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Eldorado Reno Rolls Out New Craps Based Table Game

posted by on Tuesday, 4th October 2005 3:28pm
A new casino dice game invented by a Reno dealer is getting its come out roll at the Eldorado Hotel Casino. Reno inventor Ken Coleman won approval from state regulators to give his game "Die Rich," a field test, and Eldorado officials agreed to allow it on the floor. "That's the toughest thing to do is find someone to sponsor you," said Coleman, 57. If the game is a success, Coleman hopes to lease "Die Rich" tables to casinos. The game is essentially a simplified game of craps, based on the "pass line" bet and played at a smaller, blackjack-style table with a single die. The die is rolled in a cup, and like craps, players get to take turns. This will encourage the camaraderie of a craps game because when the right number is rolled, everyone betting wins, Coleman said. Rolling a 1 always loses. Rolling a six wins. The 2 through 5 can be rolled and then become "point," paying bettors if they are hit again within four rolls. Because the game is more compact, it offers quicker play than traditional craps.

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