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Sayonara Wynn Nightlife Social Media History

posted by Chuckmonster on Friday, 6th January 2017 10:43am

On January 1st the social media accounts of all of Wynn Las Vegas' nightlife venues deleted all of their previous posts. For xsample: XS Instagram, XS Facebook. I'd link to their Snapchat but other than making my face look like a giant waffle, I have no idea how to use it. Twitter has no internal mechanism to bulk-delete tweet history.

Gone forever are ~10 years of bottle babes, rain making, champagne baths, mouse heads, and greased men standing knee deep in a pool, deltoid to deltoid in board shorts and credit card debt.

That sound? It isn't the explosion of Alderaan, it is a virtual extinction of the internet's duck face photo motherlode.

Apparently, Wynn hired a guy from a competing nightlife company whose lawyers threatened me with legal action to refresh their operation for the post-Waits bros era. I guess deleting old Instagram photos is an important part of the reboot. When faced with a big new task, I usually start by cleaning my desk too. But what about all those engagement metrics? The best way to prove year over year statistical improvement to management is to delete the old numbers, riiiight?

Sayonara Wynn nightlife social media history, we hardly muted you!

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