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New York-New York

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3790 Las Vegas Blvd South : Map | Gmap

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New York-New York Hotel Casino opened Jan 3, 1997 to more than 100,000 visitors in the first few days. New York-New York finished a redesign of its casino floor, and repositioning itself as a more 'adult' themed joint in 2009.

New York-New York Cool Stuff:

New York, New York was one of the first city 'replica' style joints on the strip. It is a one-third dramatization of the famous skyline, complete with the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and a roller coaster which takes you through the interior and exterior of the resort.

Starbucks OK

The Real Deal on New York-New York:

Buyer beware - all MGM Resorts properties charge the highest resort fees (nearly $40/night) plus a $10 per day fee to self-park your car. VegasTripping suggests you find alternate accommodations.
New York-New York, the casino so nice they redesigned it twice. The latest version of NYNY is mostly similar to the previous - stuffy clogged restaurant lined cobblestone NYC-ish "streets" - with the main difference being a completely redone casino. What previously was Central Park, is now a center bar with swooshing neon whoojamahoozits floating overhead. Oh and a stripper dancing on a bar. Oh and a bar where dueling piano players taunt audience members to tip them. No class.

Much like the city which bears its name, NYNY is dense mish-mash of mega-themed insanity. The hustle bustle is palpable, but might not be what the doctor ordered if you're looking to have a somewhat relaxing vacation. Fun as fuck tho.

The Casino at New York-New York

One of the only Chuck-A-Luck games in all of Vegas is here at New York-New York, unfortunately they moved to a new Sic Bo style thumper instead of the classic dice cage spinner thingy. Boo. Also you'll get to play all your favorite table games and slots in every denomination you can imagine. The Sportsbook is adjacent to the ESPN Zone bar & grill... a great option for those days of the big game.

The Rooms at New York-New York

This seems to be a good old favorite for those nostalgic for the east coast. The rooms seem ok, if not a bit on the smaller side, but moderately priced. Weekend rates can run from $150 - $250 and mid week, $80 - $105 in the high season. They do have jacuzzi rooms, but they can sell out early if you don't watch it.

The Restaurants at New York-New York

Just like in The Big Apple, you can find a variety of eateries in New York, New York and be served a steaming pile of rudeness from various Maitre D's and Hostesses.

Got a hankerin' for a Nathan's Dog? You're in luck. If Chinese is your bag, you can get Paris Hilton's favorite at Chin Chin (we suggest the paper wrapped chicken and General Tso). Italian, American and good old basics are there for the picking as well. Plus the guys who sling pastrami sammitches in the deli are a bunch of snarky knuckleheads just like you'd find in Brooklyn. Gallagher's steakhouse has dry aged steaks, live lobsters, veggie options and great service (even if the wait takes forever).

The good folks at New York, New York ordered a Irish Pub - Nine Fine Irishmen - built in Ireland and shipped over, and had it installed inside the resort. Guinness on tap, obviously.

Gonzalez Y Gonzales has great cadillac margaritas, tasty Mexican food and excellent service.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 3 setzer posted on 23rd June 2016 :

NYNY has improved their facade (and a much needed one) the past year or so, and the area between NYNY and Monte Carlo looks a lot more eye-pleasing than it used to be. That said, the casino could've been a bit better, though FWIW I didn't have much good luck there. That said, it's getting there.

My Rating: 3 416er posted on 17th July 2015 :

Stayed in the hotel in 2014. The room I had was in one of the older towers so while clean and nicely appointed it was a little long in the tooth and in need of refurbishment. I saw some pics of other similar sized rooms that were more recently renovated. They certainly looked nice. I would describe the gaming floor and the casino in general as having a bit of a party vibe with louder music form the centre bar permeating the space but I am quite ok with that. The noise certainly did not travel upstairs to the room level. On that note, while some rooms in other resorts can be a little loud due to the day/night clubs and the use of outdoor space NYNY does not really have much of that going on so sleeping was never a problem.

My Rating: 4 rsauve posted on 23rd March 2014 :

I've never had any issues here. Fun dealers and nice hotel staff.
It does have a pretty crappy Cirque show though.

My Rating: 4 rocklobster posted on 16th December 2013 :

Stayed here in 2008, the room was pretty average as far as Vegas rooms are concerned, but nicer than most in the price range in any other city in the country. What I love about NYNY is the casino. I have always had a good time with good dealers and good players around me.

My Rating: 2 Chuckmonster posted on 18th January 2013 :

Cramped rooms, confusing layout, but what the fuck do you expect it is New Yawk New Yawk muthafucka.

My Rating: 3 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 13th September 2012 :

Too many Jersey Shore rejects here for my liking.

My Rating: 5 davidc posted on 23rd August 2012 :

Location, location, close to everything and lots of room. Irish pub where you can eat good food outside, clean facility overall.

My Rating: 4 Boeing1 posted on 21st August 2012 :

This is an old favorite of mine. Some would say nothing special, but I've had some great times there.

My Rating: 5 nmccarty82 posted on 25th July 2012 :

A load of fun at all times. So much to do! Lot's to taste and lot's to see. Casino is always rocking with guests dancing and hot ladies scantily clad dressed, dancing in front of the tables.

My Rating: 4 VegasRebel10 posted on 30th December 2011 :

Awesome atmosphere!

My Rating: 5 maximus56k posted on 18th November 2011 :

I truly love NYNY. It has been where I start wee wen we stay in LV usually 3 nights every 6 months.

My Rating: 4 lucki1303 posted on 11th December 2010 :

I like the vibe. Seems like a younger crowd stays here.

My Rating: 6 jammoral posted on 19th November 2010 :

Stayed here in just this month (Dec 2010). I was a little disappointed in the room ( Park Ave), but i love the casino and the resturants. The Atmosphere is great.

My Rating: 4 twofours posted on 4th August 2010 :

Stayed there when it was new.Still hit the American cafe for late eats on this end of the strip.,and still stare at the map.

My Rating: 5 pebbles2009 posted on 6th May 2010 :

Fantastic hotel, great staff, lots of loose slots.

My Rating: 4 tgrady28 posted on 2nd January 2010 :

They got rid of the Big Apple Bar and put in a cookie cutter center bar. I am not to pleased with that decision. Going to the Big Apple Bar at 8 AM was a tradition for my friends and I. Rooms are getting a little dated. We stayed in a Park Avenue Deluxe room facing the Strip. No complaints with the room. The armoire takes up a lot of room. Slots were pretty loose at the time of our trip so my fiance was pleased.

My Rating: 4 burque66isletasandia posted on 19th April 2009 :

Zumanity. Birthday show. Rosey Palm and Horny Margarita. Pretty packed 9-10-08... Gonna check out another show 8-09 maybe.

My Rating: 4 VegasDreamer posted on 14th March 2009 :

Great rooms and pool....love the times square bar and the dueling pianosterrible sports book

My Rating: 5 Antman73 posted on 11th January 2009 :

I stayed here with my friends for a weekend in 02. The room was fine. Basic but clean and had everything you need. The hotel is not as big as some of the others in Vegas, but that is a good thing. The pool is small, but pretty nice. I know they are in the middle of taking away a lot of the theme...that is what gives this place it's character.

My Rating: 2 MrEinSantaCruz posted on 1st January 2009 :

A desk clerk has ever told me ďIím sorry Sir, but I donít think that I can take tipsĒ when I tried the $20 trick. Rooms were cheap and you get what you pay for.

My Rating: 4 jmtheman posted on 25th December 2008 :

Never stayed here. The gaming is average in my opinion, but I love fast and sit-down dining here. The pizza place in the little village part is really good for a late-night or just quick snack. ESPN Zone is overpriced as far as food goes but I found it very fun. Also, the dueling pianos are pretty cool. If you go during the week, there is no cover.

My Rating: 5 bevhill1 posted on 9th November 2008 :

When I stayed at New York-New York it was great. When I booked my casino package it came with a few extras. So when I checked in they were so attentive to me and said that by me being a club member I was being upgraded to a larger room. When I got to my room it was a large corner room for about $69 per night. I also saw Zumanity which I recommend to every sexual red blooded american. It is great.

My Rating: 6 Vegasgrl1067 posted on 1st October 2008 :

Best facade in Vegas.

My Rating: 4 johntree posted on 8th September 2008 :

Fun.........always lots of hustle.....kind of feels like New York

My Rating: 2 krazyk posted on 30th November 1999 :

Did it. Done that. Rooms are small. Wasn't totally impressed. I'd still probably go back to ride the roller coaster and eat at Nathan's.

My Rating: 3 donnymac66 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Staying at NYNY was great. If you get a chance to see Phoenix at the Big Apple Bar you are in for a kick-ass classic rock good time! UPDATE: The big apple bar is no more. Unfortunate as it was a great addition ot the casino floor. The pool here is terrible

My Rating: 1 Jimmyvegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

Fun place to take groups. Smaller casino but not too small. Crappy restaurants but you can get greasy slices of pizza 24/7. Big Apple Bar is a fun spot. Always have a great time there.

My Rating: 3 BCCableGuy posted on 30th November 1999 :

Great Atmosphere, great bars, great coaster. I really miss the river though. The last reno ripped out a lot of the stuff that made this place a bit different.

My Rating: 6 ancollins04 posted on 30th November 1999 :

AWESOME HOTEL, rooms very comfy, tables nice (pretty generous), cocktail waitresses made lots of trips to our tables. Kinda lousey pool. Coyote Ugly waste of money.

My Rating: 4 kermit75 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Ahh new york new york what's to say about the big uhh property not apple lol... well for starters they have my utmost respect being they have nathan's dogs and lemonade mmm it was to die for . i was just here for a half day or so navigating the shops and stores and of course to ride the MANHATTAN EXPRESS coaster well for 14 bucks i could have done better use of my money but for a vegas trip and a serious coaster enthusiast it was pretty damn worth the 14 bucks as far as the casino it was a little on the small side which i guess could be bad or good. it thought it was easy to navigate the casino amidst the huge construction area downstairs and all the noise in the middle of the day. but as far as trying to find your way around the maze of the arcade to get to the coaster, good luck and have plenty of patience and hope you find someone helpful in directions on how to get there.oh yeah and beware of the ticket redemption counters and the rude personnel who tend them and the kids who walk around trying to snag your kid's tickets out of the game they are playing yes folks this did happen to us