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Treasure Island

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3300 S. Las Vegas Blvd : Map | Gmap

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Opened in October 1993 at a price tag of $430 million dollars, Treasure Island and its sister resort The Mirage are one of the pioneers in the late 80s Las Vegas bulding boom. From its family oriented Buccanner Bay pirate ship spectacular (since replaced by the underwhelming 'Sirens of TI' show) to its more recent shift to sex sells marketing, TI - Treasure Island seldomly fails to deliver on its promise of a good time... except in the casino. More on that on the casino page. MGMMirage sold TI to former New Frontier owner Phil Ruffin in December 2008 for $775m bucks... all bets are off concerning the future of the joint.

Treasure Island Cool Stuff:

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The Real Deal on Treasure Island:

Treasure Island was a neato place... great layout, great gaming, affordable yet upscale accomodations and a brand new identity crisis. With the end of family era Vegas Treasure Island found itself faced with a dilemma, either we go all the way to Circus Circus family fun or accentuate the Paradise vibe and try and steal some younger clientele from Palms, Rio and the Hard Rock. Who knows if this has worked, but they sure are marketing the place that way... gone is Treasure Island and in is T.I.. Perhaps a midlife crisis? Perhaps doomed to the fate of the wrecking ball? Either way, the pirate ship nonsense inside the casino is just plain tacky these days.

The Casino at Treasure Island

Single and double deck blackjack pays 6:5 for a natural (yuck) and the games that do pay 3:2 for a blackjack are all continuous shuffle machines. Card counters and deck trackers stay away. The slots are tight and just don't seem "right". Their paylines don't line up on the reels and the machines are old or out of whack. This place needs some new hardware and a new vibe to its casino or its pretty much sunk. We don't reccommend gambling at the Treasure Island... go to the Mirage or the ultra spiffy Wynn Las Vegas for better action in a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Take your chances on absconding with some Pirate Booty at BlackJack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker, Let It Ride, PaiGow Poker, PaiGow Tiles and the Big Six as well as at a floatilla of slots, video poker, and a full featured Race and Sports Book.

The Rooms at Treasure Island

The rooms at Treasure Island were last renovated in 2008, our last stay in late 2015 revealed them to be holding up pretty well. Check out our very detailed hotel room review: Treasure Island: The VegasTripping Review 2015

The Restaurants at Treasure Island

Ah, food. Romance just isn't romance without food. Did we mention they've got a Starbucks?

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 Ten6redhead posted on 28th July 2015 :

We were given a nice upgrade to a junior suite. Loved going down to Gilley's and hanging out. We loved to pirate show and were very disappointed it was discontinued.

My Rating: 3 Butler posted on 10th December 2014 :

My rating has been slowly sinking as the place gets "improved" but not so long ago I had a nice, value stay here. Mystere and low-minimum blackjack are still appealing.

My Rating: 4 jet1085 posted on 26th March 2014 :


My Rating: 6 SteelCity posted on 10th September 2013 :

Great hotel, great price, friendly staff, perfect location, 24 hr Starbucks,.

My Rating: 4 RTROYPHILLIPS posted on 28th August 2012 :

Nice staff.

My Rating: 6 MGMCaesars posted on 17th August 2012 :

Buccaneer Bay in pirates danger!

My Rating: 4 Cornithhen posted on 11th August 2012 :

The pirate show or whatever it is called is ok, seems to push pretty girls in skimpy outfits a little too far. All in all a decent show for free.

My Rating: 5 kevinbasil posted on 11th October 2011 :

Tower Suite was nice, casino pretty nice to us as well. Hit big on I Dream of Jeanie quarter machine. Lady at the desk was a little harsh, may have been cause i was drunk from the plane ride. Overall we had alot of fun there.( theres an abc store in the mall next door for liquor.)

My Rating: 4 stevecovington posted on 30th September 2011 :

Was kind of our home away from home. Great location, great newer rooms, easy to naviagate property. Not thrilled with all of Rufiin's changes, but overall still a great mid-market property. One of the best locations on the strip with some awesome south-facing views. Theres something about the smell of Treasure Island that feels like "home" even when we are staying at other strip hotels.

My Rating: 4 cosmicdoom posted on 8th September 2011 :

I liked the corny pirate nonsense much better, no biggie. I have some sentimental attachment to this place

My Rating: 5 TimCoreNY posted on 22nd August 2011 :

This place was just fun... Phil's Italian Steakhouse was one of the best meals I have ever had. The room was really comfortable and the staff was friendly.

My Rating: 5 cullen0013 posted on 31st January 2011 :

Okay, here's the deal: TI isn't the classiest joint around. They're selling a concept (SEX) and they're not ashamed of it. The Sirens of TI "show" lures droves of people to the sidewalk out front, and about half herd themselves into the casino afterwards. I make it a point to see the Sirens at least once a night when I'm out Nevada way. Yes, it's cheesy, that's why I love it. If you look hard enough you can find a few $5 Blackjack tables for the low rollers like myself. The buffet is overpriced at ~$30 for dinner for what essentially amounts to Applebee's quality grub. Cross the street and hit the buffet at the Wynn instead. TI is tacky good fun for the 40 and under crowd.

My Rating: 3 AceRothstein posted on 30th August 2010 :

Have stayed at TI at least 20 times. Still like to drop in each trip to see what else they've done to screw the place up. Used to be the place to watch football in the fall. Then they got cheap with the drinks.

My Rating: 5 Rgiffen2 posted on 10th August 2010 :

TI is like an old friend, its comfortable, food is good, its easy to get around and its friendly. The rooms have been redone and the beds are some of the best in LV. The bathrooms are small but functional. The buffet is edible, but don't miss eating at Kahunaville. If you can score a 2 for $15.00 lunch coupon, its one of the best food deals in Vegas.

My Rating: 5 maintrainstation posted on 27th July 2010 :

(stayed July 2009) This is no longer the Mirage's homely sister; the remodeled rooms ooze class and style, and the property is far removed from the "family/value" vibe that it had several years ago. This hotel is as cool as any of the four star hotels; it's only topped by the Venetians and the Wynns. Shortcoming? The pool area that is about average and nothing special.

My Rating: 5 VegasSolo posted on 24th July 2010 :

My new favorite place to stay on the Strip. Great location, comfy rooms, some nice restaurants, tram to Mirage, and price makes it a winner for me.

My Rating: 5 BigHoss posted on 7th April 2010 :

I always end up staying here about once a year because of the location and great rates. The rooms are good and we almost always get an upgrade -- this year to a Petite Suite. I love the Pho restaurant, the pool and the sportsbook. I like the center bar, too, even though the VP isn't great. Senor Frog's and Gilley's can be kind of annoying.

My Rating: 4 radicaldreamer posted on 13th March 2010 :

Excellent room with an amazing view, decent service. I had little to complain about with this place.

My Rating: 5 danarae4 posted on 11th January 2010 :

TI is a GREAT property. It is a smaller hotel (in comparison to the MEGA hotels: MGM, Mandaly, Venetian, etc), which makes navigating the casino and hotel easy. However, don't let the size and the affordable prices fool you. You get ALOT of bang for you buck. The newly renovated rooms are FANTASTIC. They are quite spacious and modern for the price. The beds.... oh the beds.... Are the MOST comfortable beds I have EVER slept in. They wonderful to sink into after a long day of walking the Strip or dancing the night away in a Vegas club. The resaurants range from the very affordable Coffee Shop and Canter's Diner, to the fun -filled Kahunaville, to the mesmorizing Isla. They have something for EVERY price range. TI is always my #1 choice of hotel when I'm on a budget, but don't want to compromise the ammenties of all the higher prices MEGA hotels.

My Rating: 5 sinatrabean posted on 3rd January 2010 :

A lot classier than what I expected from the disneyfied signs and outer motif. The linens and beds were wonderful, the buffet was good for the price and the blackjack dealers were great. Definitely will return.

My Rating: 4 MinVegas posted on 31st August 2009 :

Having spent it's life until now as little more than Mirage overflow, Cap'n Phil Ruffin steers the good ship Treasure Island into uncharted territory as an independent boutique hotel. It's still too early to tell what kind of place he wants TI to be, but for now it's one of the few middle class joints with enough capital to renovate when need be.

My Rating: 5 MeltYrselfDown posted on 31st August 2009 :

the rooms are nice enough. bad vibes in the casino. next time i'm in vegas i must remember to steal an ashtray.

My Rating: 5 bustagrimes posted on 5th June 2009 :

Best mid-priced hotel on the strip. Surprisingly really nice rooms, great strip views, fun low-limit tables, and the perfect location. Request a panoramic view room at the corners of the tower- you will be extremely pleased.

My Rating: 4 jmtheman posted on 16th May 2009 :

This is the one casino I have yet to stay at but want to. It really is next on my list, just want to find a good deal on a room. Sometimes places just give off a good vibe and that is how it is for me here.

My Rating: 5 bigpopajd3 posted on 13th May 2009 :

Not sure yet Coming in July 25-27 for a "reunion" @ TI, also have the patio @ Audigier reserved , should be fun! my guess is a 4-5, great rates now 183 for the weekend with promo code: directTI

My Rating: 5 redmeh posted on 6th April 2009 :

we love to stay at TI.

My Rating: 5 clairephil posted on 23rd March 2009 :

First hotel we stayed in Vegas. Loved it (and Vegas) ever since. The only negative is perhaps the pool - it's very nice but too small. More often than not the rates here are great so we find it hard to want to stay elsewhere. Also, they tend to comp our bill a little on check out - which is nice considering our low roller status !

My Rating: 3 VegasDreamer posted on 14th March 2009 :

Room was very nice, casino was brutal

My Rating: 4 get0ffdanutzz posted on 10th March 2009 :

Nice hotel with good prices, I liked the location and the Casino was fun.

My Rating: 5 GoPackGo226 posted on 26th January 2009 :

Stayed there in May of 2008. What I liked about it is the size isn't massive and you can navigate with ease. It is hard to beat the location as well

My Rating: 5 tomco1035 posted on 10th January 2009 :

Lost my Vegas cherry here. First place my wife and I stayed at so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

My Rating: 4 Jplevel posted on 9th January 2009 :

great location, the rooms are a bit small but its worth it.

My Rating: 5 jsmeeker posted on 22nd December 2008 :

Great value at a great location. Stayed here several times over the past few years. The updated rooms are nice.

My Rating: 5 canadiancrapshooter posted on 19th December 2008 :

New rooms are awesome. The Mrs and I have a good relationship with MGM Mirage so it kinda sucks that TI was sold off. Otherwise I could definitely see us staying here most of the time.

My Rating: 5 beangurl posted on 19th October 2008 :

I love this hotel for the location and their rooms. As the sister hotel to the Bellagio, their suites are comparable without the price. No luck at their slots in all of our trips to Vegas so we no longer gamble here. Had one issue at check in, with a rude young lady who acted as if my right to ask for an upgrade was bothering her, even though their so called "directadvantage" program boast this option for booking online. She said there were no suites available at 3:10pm and not even pretending to look up room status on her computer. But after checking into our room and seeing the crappy location she gave us we called down to the front desk and spoke with a manager who in 5 minutes upgraded our room. This took a total of 15 minutes tops from lobby to our room. So what would you think?? The first 15 minutes soared my opinion of this hotel so we did not stay there this year. But it is a very nice property, that I would stay at in the future.

My Rating: 5 stevewynn posted on 30th November 1999 :

Mirage's sister property, Treasure Island was originally intended to be a more family-oriented destination than any other resort I had previously built. Unfortunately, it's been bastardized by the company that took my company from me.

My Rating: 4 krazyk posted on 30th November 1999 :

From my first visit to LV, I kinda thought Treasure Island was cheesy. Until, 2004 when I walked in for a second time. There is definitely a difference since MGM-Mirage rebranded the joint.. Oh yeah, check out Tangerine Wednesday night. I would recommend reserving a table..

My Rating: 5 jlhinbrisvegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

My hubby and I were married at Treasure Island (before the TI change) and therefore, it will always be a favorite for us.

My Rating: 5 Jimmyvegas posted on 30th November 1999 :

Great central location. Easy to get in and out of. Decent rooms for decent rates. Always a fun place to stay.

My Rating: 4 MitchellOfLife posted on 30th November 1999 :

I really want to stay here after going upscale, and yet have a hip, cool vibe. It looks like fun and sexy piratyes in front makes me want to have a view of it.

My Rating: 2 donnymac66 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Treasure Island is one of my favourite places to stay. I really like the rooms. The size of the hotel is nice. The service at the breeze Bar is awesome. They have done a great job with a sub-standard pool. The craps crews are very good and cocktail service is great. I wish the dining lineup was a bit better. UPDATE: Ruffin is ruining all that I enjoyed there. Barely visit anymore.

My Rating: 4 hugitout posted on 30th November 1999 :

Out with the pirates theme and in with the SoCal cool. Great Location, decent room price, and around a lot of action.Have stayed there twice, that must mean they are doing something right.

My Rating: 4 albundy posted on 30th November 1999 :

Liked it much better when it was Treasure Island and had the Pirate Show instead of the Sirens. The Skull and Crossbones was way cooler too. What the hell was MGM thinking? They should have just put up a giant boob sign and called it TIT instead of TI.

My Rating: 5 levans posted on 30th November 1999 :

I had heard that TI was a place for younger patrons (35 and below) but was surprised at how nice the hotel was. The refurbished rooms are extremely comfortable. The bed was perfect. The dining options are pretty good. Cantor's Deli has a variety of options and the portions are just right. The buffet is a bit on the small side but the selection of food options make up for that. The Sirens show was undegoiing maintenane this time around so I missed getting a prime spot to see it.

My Rating: 5 justJoey posted on 30th November 1999 :

Young Vibe, Great Location, Recently renovated and comfy beds, Attatched to Mirage by Tram which houses JET one of the top 3 nightclubs in Vegas. Has Social House and Tangerine on premises. Hop, skip and a jump to Fashion Show Mall, Wynn, Venetian, Mirage. Very Good Spa

My Rating: 5 cherie43 posted on 30th November 1999 :

great location on the strip

My Rating: 4 mongo posted on 30th November 1999 :

Not bad for a smaller strip casino. They need to work on customer service some. Isla is a good Mexican Restaurant

My Rating: 4 istare posted on 30th November 1999 :

This used to be pirate themed. Who's bright idea was it to get rid of that? AND to get rid of the pirate theme oooh about 1 year before the whole world became pirate crazy.

My Rating: 6 hardways posted on 30th November 1999 :

Four of my eight buddies hooked up @ TI in about two hours of fishing. that's got to be the best odds on the house. Seems that all midwestern girls stay here.

My Rating: 5 srohwer posted on 30th November 1999 :

TI is probably my favorite strip resort. I stay there every other time or so - there are so many places to try!I like the intimate feel of the poker room. I think that the steakhouse is the best value compared to other places I've eaten (SW steak, Craftsteak). The times I've been there the pool had smokin' hot chicks. I mourn the old Pirate Show - Sirens sucks. I like the room decor and the location can't be beat with a stick. I'll be back for sure. I'm planning a long weekend of my Vegas favorites - TI is where I'll stay.

My Rating: 4 ancollins04 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Pool very cool, free shots at the pool party. Tables took ALL our money, slots were too tight. Cocktail waitresses came around once in 2 hours. Rooms were ok, our sheets were very wrinkled when we first checked in. All in all we preferred NYNY over this hotel.

My Rating: 5 DMaldon762 posted on 30th November 1999 :

Very nice rooms and the buffet is good to.