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One of the vintage Vegas joints, the Tropicana name is synonymous with Vegas itself, hell, it's got a street named after it! After 30 years of thriving growth, the 1990s and 2000's proved to be an era of retraction and neglect at the Tropicana with its landmass and location making up the majority value of the $3 Billion Columbia Sussex paid for it in 2006. Further neglect spun the property into bankruptcy where Trop had been rumored to be headed for demolition block. New owners, headed by former MGM boss and Kirk Kerkorian protege Alex Yemenijian have made put plans into motion to completely renovate and rebrand the property - stem to stern - with a target of late 2011 to get 'er completely done. The Tropicana lives.

Tropicana Cool Stuff:

Check out the brand new rooms and suites in the Tropicana's Paradise tower... keep your eyes peeled for a full review coming soon!

The Real Deal on Tropicana:

After decades of neglect, the tarnish is finally coming off the Tiffany on The Strip. The Tropicana is currently undergoing a major renovation and rejuvenation into a Miami/South Beach themed integrated resort. $160 million dollars have been spent to upgrading rooms, redoing restaurants, renovate the pool, redesign the casino and re-energizing their staff. We couldn't be any happier to see the great Trop back on top.

The Casino at Tropicana

BlackJack, Craps, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Let It Ride, PaiGow, Carribean Stud, a grip of slots and Video Poker.

The Rooms at Tropicana

If your staying at the Trop, we suggest the new rooms in the Paradise Towers, the Island tower has yet to be renovated. The third option are the Garden Rooms, which, while quaint, probably aren't exactly what you are looking for unless you want to experience truly vintage Vegas Motor Lodge style accommodations. Rumor has it that the Garden Rooms will be demolished in the not-so-distant future.

The Restaurants at Tropicana

Legends Steak and Seafood - steaks, chops, chicken, seafood in a casual dining atmosphere. Entrees range in price from $15-40.

Havana GoGo - the all new coffee shop at the Tropicana.

Legends Steakhouse - all new steak & seafood joint at the Tropicana!

Bacio - pizza, pasta, Italian.

South Beach Cafe & Deli - big sandwiches, medium price. The pastrami was lean, tasty and not to greasy. Great choice for a quick bite

Havana Go Go - quick coffee & snack bar... they brew Starbucks beans.

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 Butler posted on 10th December 2014 :

A sentimental choice, although to date I'm still visiting it.

My Rating: 6 twofours posted on 2nd November 2013 :

All the stays since the initial remodel and ongoing (buy Hooters) has been flawless. Location and quality is luxx

My Rating: 3 chrisrobbins1980 posted on 16th May 2013 :

The Mob experience thing is horrible, avoid at all cost. Would love to see what a new owner could do with the place.

My Rating: 4 JIMMYJDTRUCK posted on 4th October 2012 :


My Rating: 5 RTROYPHILLIPS posted on 28th August 2012 :

Great place to play now that they cleaned it up.

My Rating: 6 MGMCaesars posted on 17th August 2012 :

Trop, trop, trop you.

My Rating: 4 LAvegasphile posted on 18th April 2012 :

The remodel is amazing! From rags to riches, the old Dame is mighty purrrrty again. I've stayed in all of their nicest rooms and had a blast and have always been treated well, but now management has decided to stick their heads up their ass and charge WAY too much money for their suites...I won't be back until they come back to Earth. And Pizza at the Pellegrino cafe is Barf city.

My Rating: 4 oldrichgreywolf posted on 29th December 2011 :

Wow, great renovations and tons of good memories. Maybe you have to be of a certain age to "get it"...Worth a tour.

My Rating: 4 vespajet posted on 27th November 2011 :

The renovations are nice (Thanks again to the Trop and VT for the two free nights.), but I just didn't get a good vibe from the place. One of the pluses for it is location. Quick walk to the MGM Grand (where I did the bulk of my gambling the two nights I stayed at the Trop) and a short cab ride to the airport. The food options didn't pique my interests and the Las Vegas Mob Experience was a bit meh (granted I was not seeing the finished project and the exhibit was in previews) but was worth the $5.

My Rating: 5 DenverGambler posted on 10th October 2011 :

I love the new Tropicana. I love that it is still affordable. I love that it still has a link to it's Vegas history (unlike Flamingo where none of the original buildings remain and it's basically a caricature of itself). I love the Tiffany ceiling over the pit. I love that they still pay 3/2 on blackjack. I love almost everything about this place.

My Rating: 3 stevecovington posted on 30th September 2011 :

Leaps and bounds better than my first visits. That place had to be one of the more disgusting properties on the strip. They have really done a lot with the place. Still not on par with a lot of it's other mid-market properties, I'd place it somewhere behind NY NY and Monte Carlo in that regard. We didn't like the location, we had never stayed anywhere that far south on the strip and it seemed like we would spend half our day trying to get to and from mid-strip. I thinkt they are still trying to figure things out and aren't sure about who they are marketing to.

My Rating: 4 TimCoreNY posted on 22nd August 2011 :

I stayed here after the renovation and for the price it was amazing. The staff was awesome and drinks were flowing at the tables.

My Rating: 4 Dorian posted on 19th June 2011 :

Gorgeous remodel, super clean, white and bright! I'm glad they saved the old girl she was on her last leg but now has life again. Nostalgia factor is second only to Caesars. Under rated pool. Needs better resto's.

My Rating: 5 Stosh posted on 18th June 2011 :

Sure stirs up some old ghosts here. Remember that time I was the best man at my wife's first wedding?! Oh, what a time that was! Mirrors on the ceiling, Le Pink Champagne all iced up and shit. Still creeps her out to go back there, but who can blame her?

My Rating: 6 shadeymonk posted on 4th June 2011 :

Love the work they've done with this place. It's amazing!

My Rating: 5 CWatts26 posted on 8th May 2011 :

Stayed one night, was blown away with the transformation of everything. Customer Service was excellent and everything was brand new. The room's were great and felt really at home staying at the Tropicana.

My Rating: 4 cullen0013 posted on 31st January 2011 :

I stayed at the Trop back in 2005, and to say that my visit was underwhelming would be apropos. However, thanks to VT I see that they've gotten a facelift and I'm eager to check it out. There's a distinct "old Vegas" appeal to the Trop, which makes a visit there worthwhile. Plus, the location is pretty sweet. You're right near the airport and nestled amongst the MGM, Excalibur, Luxor, and New York New York, with Mandalay Bay a stone's throw away. I'm looking forward to poking my head in there come April, and I'll update this forum with my findings.

My Rating: 5 levans posted on 20th January 2011 :

The new and improved Tropicana is now one of the places I may tend to stay at whenever I am in town. The new rooms have a comfortable bed and more storage space than most of the hotels on the Strip. The casino now has a bright look where it used to look like the back part of an alley. The dining situation could stand some improvement but overall the new look is impressive.

My Rating: 5 encompassingimages posted on 17th January 2011 :

Value for the dollar = great

My Rating: 5 bneve posted on 5th January 2011 :

Love what they've done to the place. Too bad they're having an identity crisis with the night clubs and shit.

My Rating: 5 jammoral posted on 26th December 2010 :

I am impressed with the changes. Only saw the Casino, but WOW the transformation from 2009. I want to stay there soon.

My Rating: 5 TangiersTodd posted on 10th August 2010 :

First place I ever stayed in Vegas, back when it was so old school, it was bordering on a dump. No longer. The renovations have transformed the Trop back into a premier property on the strip. I stayed there last summer (2010) during the renovations and was bowled over. I can't wait to return this summer to see the final product.

My Rating: 5 sinecure posted on 31st July 2010 :

Freaking awesome, renovated rooms. Pleasant staff. Good pool. Very nice new rooms.

My Rating: 3 Andrewr11 posted on 19th February 2010 :

Fun casino....I look forward to seeing the renovations.

My Rating: 5 Thlypsis posted on 3rd September 2009 :

The Trop is one of my standby favorites. They are constantly sending me calendars with discounted room rates, and even without those, you can almost always find a good rate online. Their location is pretty good -- you're a short walk via elevated walkways to MGM, NYNY and Excalibur (which has a free monorail to Luxor and Mandalay Bay).My wife and I really dig the kitschy old garden rooms. Some have big bathtubs and we get a kick out of the bamboo-framed mirrors on the ceilings. Another advantage to the back tower is that the elevator takes you directly to the pool. The pool area is large and the indoor portion of it stays open 24 hours.

My Rating: 5 MeltYrselfDown posted on 31st August 2009 :

great place to play. not the best for food. looking forward to the renovations.

My Rating: 3 akjim1 posted on 19th July 2009 :

I love the location and room rates, I usually don't go to vegas to hang in a room so its great, don't care much for the Casino or restaurants. but a place to scope room rates for bargains.

My Rating: 4 Chuckmonster posted on 18th March 2009 :

Looking better and better every day with new owners Penn National.

My Rating: 2 VegasDreamer posted on 14th March 2009 :

great spot to lay your head for 2 hours a night....lousy casino

My Rating: 3 Jplevel posted on 9th January 2009 :

ITS crap! But you feel less guilty starting the bathroom on fire..

My Rating: 4 Shannon posted on 4th January 2009 :

Good value (25$) for a room on the strip. Be sure you get a room in the paradise tower, as the isalnd tower is old, and the garden rooms have been here since this joint opened in the 50s. (Pssst...20$ trick works here!) Nice 24 hour restaurant, decent buffet and coffee shop, and a pretty damn nice casino too. Overall well worth the measely price paid.

My Rating: 5 jmtheman posted on 25th December 2008 :

This is the second place I ever stayed. It was so dead on the day after Thanksgiving that they upgraded me from a Garden Room (the bottom one) to the Paradise Tower (the best). Having said that, the room was nice but designed in the 70's and then never upgraded.The second time I stayed here, it was in the Island Tower. The room itself was ok but walking through a long tunnel being bombarded by people selling junk out of kiosks was annoying as shit.The gaming here is slightly above average to me, just people trying to have fun. Plenty of $5 blackjack tables, I noticed and the Comedy Shop was a good deal and very funny. Three good comedians and one drink for $20, a true steal in Vegas.The place is so tacky that it actually becomes cool. You can tell this place was pretty awesome in its day. Unfortunately, that day was in 1970.

I really want to stay in the renovated rooms.

My Rating: 3 missmonkay posted on 30th November 1999 :


My Rating: 6 RockChickX51 posted on 30th November 1999 :

This is the best casino ever! It's so horribly tacky and had ME written all over it. The Celebration Lounge was just horrible (and I mean that with the most respect ever) the drinks were good and strong and cheap and the bartender was wearing cop glasses and look liked he just walked out of an episode of CHiPS.......if you're looking for superb upscale (which I do NOT) then this is not the place for you. It's so cheap and ridiculous.

My Rating: 2 bobtiki posted on 30th November 1999 :

Yuck, yuck, yuck. The mainstay of my best friend's parents (who got me a great rate there once-- thanks!), this property was tired and downright dirty. I got free tickets to the burlesque show at the time, and it was... interesting. Lofty pretensions with seemingly little real directorial sense to back it up. (I get the impression it may have fallen from greatness.) The only bonus might be the mirror above the bed in a faux-bamboo frame, if only my wife had been with me for that trip.

My Rating: 2 maintrainstation posted on 30th November 1999 :

I still find the lowrise hotel buildings very charming with their balconies and dating back to the 50's and 60's. The Island tower might be worth $10 a nigh extra if you want to take a bath for two as those rooms have big tubs, and mirrors over the beds! But the strip tower (is it the Tiffany?) has really ugly furnishings and no big tub, no mirrors, no balconies. I think the only thing the LV Trop has going for it is anything that remains that is tacky. I hope they keep up the maintenance on the pool area, which of course is this place's one strong point.