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The Crown Of Macau... And Eventually Vegas

posted by Chuckmonster on Thursday, 3rd November 2016 4:09pm

Just wanted to give folks who are interested ālon watchers a heads up... I just posted my review of the Crown Towers at City of Dreams Macau on our sexy little sister site MacauTripping.com.

As some of you know, there will be a Crown branded component to the forthcoming ālon development and reading this review may be somewhat informative as to how Crown operates their hotels, particularly regarding service.

You can take a gander at it here: Crown Towers at City of Dreams Macau - The MacauTripping Review 2016.

Should you wish to post a comment on MacauTripping, use the same login you use on VT. Enjoy!

Comments & Discussion:

Posted by StudiodeKadent on Sunday, 6th November 2016 7:08pm:

Presumably the Alon Resort's VIP Tower will be Crown Towers Las Vegas or Crown Towers at Alon Las Vegas.

Currently there are 4 Crown Towers hotels; Melbourne, Perth, Manila and Macau. Sydney is coming up soon, although the casino there will be VIP only. Presumably, Crown Towers Alon Las Vegas will be the sixth Crown Towers.

Posted by jucifers on Tuesday, 8th November 2016 11:55am:

Great review! Thanks for posting this, Chuckmonster.

How is Alon's financing progressing? Is there any possibility that someone like Okada might invest, or that Resorts World might cancel their north strip project and joint venture with Crown to complete Alon instead?

Posted by wpsteel66 on Thursday, 10th November 2016 8:12pm:

Again, another great review...really appreciate this information...you have a great way with words and produce an enjoyable read...was the price right for this room? Please keep providing these reviews...even though I may never visit some of these places, still very good reads and a learning experience...