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The Trippies are Here! 2007 Nomination Process is Now Open!

posted by on Saturday, 1st September 2007 6:58am

The nomination ballot for the 2007 Trippies : Best (and worst) of Las Vegas Readers Poll Awards are here!

In response to your feedback and suggestions we've shuffled and expanded the categories a little bit to make things more informative and ultimately interesting. We've added a number of new categories as well as pruned some that didn't get a great response in the past.

Nominations will be open until October 15th, with final voting going from October 31st until December 15th. The Winners of the 2007 Trippies : The Best and Worst of Las Vegas Readers Poll Awards will be announced amidst much fanfare in early January 2008.

2007 Trippies Nomination Ballot

Without further adieu, here are the categories for the 2007 Trippies:

The Best

Best Overall Joint (Best in Show) Best High Roller Joint ($$$$$) Best Low Roller Joint ($$) Best Bang for the Buck Joint Best Overall Rooms Best Overall Chow Best Buffet Best Room Service Best Neon Sign Best Show Best Entertainer Best Place To Get Laid Best Ultralounge / Nightclub Best Overall Casino Best Table Games Best Slots Best Video Poker Best Poker Room Best Race & Sportsbook Best Dealers Best Drink Service Best Cocktail Waitress Outfits Best Comps Best Casino Carpet Best News Story Best Future Resort Best Whorehouse Best Casino Closure Please Implode This Joint Best Vegas Website (VegasTripping abstains) Best Vegas Blog (VegasTripping abstains) Best Vegas Message Board (VegasTripping abstains) Best Podcast Biggest Vegas Pet Peeve Vegas Person of the Year

The Worst

Worst Overall Joint Worst High Roller Joint ($$$$$) Worst Low Roller Joint ($$) Most Overpriced Joint Worst Rooms Worst Overall Chow Worst Buffet Worst Room Service Worst Neon Sign Worst Show Worst Entertainer Worst Place To Get Laid Worst Ultralounge / Nightclub Worst Overall Casino Worst Table Games Worst Slots Worst Video Poker Worst Poker Room Worst Race & Sportsbook Worst Dealers Worst Drink Service Worst Cocktail Waitress Outfits Worst Comps Worst Casino Carpet Worst News Story Worst Future Resort Worst Whorehouse Worst Casino Closure Spare This Joint from the Wrecking Ball Generally Overrated (anything goes) Most Annoying Celebrity

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