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Vdara Hotel and Spa opened on December, 1st 2009.

Vdara Cool Stuff:

Sneak peek of Vdara's pool

Read our first review of Vdara from a visit two weeks after it opened.

The Real Deal on Vdara:

Buyer beware - all MGM Resorts properties charge the highest resort fees (nearly $40/night) plus a $10 per day fee to self-park your car. VegasTripping suggests you find alternate accommodations.
Vdara Hotel & Spa at CityCenter was originally intended to be a timeshare/condo/residence, but became a hotel tower after the economic melt down of 2008/2009 ruined any chance of selling them as residences. The good news is that all of Vdara's suites come with living amenities, not hotel amenities - ie. a kitchen, kitchen table and other comfy goodies.

The Casino at Vdara

Vdara does NOT have a casino. If you wish to gamble, head over to ARIA or Bellagio or Cosmopolitan.

The Rooms at Vdara

Vdara's hotel offerings come in two distinct flavors - Suites and Penthouses.

There are four different tiers of Vdara suites which - with one exception - have similar decor and amenities, the only difference is the view. The exception to the rule, the Panoramic Suite offers stunning views from glass on three sides of the room. If you've got the loot, this is the room you want.

The penthouses come in four variations - one bedroom, two bedroom, two story/one bedroom and two story/two bedroom. All four are located on the top two floors of Vdara's tower and contain unparalleled amenities and views. Our personal favorite is the addition of a gourmet kitchen... if your idea of a good time is cooking some great food with/for your friends before hitting the casino or night clubs... the penthouses at Vdara can't be beat.

The Restaurants at Vdara

Vdara will feature one dedicated restaurant - Silk Road Restaurant (Chef Martin Heierling, the guy behind Sensi at Bellagio) - and two bars, Bar Vdara and the Sky Pool & Lounge. There are tons of eats at ARIA and Bellagio

Reader Ratings & Reviews:

My Rating: 4 Michele posted on 31st May 2014 :

Great value rooms for the price. A bit of a hike, but worth it if you want a nice quiet room with lots of space. Beware the death ray at the pool, though.

My Rating: 5 HedgedBettor posted on 4th May 2014 :

Its easy to forget about what is essentially the annex hotel to Aria, and there's no reason to step into Vdara beyond sleeping there. But I've given Vdara 5 dice because 1) its essentially an extension of Aria, and Aria is awesome and, more importantly, 2) its suites are an exceptional value for money. Think big, modern, well furnished/decorated rooms, a la suites at Aria, only at half the price as at Aria for a comparable room. This can be a great place to stay if you want to get a top end product without paying a top end price

My Rating: 6 jonikat posted on 9th December 2013 :

We had a group of about 20 that stayed here in April. The suite was amazing. I am wondering if you offer military discounts.

My Rating: 5 kayday posted on 19th September 2013 :

Stayed here for the first time over Labor Day, and man are those rooms quiet! What a treat to get a good night's sleep in Las Vegas, after too many nights being awakened by hallway shenanigans at Mirage. Room was very comfortable and modern, with a great view. The media center thing didn't work with my IPod, but oh well. Being a distance from the chaos of the strip was both a plus and a minus. as it made for a calm atmosphere but also a less Vegassy trip. Small pool area = more frequent beverage service.

My Rating: 5 vespajet posted on 21st May 2013 :

Some may have issues with the hotel being a non-smoking and non-gaming property, but I don't. Bellagio, Cosmo and Aria are all a short walk away from Vdara when one needs to satisfy their gambling needs.

The only things that are keeping this from being a 6 rating is the shortcomings of the housekeeping staff. When I checked into my room and started looking through the cabinets in the kitchenette, there was an empty Chivas bottle in one of them that looked like it had been there a bit as the bottle was bone dry. The last two days of my trip, housekeeping failed to replenish the coffee fixings packets so I couldn't have a cup of coffee and in the time it would have taken for someone to bring up said packets, I could have walked over to Aria and gotten coffee at Jean Philippe. However, they did do something that impressed me. Most of my last day in Vegas I spend chilling out in the room and had the do not disturb light on. While getting ready to go out for the night, housekeeping left a message on the room phone asking if I required any housekeeping. However, what goodwill they gained after forgetting to replenish the coffee supplies the day before was lost when they failed to leave them again.

My only real issues with the room (Vdara Suite) were the pillows on the bed as well as some shortcomings with the blackout shades. The pillows were long narrow pillows that were too small for most folks. My freaking huge melon barely fit onto them. As for the blackout curtains in the bedroom, there were gaps between the panels that let in enough light to be bothersome. The ones in the living room did a better job., but sleeping on the couch or using the pull-out bed in it was not something I wanted to do.

More than likely, Vdara will be my home base for future stays on The Strip.

My Rating: 5 Boeing1 posted on 21st August 2012 :

Really cool rooms...great service...just a bit of a hassle to get to the strip.

My Rating: 6 nmccarty82 posted on 25th July 2012 :

Beautiful just absolutely beautiful. No casino which is fine. The rooms are amazing and very very modern. Great rooms for the money for sure

My Rating: 6 LAvegasphile posted on 18th April 2012 :

Anyone who whines about the short walk to a casino is fat and lazy. I've now stayed in their two nicest rooms. The 2 story penthouse was probably the coolest room I've had! 5 minutes from door to slot machine at Aria, Bellagio or Cosmo...will be back for sure!

My Rating: 6 adambazarnik posted on 9th April 2011 :

Two words. No Smoking!

My Rating: 4 CBB48Vegas posted on 7th April 2011 :

it served its purpose for my little 3 night stay. bathroom was tiny, crappy water pressure in shower, but thats what i get for staying in a "GREEN" hotel. great bar downstairs and its right next to Cosmopolitan

My Rating: 5 Does43 posted on 12th February 2011 :

Stayed here my last trip. Good quiet hotel.

My Rating: 4 ndfanwabashman posted on 25th January 2011 :

The single most underrated place in Vegas. Beautiful views, beautiful rooms, and a strangely intoxicating aroma. So it's a little of the strip and sitting by the pool could burn you alive? We've all got our issues. Seriously, if you can find a deal on this place, and pretty soon they may be giving the rooms away, don't hesitate to book it.

My Rating: 5 Jarvisi posted on 8th September 2010 :

Stayed in Vdara suit this April, great view of the mountains and spa.

My Rating: 5 MinVegas posted on 2nd January 2010 :

Not for everyone. You'll have to look to apartment-sized suites to get two beds in a room, and it's far back from the Boulevard, so Vdara will probably collect single conventioneers who are attending meetings at Aria. But it's a lower-cost room right next to Bellagio (something people longed for early on in the 00's) and a short jaunt to Aria, and it gives you a taste of Aria's technical whizbangs at a lower cost. Worthy of a four, but that All Non Smoking thing gives it an extra point.

My Rating: 4 blackjacker1979 posted on 4th December 2009 :

Beautiful quiet hotel with convenient access to the best of Bellagio. It's like Bellagio got new rooms after all! Quiet is the norm though, so expect nothing spectacularly exciting.