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Opened November 15, 2001 at a price tag of $265 million clams... The Palms quicky established itself as an alternative hangout for nubile young ladies and craggy old rock stars looking to get some action with aformentioned babes (Tommy Lee - we mean you!) The Palms is one of the racier and sexier joints in Vegas, and its location off the strip adds to its mystique - you only go there if you want to be there. The air can be somewhat like a uberhip sex club meets a nouveau zoot-suit frat party. Great place to party though... damn straight. The Palms Fantasy Tower, featuring the Playboy Club, opened in 2006. A third towerPalms Place Hotel & Spa opened in 2008.

Palms Cool Stuff:

Palms is a multiple Trippies awards winner Best Slots 2005, Best Slots 2006, Best Video Poker 2007

The Real Deal on Palms:

The Palms is a gorgeous joint... its spacy, hip, groovy and freaky. Palms has found its niche as a great place to hook up with some of the sex and hit the tables. Unlike the Hard Rock, its main competition, the Palms actually has a massive casino with standard Vegas rules (Hard Rock hits soft 17 on blackjack). Video poker paytables are some of the best in Vegas and Palms is also known for having some of the loosest slots in town (that's not B.S. hype, it's a fact).

The Casino at Palms

Palms has a massive casino floor - 98,000 square feet - chocked to the gills with Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Craps, Roulette, Poker Room, Let It Ride and much more. They also have a Race and Sports Book, but don't expect to bet on NBA games since the owners - the Maloof Family - are owners of the Sacramento Kings and are forbidden to operate an NBA betting operation. Plus if you get sick of Palms gaming, head over to the Rio or Gold Coast or The Orleans for some action.

The Rooms at Palms

The Palms is one of the hottest spots in Las Vegas, initially due to it's co-starring role in MTV's the Real World's 12th season on the 28th floor. The six rooms that were used in the show are available for booking by guests.

Palms hotel room offerings are quite complex to describe given the many specialty suites offered in the many towers. As for the basics, Palms' rooms come in these flavors: Deluxe Guestrooms (Palms tower) sparse, clean and comfortable... these are Palms' first room product, slightly updated over time. Superior Guestrooms (Fantasy tower) they call them superior for a reason - more technologically advanced (sound system/flat screen tv's), the decor is stylish and they have minibar and a jacuzzi. Junior Suite (Palms tower) - slightly larger than the Deluxe Guestroom, but probably not large enough to truly be classified as a "suite".

The new additions at Palms Place further refine yet expand Palms' offerings to include some larger hip luxury suites and studios. These offerings are more "condo/timeshare" style than straight hotel room. If you're planning an extended stay in LV and want to feel a bit more at home, Palms Place is a better option than living above a casino for a few weeks. Palms Place Studio is a really spiffy, quasi-studio apartment option with high tech options, Italian linens, NBA approved 9 ft tall ceilings and open air balconies (yay). These are on our shortlist for a future review. Palms Place offers suites as well, One Bedroom Suites and Two Bedroom Suites, all come with full kitchen, flat screen tv's, living room, fireplace, washer/dryer and much more.

Palms also offers an array of one of a kind Suites and Villa's including Grand suites (Palms tower) - nice... but money is better spent for a Salon Suite (Fantasy Tower) which has jacuzzi, groovy decor, minibar and all the high tech toys you'll need. True high rollers will want to look into the Penthouses (gorgeous), Sky Villas, Hardwood Suite - the one with a basketball court, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa - wow - the aforementioned Real World Suite, Playpen Suites (the ones with the stripper pole next to the bed) and finally the pool-side Bungalows.

Holy crap they've got a lot of different types of room offerings.

The Restaurants at Palms

Palms has a ton of restaurants on premises including Alize (great view from the top of the tower), Nove Italiano (italian), Blue Agave (mexican, tex/mex cuisine plus oyster bar), Gardunos (mexican and southwestern food) Little Buddha (pan asian cuisine, sushi, chinese) N9NE Steakhouse (steakhouse, excellent) 24/Seven Cafe (coffee shop) Bistro Buffet (new!) Simon Restaurant & Lounge celebrity chef Kerry Simon's new joint at Palms Place.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 5 maxutilsperusd posted on 22nd April 2016 :

*Review only applies to Palms Place*

Venues: Ghostbar: Good, Brendan's IMAX: Awesome
Rooms: Awesome, but only if you manage to get an unlocked balcony
Design: Good
Pool: Very Cool
Food: Very Cool
Location: Lousy, get ready to Uber away

Used to be Awesome, now just Very Cool after closing Moon and Rain and adding a Hooters.

My Rating: 4 Bajablastgod posted on 23rd August 2015 :

Stayed here twice once with my friend and once with my family. Movie theater is really convenient and the food at their 24 hour cafe was good. Sucks that they suck at giving comped rooms.

My Rating: 4 VegasMatt posted on 9th September 2013 :

I spent 2 years of my life here as an employee and during the Maloof boot-out transition. Personally, I've been in just about every suite, worked in all the clubs and restaurants and it's new sportsbook. Honestly, if you want to stay here, I would suggest Palms Place over the Ivory or Fantasy towers. Unless you have a couple of hundreds of bucks, the sky villas in The Fantasy tower are gnarly.
The Pearl is a beautiful concert venue. They are constantly changing their restaurants so I can't be a judge here. Brenden Theaters feel cheap but to the point and the Eatery has everything or anything you could want.
A lot of older locals hang out here to gamble during the day.
The new center bar is attractive. The Lounge is small but gets the job done.
The new owners/management are trying hard to spiffy the place up and for the most part are doing well but lacking in a lot of detail. This place was the bomb when George Maloof was strolling the casino floor everyday. Those days are past us..

My Rating: 4 RamziB posted on 23rd December 2012 :

The new owners are doing big things here. I get the feeling Palms Casino Resort is going to be a strong contender in the market for years to come. If my stay here in January 2013 validates these thoughts, the Palms could be one of my new faves.

My Rating: 5 oldrichgreywolf posted on 29th December 2011 :

Wow. I need to be way younger to run with this crowd. I look at them and chuckly quietly to myself, been there, done that, tread lightly and you'll go farther kids.

My Rating: 5 DyceKid posted on 6th April 2011 :

Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon, oh and Playboy yesss!

My Rating: 4 DoubleD posted on 25th February 2011 :

Stayed in the Director's Suite during the AVN weekend in 2010, and took a tour of the one of the suites with the outdoor pool hanging over the hotel. The room was amazing, and we had a great time hanging out there on that Saturday night. The casino was full of energy and I ended up shooting dice with Flavor Flav.

That being said, it was a great place to visit, but I don't think I would stay there for an extended amount of time.

My Rating: 5 MeltYrselfDown posted on 24th January 2011 :

So what if it's off strip? Ask for a room in the fantasy tower and prepare to relax.
The bathrooms are massive. The beds are very comfortable. Room service is affordable (!). Casino is big, but feels cozy. Design is comfortable. And the tables are lucky.

My Rating: 4 injustifiiable posted on 15th August 2010 :

Enjoy playing and partying here...haven't stayed here yet.

My Rating: 5 atdleft posted on 26th April 2010 :

It's hip. It's funky. It's pimp. It's The Palms, baby!

I must admit I have a soft spot for this joint. I always seem to win in the casino. Simon at Palms Place is my new favorite Sunday Brunch spot. The clubs here are sexy and always bursting with action.

All in all, this is what the ideal "Ultimate Vegas" casino looks like.

My Rating: 3 BigHoss posted on 7th April 2010 :

After you get drunk at Gold Coast while playing craps on a weekday, you should walk across the street and drink some more at the Plams. I've not eaten or stayed here, but the VP is still good. It still had full-pay Deuces in July 2013. Friendly, relatively quick cocktail staff.

My Rating: 4 Jplan72 posted on 27th October 2009 :

Like the gaming area. Always has a buzz around it. Rain was cool when I was there in 2005.

My Rating: 5 mdow222 posted on 2nd October 2008 :

Great casino... ok dealers and servers. Rooms are nice but a little pricey though.superior bars and a fun place to hanglousy comp program for the players club

My Rating: 3 bigmike posted on 30th November 1999 :

stay tuned

My Rating: 4 jester122 posted on 30th November 1999 :

skyvillas and the hardcourt suite are reasons why god invented the American Express Black card. if you ever find out that you are terminally ill and only have 3 days to live, i'd suggest on getting one of the fantasy suites in the new tower and run up your credit cards by partying it up here. service is almost non-existent unless you're royalty from dubai, hollywood celeb, or at minimum a purple chip player. if you are a rap video director, the pool area is the place to be to look for new talent.

My Rating: 4 thevegasvisitor posted on 30th November 1999 :

A lot of whores for a locals casino.

My Rating: 5 SisterDino posted on 30th November 1999 :

Consistently great meals at Little Buddha. The casino and clubs are a lot of fun.

My Rating: 5 Ronnievegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

Have friends that live here, and they sware this place treats locals and mid class tourists very well.

My Rating: 6 bigpopajd3 posted on 30th November 1999 :

TOP NOTCH!!! Hip, clean and FUN!!!!! The place to see all of the young beautiful people. tie between Palms and Hard Rock for best bar to see the most plastic surgery results!

My Rating: 6 MartiniMike posted on 30th November 1999 :

I love Little Buddha.