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The Trippies 2007 Live Webcast This Saturday Night!

posted by on Friday, 4th January 2008 2:08am

All of the votes have been counted, the editors have made their choices and the Trippies 2007 website has been built. We've finally gotten the technology together to not only do the LIVE webcast of the Trippies on Saturday night, but also have created a new internet TV channel that we're calling Vtv (at least until someone sues us and we change it to VTtv). Vtv:VegasTelevision is a streaming video channel where the vj (most likely yours truly) does live mixes of videos, pre-recorded segments and live web cam antics. I was on last night (Thursday) for a coupla hours goofing around doing some tests and will probably do another session Friday night if I have the time. Eventually, we're going to be doing regularly scheduled shows, kinda like podcasts, but they'll be live without a net. I don't think the technology (supplied by Mogulus.com) will allow us to record a whole show for repeat broadcasts quite yet. I'm really excited by doing these live broadcasts and hope, at some point, to have a full schedule of shows going on. We've never done anything like this before so don't get your hopes up for a full scale professional production, it's going to be low-rent at best. For those who are going to be tuning into the Trippies on saturday night, check out the Vtv page before hand to make sure you have the proper version of the flash plug in. Also we'll be reading emails and IM's during the show so add "vegastripping" to your AOL IM account, and during the show send your emails to info@ this domain and we'll bust em out. Spread the word... the Trippies Live Broadcast will be THIS saturday evening January 5th 2008 at 7pm PT on Vtv : VegasTelevision here on VT. Woo woo!

Comments & Discussion:

Posted by Deltacape on Sunday, 6th January 2008 7:55am:

Can't wait to see what you have planned!! I didn't get to see the show on Saturday, but will be looking forward to what's coming up in the future!