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Despite shifting its originally scheduled opening date from December 20, 2007 to January 17, 2008, the Palazzo's 'soft opening' was a bit bumpy. Reviewers from around the world reported missing furniture, dirty water in the pipes and tons of construction debris (as well as miles of blue construction tape) all over the resort. Little by little they've ironed a lot of the issues out and have finally got the resort humming.

Palazzo Cool Stuff:

Want to give the Palazzo some feedback about your recent stay? Send them an email comments@palazzolasvegas.com

The Real Deal on Palazzo:

Compared to it's sister property, The Venetian, the The Palazzo Las Vegas casino is equally Italianate, yet infinitely more spacious and much better organized. For the most part, foot traffic paths are spacious and getting from one side of the casino to another is quick and easy... amen to that.

The casino design shows a noticeable Asian influence coupled with its Italianate design sense. Interspersed between the inlaid frescoes and other Italian trimmings are architectural allusions to Shoji doors and other Chinese and Japanese interior touches.

Don't expect any phantasmic eye opening architectural wonders in the casino, essentially It's an extremely unimaginative rectangular box filled with casino games surrounded by restaurants. Ho Hum.

The Casino at Palazzo

All the games you'd expect and more. Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Pai Gow, Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, Slots, Video Poker and more. If you're looking for poker, head over to the Venetian's poker room. There is a small sports book stand on the floor below the lobby, purposefully located adjacent to Lagasse Stadium, which is essentially a plush sports bar, restaurant play room for sports freaks.

The Rooms at Palazzo

All of the rooms at Palazzo Las Vegas are two level suites similar to what you've probably seen at the Venetian. The Palazzo, features two types of suites, Palazzo Suites and Concierge Suites each of which has four different types of offerings:
- Luxury (King Bed, 720 square ft)
- Bella (Two Queen Beds, 720 square ft)
- Fortuna (King Bed, 940 square ft)
- Siena (King Bed, 1280 square ft, 'powder room', dining area, double door entry, marble floors, sitting area, robes, jacuzzi tub)

The Siena suite is the largest and most luxurious (and most expensive.) Essentially the difference between the Palazzo and Concierge offerings are Concierge Suites customers get access to the 23rd floor Concierge Lounge which hosts complimentary breakfast, hors d'oeuvres, bar and other snacks at all hours of the day. Concierge customers also get access to a private check in area, VIP elevators, a DVD library (cool) and can have their bags packed and unpacked by staff members. If you don't mind strangers rifling through your skivvies and/or traveling sex toy collection, feel free to enjoy this service.

The Restaurants at Palazzo

The Palazzo features a number of dining options which seems to show the influence of what the Palazzo's owners learned opening the Venetian Macao. There's a ton of celebrity chefs and a ton of asian food in many varieties, including:

Carnevino - Mario Batali's Italian joint
CUT - Wolfgang Puck's steak joint
Dos Caminos - Famed New York Mexican joint's Vegas offering
Dal Toro - Italian food surrounded by Italian Lamborghini sports cars
Double Helix - wine bar on the second floor by the shops.
Espressamente Illy - Fancy name for coffee joint
Grand Lux - Chinese - a second helping of the same Grand Lux found inside the Venetian.
Jade Noodles - Dim sum.
Mainland - Pan Asian food with a twist
Morels - French steakhouse, with extensive wine list
Restaurant Charlie - Charlie Trotter's seafood joint.
Sushi Samba - sushi mixed with Brazilian food. Go figure
Table 10 - Emeril Lagasse's 'American Eatery' with an obligatory BAM
Woo - More Pan-Asian cuisine

If none of this satisfies you, you can also order room service, or head over to the Venetian to see what they've got.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 6 bustagrimes posted on 2nd December 2014 :

Our current favorite- a true resort.

My Rating: 5 Ricogreen posted on 1st February 2014 :

Great rooms and a wonderful collection of restaurants.

My Rating: 6 gamepube posted on 16th June 2012 :

Favorite Hotel

My Rating: 5 PMakster posted on 22nd December 2011 :

Always visit and hang out every time I'm in Vegas. Really like the architecture and interior design. Very refine.

My Rating: 6 Wrinklebottom posted on 12th December 2011 :

Just as good as Wynn don't believe the design-snob/Wynn-fanboy hype that this place sucks. It's actually better than Wynncore because theres less douchebags and the restaurants are better too plus you have the whole Venetian to spread out in if you get bored and its better located than Wynn too. Plus the rooms are huge and the views are great too! Personally I prefer Bellagio & Aria but my wife likes the food & shops here better.

My Rating: 3 Dshort2727 posted on 7th November 2011 :

Used to be our main stop before we were kicked out at Super bowl week. Carpets need work. A joke compared to the Wynn obsession.

My Rating: 5 Halton posted on 26th August 2011 :

Everyone hates V/P so much these days it's almost embarrassing to have Palazzo listed. You know what? This is a damn good place though. True, comp offers disappeared for a few months there but they are back in full force. The "host" on duty even comped FB for me on check out. The basic rooms are very large. Smoking rooms usually have 3 ash trays. The average player here is below average so it's entertaining to watch the casino take their money. Don't bother chasing high status on the player's card unless you are a slot player. Table players don't get any love from the status system but your comps will be there (even if they refuse to give them to chuckmonster). Oh, when you do get a comp to come back it's "matchplay" not "freeplay" so always take it in slot credit and burn it on video poker for maximum player hold. Again, I really like this place even if everyone else hates it.

My Rating: 2 blackjacker1979 posted on 25th April 2011 :

Did I mention the room hurt me?

My Rating: 6 Rgiffen2 posted on 10th August 2010 :

The Palazzo, my favorite home away from home! The rooms are twins to the Venetian with a different decor. You have the living room and a bedroom. The bathrooms are my favorite, they have a makeup area that is separate from the sinks, so the hubby can get ready without getting shaving cream all over my makeup. Oh, and we can do all of this while watching TV in the bathroom or in the bedroom or in the living room. Once you get the hang of the lights in the room...they have a master switch, its all good. Switch it the wrong way and splay out some new words while you scream in frustration. The drapes open with a remote control, I have got to have that at home. Bam, drapes open...time to get up! The beds are uber comfortable, so are the 6 pillows...and if you want more, there are usually two more in the closet.
Service at the Palazzo in EVERY area is top notch from check in to drink service in the casino. The casino has wider aisles which is great for all of us claustrophobes and you can actually get some play time in for your dollar. Whoudda thot on the strip that this is possible?
The crown jewel away from the high end restaurants and shops is the Grand Luxe Cafe. The food is always excellent, fresh and the portions are humongous. The price is reasonable for a resort of this quality.

My Rating: 6 mlfeatherbee posted on 25th May 2010 :

The perfect place for a couple of Pampered Palazzo Princesses. Gorgeous rooms, over the top spa, shopping bliss, dining delights and a Phantom to woo us at night. Cant wait to book another girls weekend there with my sister in law.

My Rating: 4 atdleft posted on 14th May 2010 :

OK, so Palazzo isn't as bad as its sister next door. The casino's layout isn't as confusing. The mall has some swanky shops, including my fave Barney's. First is a hip & happening bar/restaurant.

Still, there's something wrong here. It feels a bit like a Bellagio-Wynn hybrid knock-off. And as much as I like the non-smoking casino areas, I still don't feel right gambling here.

My Rating: 4 tgrady28 posted on 2nd January 2010 :

I stayed here during a conference a few months after it opened in 2008. Rooms were very nice. At the time their Grazie club was only good for 3 months and then you had to re-enroll. Pretty sure that has been changed by now.

My Rating: 4 MinVegas posted on 31st August 2009 :

A more casual, less maze-like property. The Venetian for those of us who don't like getting lost. Parking access is a godsend.

My Rating: 6 RamziB posted on 16th December 2008 :

There is a lot that the Palazzo offers that I enjoy. The gaming and dining is right at the top of that list. I feel most comfortable at this property because the layout is simple and understandable. This is the main property I gamble at.

My Rating: 1 rbg81601 posted on 21st November 2008 :

Used to love this place, that is until Uncle Sheldon ended comps - big mistake. The comps got us on the property which resulted in us doing most of our gambling, eating, drinking and shopping on the property. We are boycotting Uncle Sheldon's properties until he recovers from his massive brain fart.

My Rating: 4 TIavEN posted on 8th November 2008 :

While it has very nice and large standard rooms, a comfortable casino, and a plethora of dining choices, the Palazzo has the overall feel of an upscale shopping plaza (as Wynn said), not of a multi-billion dollar resort and casino in Las Vegas. It's just lacking the overall vibe and tiny little details that make Wynncore and Bellagio so special.

My Rating: 5 caesar1st posted on 30th November 1999 :

Brand new and really nice. The rooms are the best thing about this hotel. The gambling is good. 40/40 club is over rated, but the people are very friendly.

My Rating: 6 DMaldon762 posted on 30th November 1999 :

First class all the way. The room was super pimped out.