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Sayonara Bellagio Table Game Canopies

posted by Chuckmonster on Friday, 6th January 2017 10:35am

We've recently received a tip that MGM Resorts International have begun removing the cloth canopies above the table games inside of Bellagio's casino.

Not only have the canopy drapes been removed, they've removed the drape supports and started filling in and repainting the screw holes.

The casino canopies have been a defining feature of Bellagio's casino since the joint opened in 1998. The tassel fringe drapery oozes old world classic luxury and provides a softness to the millwork. The fabrics were selected specifically to filter harsh direct lighting and make skin tones look gorgeous (ignore for a moment the wonky white balance in the above linked photo).

This simple change could be the precursor to a larger renovation of Bellagio's casino and public areas as it closes in on its 20th anniversary in 2018. MGM Resorts International engaged a partial renovation (half-assed) of Mirage's casino and public areas to celebrate that property's 20th anniversary in 2009.

I'm generally skeptical when it comes to MGM's design sensibilities. I fear that, instead of maintaining and enhancing a ground breaking masterpiece of casino design, MGM will excise the lilting Mediterranean sensuality - the effervescence that makes Bellagio, Bellagio - and pave over it with a pastiche of mismatched themes du jour floating in a ice cold sea of modernity.

Thanks P.S. for the tip!

Comments & Discussion:

Posted by jucifers on Friday, 6th January 2017 10:16am:

Murren could fuck up a wet dream.

Posted by MinVegas on Friday, 6th January 2017 10:29am:

They did a pretty good job in... 2006? I guess so. It was one of the first things I was taking pictures of when I was going to the Strip on weekdays and covering renovations.

One other change I noticed at Bellagio the other week was that the concierge desk just inside the door in the corner has been removed and replaced with a shop.

Posted by BigHoss on Friday, 6th January 2017 12:55pm:

Except for that jackass Aria bartender, I've admittedly been almost a PGP apologist for a few years. But, much more of this shit will really piss me off.

Posted by senatorkevin on Friday, 6th January 2017 1:19pm:

This is unfortunate. Makes the floor more and more bland / boring. Like that of the Palazzo. Feels like I'm just in a giant warehouse.

Posted by fudgewapner on Friday, 6th January 2017 8:02pm:

Dammit that's too bad. It really does help with the lighting, which sets the tone for the whole experience. There certainly is too much "modern mall" out there, and these resorts need to recognize some parts of the design should remain. Is there likely Bellagio higher-ups who see the Monte Carlo renovations and other spending and want a piece of the budget whether it makes sense or not?

Posted by buckeyefan on Friday, 6th January 2017 8:57pm:

They are about to open a Starbucks at Bellagio, A STARBUCKS!

Posted by Dorian on Sunday, 8th January 2017 11:20pm:

It's one of my favorite places to play cards. The canopies are a huge reason. It feels cozy and warm inside the gigantic casino floor. Mirage used to have that same type feel until, MGM screwed it up.

Posted by Devastazione on Monday, 9th January 2017 1:28am:

NOTHING,and I mean nothing was so comfortable like sitting at a table game at the Bellagio thanks to those drapes and lights. Suddendly the hustling and bustling of the casino floor went away and you felt so cozy and relaxed.

Posted by stevecovington on Monday, 9th January 2017 6:07pm:

This ranks up there with getting rid of everything in Encore that made it great for the first 8 months it was open..


Posted by Drake on Tuesday, 10th January 2017 3:30am:

Maybe they're going with vinyl. You know, cheaper and easier to clean. PGP baby.

Posted by wpsteel66 on Tuesday, 17th January 2017 3:47pm:

Total bummer…talk about taking the class and uniqueness away from the Bellagio…another smart move on CEO Jim and making all MGM properties generic…I hope this does not occur at the Beau Rivage.

Posted by michigan2010 on Tuesday, 21st February 2017 2:27pm:

MGM equals cookie cutter casino. No to reason to step foot in Bellagio again.
Just hope they don't screw up the fountains.