingly so, which is probably why we don't hear too much about it. Their cigar shop probably had the most knowledgeable clerk of any I've met.

My Rating: 3 donnymac66 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Enjoyed Monte Carlo. Quiet casino and nice room. I have also stayed at Hotel 32 which was great. Private lounge, great room and awesome service

My Rating: 3 maintrainstation posted on 30th November 1999 :

Last hotel stay: May 2006
Last property visit: May 2010
Monte Carlo is dull, and friends who have visited the hotel more recently than I have complained that the furnishings are no longer all that great and the prices are too high for what you get. It does have a surprisingly nice pool area with a wave pool and lazy river, although on a smaller scale than MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay.