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Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino $ $ $ $ $

3700 West Flamingo Road : Map | Gmap

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Opened in 1990, the Rio established itself as a great resort (mostly by the word of mouth generated by its fabulous Carnival World Buffet. The Rio now hosts the great Penn & Teller, and Tony and Tina's Wedding show and Vegas' only floor show that takes place on the ceiling. The Rio offers luxurious accomodations and copious amounts of gaming fun.

Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Cool Stuff:

Rio is a 2005 Trippies Award Winner for Best Show - Penn & Teller!

The Real Deal on Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino:

If you're stopping by the Rio for the buffet and are looking for some gambling... walk right past the first group of overpriced tables and keep going until you get to the BIG ROOM. You'll know it when you're in it. And don't be surprised when you're into your 3rd shoe at the blackjack table when a giant Brazilian carnival gets all crazy up on the ceiling. No joke. Must be seen to be believed... or laughed at - you choose.

Rio is also the home of the World Series of Poker so check the dates of the tournament and avoid the Rio during that time it if at all possible - it's pure insanity.

The Casino at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

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The Rooms at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

Every room at the Rio is a suite. The best aspect of the rooms, aside from the space is the view. For the most part, you should have a view. The Standard Suite offers floor to ceiling windows and the Cariocas Suite - 'breathtaking', Super Suite - 'sensational', and the Masquerade Suite with the ever impressive 'Breathtaking 180 degree View of the City'. I would tell you if you could afford this or not, but the website was not behaving itself tonight and the navigation was terrible. Apparently, they don't want people to reserve online.

The Restaurants at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

Holy good gosh dang. The buffet(s). They're great. One of, if not the best in Vegas. Everything from eggs to teppanyaki for $13 to $23 depending on when you go.

The Rio wants to make sure that you don't want for nothing while there. Don't leave! You don't like Starbucks? They got Coffee Bean. Sick of Japanese? How about some Indian? Creole? Irish? Good call, Rio. And not a McRonalds in sight.

Dining options at Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino include: All-American Bar & Grille, Antonios - Italian, Hamada's - Asian food, Sao Paulo Cafe - Brazilian, VooDoo Steak Lounge, R.U.B. (Righteous Urban Barbeque), Mah Jong - Chinese, Gaylord India - North Indian (yum!), Buzio's - seafood, Cafe Martorano - Italian, plus the Carnival World Buffet and the Village Seafood Buffet. If that isn't enough options for you well... there's a Starbucks AND a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Take that!

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 Queentata44 posted on 23rd November 2015 :


My Rating: 6 FrankASinatra posted on 22nd January 2013 :

We usually stay at Rio when we go. It is nice being off the hustle and bustle of the strip and the dealers are great! Not to mention it is a short (and free) bus ride to Harrahs... and then there you are in the middle of the strip.

My Rating: 5 sivled posted on 12th December 2012 :

Even though it is off the track and some of the rooms are dated they are very nice and very confortable. Three star

My Rating: 4 JIMMYJDTRUCK posted on 4th October 2012 :


My Rating: 5 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 13th September 2012 :

Go see Penn & Teller, awesome show!

My Rating: 5 nikirsmith posted on 23rd April 2012 :

Great rooms, Voodoo best view bar! Great pool, awesome buffet's

My Rating: 4 oldrichgreywolf posted on 29th December 2011 :

Human-sized casino. Sweetest cocktail girls ever. Secret location for best perspective on fireworks.

My Rating: 4 Stosh posted on 18th June 2011 :

Sincerely the biggest regret of my life right here: passing up on the chance to see Prince get greasy at his briefly open 3130. And i got's regret yo, so that's sayin' somethin'.

My Rating: 4 Romaman posted on 31st May 2011 :

The Rio is a new fav of mine and I'm givin her a 4. The Casino and pool have a very good vibe. Stayed in a Masquerade suite- kinda dated- ala 1997 but still awesome. Voodoo is my new favorite steakhouse with awesome views of the strip. If Caesars invests in renovating the public areas- outside- casino- pool- rooms etc. the Rio would be hands down the best off strip joint.

My Rating: 2 CapriVegas posted on 25th November 2010 :

I used to love the Rio. But not anymore. The slots are really old, pay lousy, and the rooms are past their prime. And there are surprisingly high table game minimums for a second rate off strip casino.

My Rating: 4 MeltYrselfDown posted on 3rd May 2010 :

the tables are lucky, the buffet is massive, and penn and teller play there. a recent 6-night stay for $100 made me a huge proponent of the hotel and pool. though the 6-5 blackjack and tight slots will keep me from playing there ever again.

My Rating: 5 sinatrabean posted on 24th February 2010 :

I haven't stayed there, so this rating is for the buffet, the dealers (even though 1 deck black jack killed me) and because Penn

My Rating: 3 atdleft posted on 22nd January 2010 :

When I was a little one making the trek to see Grandma in Summerlin, she'd sometimes like to take us here to show us "how the locals have fun"... And WOW, this was fun back in its day! But now? The great restaurants are gone. The "suites" are looking drabby. (In fact, the TV in my "suite" didn't even work properly.) It's just a sad state of affairs, and it will be interesting to see if Harrah's actually sells it to someone interested in reviving Poor Lil' Rio.

My Rating: 4 burque66isletasandia posted on 14th April 2009 :

Didnt stay but really nice a roomy inside. Loved the high ceilings and open ares.

My Rating: 5 shauseman posted on 23rd March 2009 :

I will be staying at the Rio my 3rd time this September. You can't beat it on a hoilday weekend. The pool is just crowded enough, but not so crowded you can't get a chair. The view from the Voodoo is the best in Vegas, and with the free shuttles every half hour to Caesar's, Bally's/Paris/,

My Rating: 3 SilverFox posted on 11th March 2009 :

I've stayed at the Rio several times. The Rio is slowing going downhill. Rooms are big, but are beginning to show their age. Voodoo lounge was fun before they went the way of the bottle service required to sit down. Masquerade show is still fun and the bevertainers are still fun to watch. They have a wide variety of restaurants. I've been to most of them and they are all pretty good, although, I'm not much of a buffet fan for anything except breakfast. Favorite restaurants are Buzios and Morterano's. RUB wasn't as good as I thought it would be. We saw Penn and Teller. I loved it. Mrs. Fox fell asleep. Have had great luck in the casino, but not any more. Table minimums have gotten too high. They took out most of the slots we liked and they ones that are left don't pay like they used to pay. They also ruined the pool by making their best pool into a stripper pool with a daily cover charge. All in all, no longer worth the inconvenience of an off-strip location IMO.

My Rating: 5 jimmyrandolph posted on 24th January 2009 :

Neat! Home of the WSOP what else can you say.

My Rating: 5 krazyk posted on 6th January 2009 :

Rooms were big. I like that! There were a couple of male cocktail servers in the casino (I guess Harrah's is being EOE). Drink service sucked on all shifts except swing. I also went to Ghost Bar and ran into a DJ I know from Hawaii. The food, hmmm I know I tried the seafood buffet and ate nine clusters of snow crab. Ate at the Carnival World Buffet. It was worth the comp! I will definitely stay here again. Saw Penn and Teller too.

My Rating: 5 clrblueskyz posted on 31st December 2008 :

I like the casino, the rooms are nice and roomy and coctail service is fair as well.

My Rating: 5 bevhill1 posted on 9th November 2008 :

I loved the Rio especially the suites. I am the type of person that loves space even though I always go to Vegas alone. The casino was cool also ; they had a few of my favorite games.

My Rating: 3 bigpopajd3 posted on 24th September 2008 :

Wife booked the trip on the advise of an AMEX travel advisor (had to use the points up). let's say this for the Rio...nice size room, GREAT buffet..pool decent, when we went there were WAY too many kids around. ZERO nightlife at this place.

My Rating: 5 johntree posted on 8th September 2008 :

Fun Fun Fun! What can you say bad about Mardi Gras? And don't forget the Voodoo Lounge....Fantastic! At least the former Voodoo lunge was great.

My Rating: 3 neoncoma posted on 30th November 1999 :

All Suite Hotel....
One night at this place changed the last 2+ years of my life...
Thats my attachment to this place..

My Rating: 4 caesar1st posted on 30th November 1999 :

Stayed once, in the Big Kahuna Suite, with my friend the High Roller. That rocked.Nothing else about this place does, though. I may try the new ibar when I come out in Vegas.

My Rating: 5 MartiniMike posted on 30th November 1999 :

VooDoo baby!

My Rating: 2 maintrainstation posted on 30th November 1999 :

(Feb 2010) Every Vegas newbie should make the trip to see the Carnival show in the casino. Beyond that, the Rio has nice big rooms with a fridge, but the casino is loaded with tired old slots, and table minimums are surprisingly high for a now mediocre off strip casino, and there aren't enough places to grab good cheap eats.

My Rating: 6 DMaldon762 posted on 30th November 1999 :

I love the Rio. The rooms are HUGE. and the room prices are pretty cheap most of the time. The pool is on par with any in Las Vegas. The Show in the Sky is great with all the scantily clad ladies and the drink service is great also. Love the Wine Cellar.