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Planet Hollywood

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More than possibly any other carpet joint in Las Vegas, the Aladdin Hotel and Casino has had an incredible story of mob connections, constantly changing ownership, celebrity intrigue, bankruptcy, Elvis Presley and Wayne Fucking Newton. Even Johnny Carson tried to buy the Aladdin in the 70s. It seems that the Aladdin's story continues to baffle, plagued somewhat by location (it's at the north end of the South part of the strip) where there isn't that much foot traffic. The rebranding of Aladdin as Planet Hollywood is officially complete. All of the rooms (well, most of them) have been completely redecorated although some of the old Aladdin fixtures remain - which invites visitors to engage in the most fun of all Vegas games : Spot The Stuff From The Previous Theme. In 2010 Planet Hollywood was acquired by Harrah's Entertainment in a debt purchase takeover.

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Elvis got married here: 1 2.
Starbucks is open 24 hours!

The Real Deal on Planet Hollywood:

At first glance, Planet Hollywood looks like bomb went off at a fashion show for Quiet Riot fans. For those unschooled in the joys of hair metal, this is a good thing, right down to the soundtrack whose every 8th song is a kick ass Journey chestnut from the era before they went soft. Upon further inspection, Planet Hollywood finds its niche right between the too hip for school casino moderne set and the threadbare smokestack factories slightly past their prime. As such, prices run a slight bit higher than the Flamingo et. al., and the clubbers are - generally - on the other side of the street at Aria, Bellagio and Mirage. Planet Hollywood is instantly comfortable, hip and definitely fun.

The Casino at Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood offers the usual tables/slots and more in a beautiful multi-leveled gaming area. Lotsa neato nooks and crannies (particularly the Pleasure Pit, where dealers are wearing lingerie and the tables are surrounded by Go-Go dancers). Definitely explore more than the Miracle Mile/Starbucks entrance.

Games offered include slots, video poker, blackjack, craps, three card poker, roulette, baccarat, pai gow, let it ride and some carnival table games like Crazy 4 Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold Em.

Sports bettors should definitely check out their brand new sportsbook - The Playing Field. It's not very big, but it's comfy and there is a bar right near by that serves everyones favorite Vegas drink - the Yard of Beer.

The Rooms at Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood's rooms aren't bad, especially for the price. Mid-week prices can be low ($89 or even $49 via Priceline as reader JustJoey scored) to a bit on the high side on weekends ($319) for a view of Bellagio.

All rooms come with internet access (for a fee) and have photos of your favorite movie stills hanging about. Don't expect opulence, but do expect some nice comfortable digs on par with what you'll find at Ballys, Paris or standard non-Go rooms at the Flamingo. If you find a good deal - grab it.

The Restaurants at Planet Hollywood

The Planet Hollywood has no shortage of places to for a nice "grown up" dining experience. For those who want to add the sin of gluttony to your trip, there is the Spice Market Buffet (a perennial contender for best buffet in town year after year after year.)

Strip House is the P-Ho's New York Steakhouse run by executive chef John Schenk
Koi - Japanese cuisine including sushi and sashimi
Yolo's - mexican grill featuring a fountain of margaritas (yum)
P.F. Changs - chain Chinese joint (get the lettuce cups)
Planet Dailies - coffee shop
Earl of Sandwich - classic sandwich joint
Pink's Hot Dogs - legendary Hollywood purveyors of snap dogs
Spice Market Buffet - the legendarily awesome buffet lives on!

The best thing about Planet Hollywood? It's the home of the only 24 hour Starbucks in Las Vegas. There are a bunch of other places to eat - food court and chain shops, but nothing too notable.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 6 krhsnow posted on 15th June 2016 :

Great location and hotel. Stayed here past Memorial Weekend 16'. Grabbed a J-lo concert, pool party and awesome all you can drink passes for Koi ultralounge. One of the best holiday weekend i've enjoyed!

My Rating: 4 setzer posted on 18th January 2016 :

Probably on par, as far as class is concerned, as Paris, but still less than Caesars. Both the hotel and casino are fairly solid; I just wished there was a little more action when I was playing there. Maybe next time...

My Rating: 5 Vegasjeff posted on 2nd December 2014 :

The best atmosphere on the strip

My Rating: 5 crapsrme posted on 10th April 2014 :

Really like the casino, but I usually get lost in there.

My Rating: 4 jet1085 posted on 26th March 2014 :

Love the casino and the location. Tons of food options and you are right in the heart of the action.

My Rating: 4 Oskee2001 posted on 2nd April 2013 :

Always have fun in the casino.

My Rating: 4 sivled posted on 12th December 2012 :

It is a great place for the under thirty crowd but we had fun anyway and our resort vista room was right on the strip. Four stars easy

My Rating: 5 pebbles2009 posted on 26th April 2012 :

Great hotel, but even better is the Earl of Sandwich, which is in the Miracle Mile Shops. Try the yummy All American Sandwich. mmmm

My Rating: 5 Joyad posted on 17th July 2011 :

Really like to play at the Planet--love their music!

My Rating: 3 HedgedBettor posted on 11th June 2011 :

Years ago P-Ho was my home base casino for a couple trips, back when it was an independent. I swore off it when the spawn of the devil (occasionally called Harrah's) bought it, but when I went back on a whim a few years ago I actually had a pretty good time at the Ho. The Spice Market is still pretty good, Pink's Hot Dogs are amazing, and the blackjack was fair at higher limits (though the craps tables had a 2x on 12 field, a major disadvantage to the player). But its a long way from good enough to make me want to stay here again.

My Rating: 4 DyceKid posted on 6th April 2011 :

Can I just say that yes this feels like Hollywood?

My Rating: 5 csonjeow posted on 4th March 2011 :

Young, hip, perfect placement on the map. This place is awesome. The best way to describe it is the accessability. It's not over-the-top expensive. It's simple and down-to-earth. The Miracle Mile shops have just about everything you need and a great mix of high-end boutiques and standard clothing shops.

While the pool isn't the best on the strip, it's a nice place to start the day. I highly recommend Earl of Sandwich and Planet Dailies. My wife and I spent 10 days here for our honeymoon (after getting married at the Bellagio). We got to know the staff really well and they were very accommodating.

My Rating: 5 GolferTrav posted on 9th February 2011 :

I've just started staying at PHo. I've always gotten an upgrade from a Hollywood Hip room to a Resort room (with and without $20 trick). The Resort rooms have more square footage, but have a weird layout, in my opinion. The reason I think the layout is weird is because the TV isn't on the wall at the foot of the bed, so watching TV in bed requires you to look to one side or another. Windows make up the wall at the foot of the bed and are utilized as the main source of light in the room. This can cause the room to be fairly dark at times, especially at night when the floor lamps just don't cut it. The furniture that supports the flat panel TV (on the side wall) also provides the only closet & drawer space. The closet & drawer space is enough for one person for a weekend stay, but it wouldn't be nearly enough for a couple and/or for a longer stay.

The casino has a great vibe, but table game limits are a little high for those that are budget conscience. Having a small mall attached is nice, but keep in mind that if you self-park, you have to walk all the way from the back of the mall (and through it) to get to the hotel. Valet is the only way to go, but can get busy/full on weekends. The Spice Market Buffet is one of the better buffets that I've been to.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend PHo!

My Rating: 4 lucki1303 posted on 11th December 2010 :

Fun place with great places to eat.

My Rating: 5 CapriVegas posted on 25th November 2010 :

The room was very very hip! So was the casino. Miracle Mile Shops mall has stores you can afford to shop in. The pool disappoints, though.

My Rating: 5 jmtheman posted on 9th November 2010 :

The buffet is very, very good and I personally liked the gaming when I played here in 2009. Also, they have Pampas, which is that Brazilian dining where you go up to a buffet to get your sides and salad and then they come around to your table to slice the meats right onto your plate. Got a coupon that made it like $13 for lunch. Ate there twice and it was delicious and an amazing deal.

Gaming-wise, I have usually won here and I actually like the vibe of their casino. Have always wanted to stay here and now that it is part of Harrah's, I have been getting some really good offers. Hopefully their blackjack still pays 3:2 but I won't hold my breath now that Harrah's owns it.

My Rating: 6 lunchboxcity posted on 26th October 2010 :

My favorite casino. Great atmosphere, great location, great crowd, friendly dealers.

My Rating: 5 KellyVegas posted on 6th October 2010 :

Liked the room and played for a long time...

My Rating: 4 injustifiiable posted on 15th August 2010 :

Great location on the Strip close to Paris and CityCenter. Checked in on a Thursday around 2pm so it didn't take all that long...at various points throughout my stay, I did notice long lines at the front desk. Received a handy coupon book upon check in. It came in handy while exploring various Harrah's venues on the Strip. The process was relatively painless and about 10 minutes later I was sent to my room on the 28th floor.

I had a standard Hollywood Hip room which was on the 28th floor close to North elevators. Room itself was clean, yet some of the furnishings were obviously worn. The bed was comfortable. It can seem like there's not enough lighting in the space, but keep in mind that some of the furnishings make the space look darker than it is.

Lots of options for dining on-site. I enjoyed Pink's and Earl of Sandwich especially, but there is a good range; cheap hot dogs like Pink's, mid range places like Koi and P.F. Chang's, and higher end joints such as Strip House. There also lots of places to eat in the attached Miracle Mile Shops as well, so you definitely won't go hungry here. I also tried the Spice Market Buffet, which wasn't bad either.

If I had one complaint, it would be that the casino is a pain in the butt to navigate. Even when sober. Try doing it after you've had a few drinks in you. The best strategy is to discover the best route and stick with it. Other than that, the atmosphere was electric, the dealers were nice, and had a young, trendy vibe to it.

Rates here can get high at times, but if you can get in here for under $125/night, it would certainly be worth it for the location alone. Overall, not a bad place. I'd stay here again for the rate I paid before, but then again, there are lots of other places on the Strip worth checking out.

My Rating: 5 theROLA posted on 13th August 2010 :

My favorite place on the strip. Great restaurants (Yolos, Earl of Sandwich, etc), great gambling atmosphere, great rooms (as long as you don't get one of the old Aladdin style rooms), great staff. Love it

My Rating: 4 VegasSolo posted on 24th July 2010 :

I really like the vibe here in the casino. Of all the casinos on the Strip, I find this one the most comfortable and pleasant to be in--and it's got great background music.

My Rating: 4 danarae4 posted on 11th January 2010 :

PH has a young hip vibe. It seems to cater to the 20s-30s age range.The casino and lobby has a very trendy, opulent look to it. Miracle Mile Shops are connected to the hotel, which makes it very convient for the shopping enthusiast. The delux rooms are nice and spacious. However, they do seem very dark and do not have enough lighting options. The bathroom is spacious with a seperate tub and shower. Overall, it is a very nice property and the location is ideal.

My Rating: 4 radicaldreamer posted on 7th November 2009 :

The douchebaggery level here was not nearly as high as I have read on this site. The place was hopping and the service was good. This is a top candidate for our business during our December trip.

My Rating: 4 Jplan72 posted on 29th October 2009 :

Better than the Aladdin. Friendly staff. Interested to stay here one trip. Time share people were a little pushy. Like the layout of games, but parts are a little cramped.

My Rating: 4 blackjacker1979 posted on 1st September 2009 :

Great fun vibe for a weekend night out. Watch out for b-list celebs working the Heart Bar. Friendly dealers and ok luck pervade. Planet Dailies has some great 24 hour food for your taking. Avoid the labyrinth of a mall and stay elsewhere though for the lack of updated rooms. Also look for those middle eastern touches from the past.

My Rating: 4 MinVegas posted on 31st August 2009 :

Planet Hollywood made a solid attempt at trying to remake a ruined property, washing away 2/3rds of the former Aladdin (and giving Vegas aficionados a new game: "Spot the Aladdin Theme") while providing one of the best independently run casinos. Now part of the Harrah's fleet, who the hell knows what will happen.

My Rating: 5 MeltYrselfDown posted on 31st August 2009 :

never stayed here, but the casino was fun last time i was there. even got one of them silver strike coins from the pleasure pit. natch.

My Rating: 5 vegas21er posted on 28th August 2009 :

Great casino, good blackjack action, great decor, the Miracle Mile Shops, Hawaiian Tropic Zone, Pinks Hotdogs .. Did I say, Planet Hollywood ?

My Rating: 5 mrdoopey posted on 8th April 2009 :

Go Go girls while you gamble, 'nuff said. The decor was modern and pleasant...my kind of style! Good music playing too! Too bad the minimums were so high!

My Rating: 5 Biggems posted on 24th January 2009 :

This is where the crew normally stays. We cram as many as we can into a 2bdrm Panorama Suite, stock it with liquor and snacks and it becomes degenerate-central. Well mostly we just use it to sleep a little and play cards on the Fri/Sat to stay away from the jacked up table mins those nights. But oh the fun we COULD have...if our wives would let us.

My Rating: 3 MrEinSantaCruz posted on 12th November 2008 :

Love the Casino but I haven't stayed here yet.

My Rating: 3 beangurl posted on 19th October 2008 :

Stayed when it was the Aladdin Hotel. Visited the new PH, still like the Desert Passage shops. Caught the V Ultimate Variety show, it was fun. Casino paid when it was Aladdin, not so good as PH.

My Rating: 4 JustinCantWrite posted on 30th November 1999 :

They gave me a 1,200+ sq. ft. panorama suite when I reserved one of their standard rooms, and for that I will always be grateful. There was no reason to renovate this place. Planet Hollywood better be damn good.

My Rating: 4 RobbieNomi posted on 30th November 1999 :

Themed rooms (the "Mommie Dearest" suite), awesome restaurants (Pink's... so yummy!), a rockin' music selection in the casino (love the nighttime dance mix), shopping anyone can afford (two ABC Stores!), and unique little touches make this place a winner. Yes, it's gaudy, but it's gaudiness done in such high quality with everything from the purple headboards in the room to the rainbow crystal in the casino. Finally, a resort with more emphasis on fun than attitude!

My Rating: 3 brentc40 posted on 30th November 1999 :

We had a better time the first time we stayed here when it was the Alladin. Be sure to ask for a room upgrade @ check in. First time we stayed here we got an upgrade to a "Strip Suite" for no additional charge !! P Ho's new look in the casino is great. All sorts of flat panel tv's and cool color changing lighting. Wondering if they are going to update the rooms now. Pay the extra fee for a Bellagiio Fountain view room. Worth it.

My Rating: 6 levans posted on 30th November 1999 :

my general home in vegas before and after the updating from the aladdin to the current PH. the new look is more modern with paneling all over and the biggest problem with the revamp is the stationing of the timeshare folks at the elevators off the casino for you to get to your rooms. the beds are very comforatble and they have added movie memorabilia to the rooms. the miracle mile has some of the best shopping and you cant go wrong eating at Cheeseburger, the Spice Marlet buffet and Planet Dailies, the 24 hour resturant.

My Rating: 5 kidney1 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Good location, dining optrions are good if you don't want to break the bank. Love the shopping. Didn't gamble. Rooms comfortable and decent. Large bathrooms fast elevators.

My Rating: 4 rbg81601 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Absolutely the best views on the strip from the Panorama Suites - you can see from Mandalay Bay all the way up to the Wynn and Treasure Island -- plus you overlook the fountain show at Bellagio. Cool place!

My Rating: 2 istare posted on 30th November 1999 :

Am I the only one who loved the Aladdin? Zanzabar might be the best cafe in all of Vegas (I hope it's still there)

My Rating: 6 gette posted on 30th November 1999 :

I absolutley love it at PH

My Rating: 5 kermit75 posted on 30th November 1999 :

i was here for a show STOMP OUT LOUD and must say for a young property it was very nice i loved the miracle mile shops very tasteful but way too many vegas themed stores there's a cheap place at about every turn in there lol... as far as the casino it had a really good layout and easy to navigate the only thing i had a beef with were the security personnel they were unhelpful almost like having an encounter with the C.I.A. seriously folks i am dead serious they stand there and won't talk or move unless approached by another of their kind other than that very top notch resort !!!